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1. John Quinn, Cleveland, O., mare, Doll, iron grey, 6 years old.
2. J. G. Whitney, Conneaut, O., stallion, Duke of Alva, 8 years old.
3. Robert Burrows, Markham Village, C. W., stallion, Sir Joho Franklin, 7 years old.
4. Samuel Alexander, Jamestown, O., stallion, Monitor, 10 years old.
5. Wm. Pincumbe, Middleburgh, O., mare, Madame, 3 years old.
6. Henry Rush, Liverpool, Medina county, stallion, Charlie, 2 years old.
7. William Mills, Orange, Cuyahoga county, mare, Fanny, 4 years old.
8. Warren Coon, Wakeman, O., stallion, Prince Messenger, 6 years old.



Best Stallion, 4 years old and over, S. Alexander, Jameston, 0.......
2d best, R. Burrows, Markham, Canada West......
Best Stallion, 2 years old and under 3, H. Rush, Liverpool..
Best Brood Mare, over 4 years old, J. Quion, Cleveland..
20 best, W. Mills, Orange, 0........
Best Brood Mare, 3 years old and under 4, W. Piacumbe, Middleburgh, 0..

$30 20 15 30 20 20

AWARDING COMMITTEE—Daniel McLean, R. C. Thompson and Lucius Alling.




1. A. P. Leland, Newburg, 1 pair matched coach horses, 8 and 9 years old.
2. Wm. Squires, Copopa, Lorain county, 1 pair matched roadsters, 3 and 4 years old.
3. Theo. Clark, Ravenna, O., light barness mare.
4. 8. S. Coe, Cleveland, 1 pair matched roadsters, 8 and 5 years old.
5. J. Peffers, Burton, Geauga connty, gelding, light harness, 8 years old, sorrel.
6. Solomon Finicle, Mansfield, O., trotting stallion, Honest Bill, 8 years old.
7. Israel Clark, Cleveland, O., 1 pair matched roadsters, Pet and Rob Roy, 4 years old.
8. Geo. H. Bent,


geldings, roadsters, Charlie and May Duke, 7 and 5 years old. 9. Geo. H. Bent, Cleveland, O., gelding Charley, 7 years old. 10. A. Stone, jr., do 1 pair coach horses, 8 and 9 years old. 11. A. H. Carpenter, Bennett's corners, Medina county, 1 pair matched roadsters, 4 years old. 12. James Brown, Twinsburg, Summit county, gelding, light barness, Maumee Col., 4 do 13. W. S. Parker, Madison, Lake county, 1 pair carriage geldings, Bill and George, 4 do 14. Wm. Edwards, Cleveland, 1 pair matched roadsters, Maggie and Frank, 7 and 8 do 15. M. Richardson,

saddle mare, 4 years old and over. 16. D. E. Hier, Bennett's corners, Medina county, 1 pair draft horses, 4 years old. 17. J. M. Southam, Hinckley, Medina county, gelding, Pet, light harness, 6 years old. 18. F. A. Bacon, Independence, 1 pair matched roadsters, mares. 19. Z. 8. Spalding, Cleveland, gelding, Eclipse, saddle, 4 20. 8.S. Coe,

do light harness mare, Nellie. 21. J. O. Mason, do gelding, harness, Major, 7 years old. 22. Harvey Stevens, do 1 pair matched roadsters. 23. D. B. Updegraff, Mt. Pleasant, 1 pair coach horses, Dan and Prince, over 4 years old. 24. do


saddle gelding, Prince, 5 years old. 25. do

do ligbt harness gelding, Morgan.


years old.

26. L. M. Watt, Findley, Hancock county, 1 harness gelding.
27. H. S. Olmsted. Cleveland, 1 harness gelding.
28. Dr. J. T. Updegraff, Mt. Pleasant, 1 pair matched roadsters, Jennie and Ladra.

do family saddle mare, Jennie Mitchell.


