United States Congressional Serial Set

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1913 - United States
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Army appropriation bill
Conference report on bill to regulate money loaning in D C
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To extend time for bridge across Rock River near Colona III
Investigation of charges relating to fencing of public lands 1337 Conveyance of certain land to Texas
Penalties under corporationtax
Rivers and harbors appropriation bill 1342 Contingent expenses of Senate 1343 Aerodynamical laboratory
Retirement of certain officers of Philippine scouts
Fortifications appropriation bill
Amendment to general pension act of May 11 1912
Agriculture Department appropriation bill 1319 Grant of certain permits Mar 4 1913 in District of Columbia 1350 Temporary clerks in Census Burea...
To extend time for bridge across Mississipi River at Minneapolis 1360 To extend time for bridge across Mississippi River at Minneapolis 1361 To ext...
Memorials to Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton in D C
Exchange of school lands
Desertland entries Chuckawalla Valley
Vacancy on board of regents Smithsonian Institution 1382 Exchange of conveyances between Florida East Coast Ry and U S 1383 Expenses during i...
Fifth Regiment Maryland National Guard
To amend D C code relative to capital punishment 1391 To amend act to reincorporate German Orphan Asylum Association 1392 To amend D C co...
To establish division of markets in Department of Agriculture 1410 Conference report on bill relative to immigration of aliens etc 1411 Leases of lan...
Memorials to Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton in D C
Loan of tents to Hella Temple Dallas
Manufacture of denatured alcohol
Bridge across Yellowstone River in McKenzie County N Dak 1453 To increase efficiency of RevenueCutter Service 1454 Bridge across Kanawha Ri...
Issuance of patents and surveys of private land claims 1474 To exempt from cancellation desertland entries in Chuckawalla Valley etc 1478 Appropri...
Jurisdiction over lands in Mount Rainier National Park
To amend R S relative to records of internal revenue officers 1482 To remove obstructions from West Virginia avenue District of Columbia 1484 Ex...
Hotel on Fort Huachuca reservation Ariz
Donations of condemned cannon and cannon balls
Right of way through Mount Olivet Cemetery Utah
To increase efficiency of naval militia etc 1497 Conference report on bill rel to hours of daily service on public works 1498 Conference report on le...
Pension appropriation bill
Bridge across Missouri River N
To extend time for bridge across Caddo Lake La 1511 Coal lands for Grand Junction Colo
To amend sec 81 of laws relating to judiciary 1515 Bridge across Twelve Mile Bayou Caddo Parish La 1517 Houses of ill fame in District of Columb...
Commissioners of D C to revoke licenses under certain conditions 1528 Bridge across Mississippi River near mouth of Missouri River
Bridge across Missouri River near Weldon Springs
Bridge across Mississippi River at Minneapolis Minn 1531 Bridge across Mississippi River in Beltrami County Minn
Legislative reference bureau in Library of Congress
Army appropriation bill
Official register of United States 1560 Conf rp on bill for bridge across Snake River Jackson Hole Wyo 1562 To extend 1st street northeast District of...
Punishment of certain crimes against United States
Bonds of clerks and marshals of United States district courts
Bridge across Lumber River near Lumberton N C

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Page 64 - It may be said in a general way that the police power extends to all the great public needs. * * * It may be put forth in aid of what is sanctioned by usage or held by the prevailing morality or strong and preponderant opinion to be greatly and immediately necessary to the public welfare.
Page 64 - ... such person or transportation company, or the master, agent, owner, or consignee of any such vessel shall pay to the collector of customs of the...
Page 64 - We must examine the Constitution itself, to see whether this process be in conflict with any of its provisions. If not found to be so, we must look to those settled usages and modes of proceeding existing in the common and statute law of England, before the emigration of our ancestors, and which arc shown not to have been unsuited to their civil and political condition by having been acted on by them after the settlement of this country.
Page 64 - ... is imposed, while it remains unpaid, nor shall such fine be remitted or refunded: Provided, That clearance may be granted...
Page 64 - Be It enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That from and after the passage of this act it shall be unlawful for any person, company, partnership, or corporation, in any manner whatsoever, to prepay the transportation, or in any way assist or encourage the importation or migration of any alien or aliens, any foreigner or foreigners, into the United States...
Page 64 - ... the duty, necessity, or propriety of the unlawful assaulting or killing of any officer or officers, either of specific individuals or of officers generally, of the government of the United States, or of any other organized government, because of his or their official character, or who is a polygamist, shall be naturalized or be made a citizen of the United States.

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