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HUTCHINSON'S FAJILY WINE AND CIDER VILL, WITH PRESS COMBINED. The machine combined, except the carb, is made wholly of iron. The parts that come in con tact with the fruit and juice are prepared by a patent process, so that they will not affect it The rest is handsomely painted and varnished. It occupies less than two feet square space on the floor, weighs less than one hundred and sixty pounds, easily handled and worked by one man. For simplicity, compactness, strength, economy of power, and qnality of work, challenges comparison. It is at once the machine so greatly needed, and shoulil be owned by every farmer, gardener, fruit grower, and in fact every family ihat may have apples for cider, grapes, carrants, berries, or other fruits or plants for wines, jellies, etc. ; for pressing lard, wool for packing, etc, et:. It forms also an excellent and convenient cheese press. It should be found in the hands of every family of small means ; is indispensable with the true economist ; a rare Dovelty with the man of wealth, who is only independent with it.

A large number of the mills have been sold, all of wbich, without an exception, give perfcot satisfaction.

The mill and press complete, and adapted to all the purposes stated, costs but eighteen dollars, delivered at place of manufacture.

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Manufactured by W. H. Hull & Co., Warren, 0. This machine cleans and separates all kinds of grain and seeds that vary either in size, sbape or weight; will clean flaxseed to perfection-making it into one or two qualities, as desired; No. 1 being perfect for seed. Taking a compound of wheat, oats, cockle, chess, grass beed, straw, sticks, etc., once passing through the mill cleans and separates all the

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different kinds-cach one passing out by itself, and at the same time making the wheat into one, two or three qualities, as desired—No. 1 being perfectly clean ; it also cleans all rye from number one wheat, making it pure for seed.

This machine is simple in its construction; is not liable to get out of order; is durable ; runs easy, and cleans very fast.

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COLAHAN'S PORTABLE UAY PRESS—THE UNION POWER PRESS, For Baling Hay, Collon, Wool, Straw, Hemp, etc.

Manufactured by S. Colaban, Cleveland, O.


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This is an article the public bas long been in gaest of, and one to meet the necessary requirements has never been tovented until the discovery of this, the celebrated “Union Power Press," which is an entirely original invention, combining three great powers in m:chanics, most bappily and advantageously arranged.

The same number of bands that are necessarily employed to handle the commodity to be pressd, apply the power, and will press a bale with great rapidity.

This press can be placed and worked in a very small pace, and is also conveniently work.d in store rooms for packing wool, tobacco, rags, etc.

Bales can always be mad; at one pressing, in as compact A form as may bu dusired, thus saving all necessity of a compress



In the Second Division there were 67 entries, to which the following awards were made : Best wheat drill (2-horse), Smitb, Barnes & Co., Timin..... 20 best, Baldwin, Dewitt & Co., Cleveland ..... Best combined clover thresher and buller, Juba C. Birdsall, West Henrietta, N. Y....... Best grain or grass broadcast Bowing machine, A. Ingals, Independence, Iowa... Best self-raking reaping machine, Pritz & Kubos, Dayton. Best mowing machine, Baldwin, Dewitt & Co...... Best combined reapor and mower, C. Aultman & Co., Canton, Ohio.... Best display of reaping and mowing machine kuives, Whitman & Mills, Fitchburg, Mass... Bust hay pitching machine, C. Rundall, Cleveland.... Best corn planter (borse power), J. F. Pond, Cleveland... Best corn planter (hand power), Francis Vandoren, Adrian, Michigan. Best potato digger, G. II. Kidney, Cleveland ... Best corn cultivator, E. Briggs, Medina ..... Best horse hoc, I. B Hammon, Bristol ville Best double ebuvel plow, Rice, French & Co., Springfield, Ohio.

AWARDING COMMITTEE-U. C. Deardorf, Chas. Smith, Chag. Phillis.

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22. -- Place the lever on pin at the side of machine, booking the chain from the wronght conpling-bar to the lever.

31.–Attach the cast-steel ingor-bar to wrought joint, by the pia in the tool-box. Be careful to tighten the set screw in the coupling-bar, which keeps the pin in its place. Examine the ket-Brew at the other end of coupling-bar, and sce that it is screwed up tight.

4th.–Fasten the wrought brace attached to the coup ing bar, to the front part of the shoe by a pin in tuol-bor. Be careful to put in split key and spread the ends, to prevent its losing Put in both bolts at the other end of the brace, and screw them up very tight.

Bth.-Slide the knife in the guards.

6th.- Attach the connecting rod to the crank. In doing this be very careful to notice how you take off the pats, and the strap between them, so you can put them on the same way again Hove the two half buxes apart, far enough to go on to the wrist; tighten up the two first nuts

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