Fanny Ellsler,
31. A. C. Baldwin, Cleveland, 1 pair matched coach horses.
32. Israel Hubbard, do


mares, roadsters. 33. William Brown, East Rockport, Cuyahoga county, 1 pair matched coach borses, Jenny and

Nancy. 34. T. J. Towson, Cleveland, light harness gelding. 35. Edward Costals, do 1 pair draft horses, over 4 years old. 36 G. F. Hutchings, Litchfield, Medina co., 1 saddle gelding. 37. Wm. G. Yates, Cleveland, 2 pair coach horses. 38. John Tod, Cleveland, 1 harness gelding, over 4 years old. 39. Wm. Bulson, Holmesville, Holmes county, 1 saddle gelding. 40. H. A. Smith, Cleveland, O., 1 harness mare. 41. Fitch Adams, do

do do 42. W. H. Patts, do

do gelding 43. J. P. Ross,

do 1 pair roadsters, mares. 44. C. H. Sargent, do 1 saddle gelding, Rube, 8 years old. 45. L. C. Sturgis, Litchfield, O., do 46. N. Van Loon, Worthington, O., gelding, barness, Tom Morgan. 47. E. A. Fuller, Columbus, O.,


Black Boy, 48. J. G. Hussy, Cleveland, pair coach mares, Maggie and Fannie, 7 and 8 years old. 49. Geo. Sprague, do harness mare, Minnie, 5 years old. 50. D. C. Kellogg, Mungen, Geauga co., pair coach mares, Kitt and Clara, 6 years old. 51. E. Bassett, Milan, O., pair matched roadsters, mares, 4 and 6 years old. 52. A. M. Binke, Newburgh, O., pair matched geldings, Frank and John, 6 and 6 years old. 63. R. B. Colton, Rootstown, O., pair coach horses, Dick and Charley, 6 years old. 54. E L. Jones, Shelby, 0., 1 gelding, Bill, (family horse), 5 years old. 55. Jas. M. Brown, Massillon, family mare, 23 years old. 56. W. S. Dunn, Cleveland, pair matched roadsters, mares, 6 years old.. 57. Anson Stager, do 1 gelding family horse, 7 years old. 58. J. P. Ross, do 1 harness gelding, Sam, 5 do 59. H. N. Slade, Solon, O., do Prince, 7 years old. 60. Royal Taylor, do saddle gelding family horse. 61. Luther Moses, Cleveland, 1 harness gelding, Charlie, 8 years old. 62. Fullerd Stimon, Brooklyn, O., 1 pair matched roadsters. 63. do

do 64. do

do 1 harness mare, Maggie Mitchell, 65. A. 0. Cortrell, Willoughby, 0., 1 pair coach horses, 6 years old. 66.

do harness gelding, Tiff, 6 67. do



Teddy, 6 do 68. Reuben Stickney, Brooklyn, O., do Flying Cloud, 6 years old, 69. G. W. Roberts, Berlinville, Erie county, harness gelding, Jersey, 6 years old. 70. S. S. Beecher, Garrettsville, O., barness gelding, Ton, 4 years old. 71. do


1 pair coach horses, 4 do 72. A. W. Brainard, Newburgh, 0., mare, Nelly, over 4 years old. 73. E. E. Sheldon, Avon, O., mare, Maggie Bowers, 4 do 74. W. B. Sheldon, Cleveland, pair coach horses, geldings, 5 years old. 75. do do harness mare, Black Maria, 5

do 76. J. L Woodman, do 1 pair coach mares, 4 years old.

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77. J. W. Bedford, Willoughby, O., 1 pair draft horses, 7 years old. 78. Levi Wolff, Independence, O., pair farm and draft mares, years old. 79. Mr. Wright, Cleveland, harness mare, Lady, 8 years old. 80. George L. Sprague, Huron, Erie county, pair matched roadsters, mares, Jennie and Belle

6 years old. 81. George L. Sprague, Huron, Erie county, harness mare, 6 years old 82. J. R. Sanford, Cleveland, harness gelding, 6 years old. 83. W. R. Davis, Weymouth, Medina county, harness gelding, 6 years old. 84. E. Driggs, Medina, O., harness mare, 10 years old. 85. J. A. Taylor, Seville, O., harness gelding, Shot, 5 years old. 86. do

do saddle gelding, Buckeye, 5 years old. 87. H. Rodgers, Cleveland, 1 pair matched roadsters. 88. D. M. Wooster, Pittsfield, 1 pair do do. 89. A. Kellogg, Cleveland, 1 pair farm or draft horses, 5 and 7 years old. do

