Journal of the United States Artillery, Volume 51

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Artillery School Press, 1919 - Artillery

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Page 260 - To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.
Page 598 - ... in time of emergency by organized units drawn from a citizen army reserve, effectively organized for this purpose in time of peace; with full opportunity for competent citizen soldiers to acquire practical experience through temporary active service and to rise by successive steps to any rank for which they can definitely qualify...
Page 67 - By order of the Secretary of War. PEYTON C. MARCH, General, Chief of Staff.
Page 632 - The Chief of Staff is the immediate adviser of the Secretary of War on all matters relating to the Military Establishment and is charged by the Secretary of War with the planning, development, and execution of the Army program.
Page 675 - F. When this liquid mass is poured Into a mold surrounding the broken parts it melts up the ends of the sections and amalgamates with them to form one solid mass when cool. The whole story Is told In our pamphlet No. 2928 and
Page 633 - Act to the supervision of the Chief of Staff ; and to perform such other military duties not otherwise assigned by law as may be from time to time prescribed by the President.
Page 598 - Under such a system, the people themselves are competent to exert only a limited intelligent influence on the issues of war and peace. Under such a system...
Page 350 - Copy must contain nothing to indicate its authorship, must be signed with a nom de plume, and must be accompanied by a sealed envelope containing this nom de plume and the name of the writer. This envelope will remain in the hands of the Editor of the JOURNAL and, after award has been made by the Committee, will be opened in the presence of the Coast Artillery Training Center Staff.
Page 460 - There is no doubt that this barrier had a considerable moral effect on the German naval crews, for it is known that several submarines hesitated some time before crossing. Also, reports from German sources are that the barrier caused no small amount of panic in some of the submarine flotillas.
Page 221 - It is believed that in most cases the details on an airplane photograph could be placed on the map from the photograph with all of the accuracy that is needed in the topography shown on the coast charts. It is a debatable question as to whether the aeroplane photograph made over a water area will show any outline of dangers to navigation when the plates are developed. If they are shown, there is a vast field for...

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