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Average Cost of Feeding each Sheep, Nine to each Lot. Colonel Inge...

.£3 5 0 nearly. Mr. Hardie.....

3 10 2 Lord Kinnaird's Leicesters......

2 1951-2 Lord Kinnaird's Cotswolds.....

3 11 11 1.4

Average Value of each Sheep. Colonel Inge...

.........£3 15 0 Mr. Hardie.....

4 1 10 1.4 Lord Kinnaird's Leicesters

311 31-4 Lord Kinnaird's Cotswolds....

4 8 10 1-2

Food Consumel, Weight and Price of Wool, Weight and Price of Sheep, fr.




b. lb. oz. Ib. Oz £ 8.

d. £


d. £

8. d. £ 8. d.

2991 34,650 3822



1098 156 268

416 5 11 20 0


5 1:3 15 0



3121 39,00



195 1657

1098 178 069 136 8 0 22


0 28 13 0 4 1 101


195 ; 1233

1098 149 062

215 14 0 19 5

0 24 19 0 3 11 31

Average Weight of Sheep

at commencement.

Grass Pasture.

Weight of Sheep at Finish.

Clover, Cut.

Price of Sheep and Wool.



Average Value of each Sheep.

Hay Chaff.

Weight of Wool.

Indian Corn.

Price of Wool.

Oil Cake.

Price of Sheep.





86 5909

1. Colonel Inge.

2. Mr. Hardie.

3. Lord Kinnaird's Leicesters.

788 5785

2508 32,999 3790

4. Lord Kinnaird's Cotswolds......

93.1 6121

3378 40,92:1 4625 1107

195 1615

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Although the second table has little connection, if any, with the main point aimed at--the present trial not being conducted for profit merely, but more to test weights attained, and consumption of food required to obtain these-still, putting a money value on this food may help to bring out results more clearly. It is therefore assumed that the prices are alike for each lot, and as near the actual prices of the different articles at the time of the trial-say, pasture-grass at £3 per acre; clover at 3d. per stone, making the proportion of one-third hay at 90. per stope; turnips at 89. per ton; mangolds at 12s. per ton; Indian corn at £8 per ton ; oilcake at £11 per ton; oats at 223. per quarter, 40 lbs. per bushel.-Scotland Agricultural Journal.

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Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Society, held at Toledo,

January 12, 13, 14, 1864.

This meeting was held in the court house at Toledo, commencing Tuesday morning January 12th, according to announcement--all needful preparation having been made by the members of the Horticultural Society of Toledo, who already had a fine display of fruits on the tables, especially of winter apples.

After an hour or so devoted to shaking bands and arranging fruits, the meeting was organized, with the President, Dr. J. A. WARDER, in the Chair, and M. B. Batebam, Secretary. An Address of Welcome was then delivered by J. Austin Scott of Toledo, Vice President of the Society, in behalf of the citizens of Toledo and the Lucas County Horticultural Society, expressing their interest in the meeting, and proffering to the delegates the hospitalities of their homes and firesides.

The Secretary made a report of the meeting of the committee ad interim, at Cleve land, during the State Fair in September, which was ordered to be published. He also presented a report of the Treasurer, which was accepted.

The President announced the following Committees:

On Credentials and Introduction of Delegates and Members-Messrs. J. F. Hall George Baker and M. Shoemaker.

The duties of this committee are to introduce delegates and members to the Society; furnish the Secretary with a list of their names; and to increase the membership of the Society by those in attendance, or who are interested in the subject of Pomology.

On Railroad Memorial-Mesers. Dr. J. A. Warder, M. B. Batebam, and M. Shoemaker.

The duties of this Committee are to collect statistics of horticultural products trans ported by rail within the limits of this state, and, after consulting similar committees in other States, they will unite with them in preparing a suitable memorial to the railroad corporations in the hope of inducing them to grant increased facilities for attendance at Pomological meetings and exhibitions.

On Fruit Lists---Messrs. Geo. Powers, A. Fabnestock and L. 8. Stowe.

This Committee will attend to the proper exhibition of the specimens presented, 160 that they are suitably displayed, and take the lists, with the nan es of exbibiters, and soport the same to the Secretary.

On New or Rare Fruits-Messrs. F. R. Elliott, W. H. Scott, T. T. Lyon and Ooo M. Beeler.

This Committee is to examine the collections, so as to make selections of such specimens as they may dcem of sufficient interest to bring before the Society for especial notice at this meeting.

On Business and Resolutions—Messrs. M. B. Bateham, John R. Miller and A. 1 Macomber.

This Committee will prepare the programme and order of exercises for the meet. inge. All resolutions and communications are to be referred to them for presentation to the meeting at the proper time.

On Nominations-Messrs. John R. Miller, L. S. Stowe and J. F. Hall.

It is the duty of this Committee to prepare a list of candidates for election to the mereral offices of the Society.

The following resolution was adopted by the Convention :

Resolved, That gentlemen from other States, who manifest an interest in Pomology by attending the meetings of this Society, be regarded as bonorary members, and be invited to participate in the discussions, and that the Secretary send them our Annual Beport when published.

Among the fruits on exhibition were 31 varieties of apples from the Indiana Pomobogical Society, presented by Geo. M. Beeler and Wm. L. Loonis of Indianapolis; also 85 varieties by J. Austin Scott of Toledo; 30 varieties by Peter Shaw, and 16 varieties by M. Shoemaker of same place ; 20 varieties by H. Kellogg of Lucas Co.; 25 varieties by Jas. W. Ross, and 24 varieties of apples and 5 of pears by Geo. Puwe ers of Perrysburg, besides numerous smaller assortments, from this and other parts of Ohio, and some from Micigan-in all, over 300 plates of fruit. There were also 4 plates of fine Isabella Grapes from Jas. Dunipace of Perrysburg, and several bottles of wine from the same; also samples of excellent wine from H. T. Dewey of Sandusky, and others.

In the afternoon the attendance of members was quite good, representing nearly all parts of the State, and very respectable delegations were on hand from Indiana and Michigan.

The discussion on Apples, with the revision of the Fruit Catalogue for Ohio, was entered upon and occupied most of the afternoon and part of the next day.

In the evening, according to announcement, the Aonual Address of the President was delivered before the Society, and was tened to wiib marked attention and interest by a large audience. At its close a resolution was passed thunking the President Her the address, and requesting a copy for publication iu this report.

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