do 1 saddle gelding, 7 years old. 91. R. Comstock, Bedford, O., 1 pair matched coach horses. 92. W. L. Baker, Madison, Lake county, 1 gelding, in light barness. 93. Wm. D. Lindley, Sandusky City, 0., 1 pair matched roadsters. 94. H. B. Hurlburt, Cleveland, 1 pair coach horses. 95. Wathel Baldwin, Chester Hill, Morgan county, saddle mare. 96. H. Peters, Milan, Erie county, saddle gelding, Young Stranger, 4 years old. 97. E. Fuller, Coolville, Athens county, gelding family horse, Prince, 7 years old. 98. E. C. Rice, Troy, O., harness gelding, Fred., 7 years old. 99. George W. Wadsworth, Cleveland, O., family horse. 100. E. R. Felton, harness mare, 7 years old. 101. Edward Byington, Elyria, pair matched roadsters, black geldinge, 6 years old. 102. M. J. Drake, Cleveland, bay gelding, in harness,

8 years old. 103: Henry Frissell, 'do do

do 7 do. 104. Wm. Hoffman, do bay mare, do 7 do. 105. J. C. Corning, do pair matched roadsters, 4 do. 106. Lorenzo Dunham, Bedford, O., pair matched farm horses. 107. L. Crawford, Cleveland, eaddle gelding. 108. do

do light harness mare, 109. American Express Company, Cleveland, family horse. 110. Frank Hurd, Cleveland, gelding, in barness. 111. J. G. Bruggeman, Cleveland, light harness mare. 112. J. D. Bishop,


do gelding. 113. Wm. W. Battle, Brighton, Lorain county, 1 pair roadsters, mares, m light barness. 114. H. K. Boylston, Cleveland, 1 pair farm draft horses. 115. C. C. Briggs, do family mare. 116. Benjamin Fioley, Chagrin Falls, O., gelding, in light harness. 117. D. B. Marker, Pittsburg, Pa., 1 pair coach horses. 118. Hawkins & Howe, Akron, O., gelding, in light barness. 119. T. M. Bartlet, Cleveland, gelding, in light barness. 120. K. Sherman,

1 pair match roadsters. 121. Philo Thompson, Johnson, Trumbull county, trotting stallion. 122. Lafayette Brush, Laporte, Lorain county, harness gelding, Blackhawk, 5 years old. 128. 0. J. Peck, Wellington, O., harness mare, Kate, 6 years old. 124. Jerome Chidsey, Weymouth, O., pair match roadsters, 6 years old. 125. do

do gelding, Frank, family horse, 6 years oid. 126. R. B. Colton, Rootstown, O., harness gelding, Charley, 5 years old. 127. Osoar Wilbar, Weymouth, 0., pair matched roadsters, 4 years



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128. Z. R. Eggleston, Auburn, Geanga county, family mare.
129. Gideon Wilbur, Brunswick, O., harness gelding, Morg: 2, 4 years old.
130. R. A. Button, Mesopotamia, O., pair coach mares, 6 and 7 years old.
131. Newton Wells, Mentor, Lake county, pair draft horses, geldinge, 7 years old.
132. Jacob Foster, Brunswick, O., pair coach mares.
133. George Steadman, Lagrange, O., pair coach geldings, 4 years old.
134. P. J. Price, Cleveland, O., pair matched roadsters, 6 and 7 years

135. Wm. A. Neil, jr., London, O., stallion, Spartan, family horse, 7 years old,
136. A. C. Armstrong, Cleveland, gelding, in light barness
137. D. W. Burrows, Newburg, O., pair matched roadsters, 7 and 8 years old.
138. H. L. Morgan,

horse of all work, in harness. 139. G. W. Hart, Stowe, O., roadster mare, in harness, 6 years old. 140. Richard Carr, Cleveland, harness gelding, 10 years old. 141. E. J. Acruff, Meadville, Pa., light harness mare. 142. Horace Beake, Newburg, O., harness gelding, Sorrel Billy, 8 years old. 143. G. R. Starr, Neelington, O., harness gelding. 144. C. T. Reed, Solon, O., pair farmers' draft borses. 145. Samuel Whitney, Mayfield, gelding, in harnese 146. J. W. Hoyt, Cleveland, mare, in light harness 147. Jackson Hall, Cleveland, mare, in light harness. 148. E. Rockwood, Carlisle, pair horses, light harness roadsters. 149. 0. K. Starr, Penfield, light harness mare, 5 years old. 150. C. M. Furguson, Cleveland, roadster gelding. 151. F. H. Hinman, Cleveland, harness mare. 152. F. Howe, Warrensville, pair farmers' draft horses, 10 years old. 153. S. P. Dunn, Cleveland, light harness gelding. 154. James Taylor, Litchfield, O., light harness gelding. 155. George E. Senter, Cleveland, family horse. 156. E. J. White, Bedford, O., pair matched roadsters, 4 years old. 157. C. J. Madison, Cleveland, light harness gelding. 158. Edward Rice, Troy, pair farm horses, geldinge 159. D. E. Stearns, Berea, Harness gelding. 160. G. L. Shipman, Norwalk, trotting stallion, Kennebec. 161. J. H. Gorbam, Cleveland, light harness mare. 162. Wm. Flower, Akron, O., light harness gelding. . 163. E. Russell, Cleveland, trotting mare. 164. A. C. Ramorn, Cleveland, harness gelding, 8 years old. 165. S. A. Savage, Chagrin Falls, O., saddle mare. 166. Moses Simmons, Cleveland, harness gelding, Frank Greyson, 4 years old. 167. G. W. McMillan, do harness mare, Lady Mac, 4 years old. 168. S. 8. Worralls, Willoughby, 0., pair draft horses. 169. D. K. Tilden, Cleveland, O., harness gelding, 4 years old. 170. Hiram Roe, North Bloomfield, O., trotting gelding, 6 years old. 171. R. P. Myers, Cleveland, light harness gelding, 5 years old. 172. L. J. Farnam, do

do 173. S. D. McMillan, do


gelding 174. B. A. Bragg, do saddle gelding, 6 years old. 175. do


do Frank Forrester, 6 years old. 176. Miss L. A. Sumuer, Cleveland, harness mare, Lady Belle, 4 years old. 177. John Webster & Co.,

pair coach horses. 178. Sylvester Smith, Jefferson, O., pair matched roadsters.



179. W. M. Flanagan, West Jefferson, Madison county, light barness gelding, Grey Eagle, 6

years old.

180. W. W. Richards, Solon, O., light harness gelding.
181. Fuller & Stimson, Brooklyn, O., pair matched farm geldings.
182. W. H. Widdecomb, Cleveland, light barness mare.
183. A. S. Hayden, Collamer, O., pair coach ponies.
184. E. Hazen, Willoughby, 0., pair matched roadsters.
185. S. L. Mather, Cleveland, pair coach horses.
186. John Dowd, Euclid, saddle mare.
187. Johnson Glazier, Bedford, pair matched roadsters.


Best pair coach horses, A. Stone, jr., Cleveland....

20 best do., R. B. Colton, Rootstown..... Best pair farm or draft horses or mares, H. K. Boyleston, Cleveland..

20 best do., Fuller and Stimson, Brooklyn.... Best matched roadster, J. P. Ross, Cleveland......

2d best do., W. Edwards, Cleveland...

$20 10 20 10 20 10




Best gelding for light harness, 4 years old and over, N. Van Loon, Worthington...

2d best do., J. P. Ross, Cleveland...... Best mare for light harness, 4 years old and over, Fiteh Adams, Cleveland......

20 best do., H. A. Smith.

20 10


Best family horse or mare, A. Stager, Cleveland...

$20 2d best do., Dr. J. T. Updegraff.....

10 Best mare for saddle, 4 years old and over, Dr. J. T. Updegraff, Mount Pleasant......... 20 20 best do., N. Baldwin, Chester Hill.....

10 Best gelding for saddle, 4 years old and over, D. B. Updegraff, Mount Pleasant...

20 20 best do., L. C. Sturgis, Litchfield..



Best and fastest trotting mare or gelding, N. Van Loon, Worthington............ Silver Medal Best and lastest trotting stallion, Phiolo Thompson, Johnson.... ...Silver Medal

AWARDING COMMITTEE-D. B. Anderson, L. W. Crittenden, James M. Brown, L. G. Delano.


1. J. W. Fitch, Cleveland, stallion, Col. Greyson, chesnut, 12 years old.
2. Solomon Finicle, Mansfield, stallion, Honest Bill, 8 years old.
3. Alexander C. Weleh, Mansfield, stallion, Grey Eagle, 5 years old.
4. Robert Burrows, Markham Village, C. W., stallion, Sir John Franklin, 7 years old.
6. E. H. Keith, Geneva, O., stallion, Seminole Chief, 5 years old.
8. Anderson & McMillan, Xenia, stallion, Ben Butler.
9. M. P. Virundger, Jones' Station, Butler county, stallion, Young Belmont,

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