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2d best stallion, P. Thompson, Johnston, Trumbull county......
Best Stallion, 3 years old and under 4, M. Stephenson, Brunswick, 0...
Best Stallion, 2 years old and under 3, Fuller & Stimson, Brooklyn, 0..
2d best, James Brown, Twinsburgh.....
Best Stallion, 1 year old and under 2, E. J. Acruff, Meadville, Pa..
2d best, Charles Merrick, Warrensville, O......
Best Suckling Stallion Colt, J. F. Pond, Cleveland....
Best Brood Mare, over 4 years old, Dr. J. T. Updegraff, Mt. Pleasant 0......
2d best, E. A. Fuller, Columbus, O.........
Best Brood Mare, 3 years old and under 4, W. B. Waddle, Cleveland.
2d best, H. C. McDowell, Cleveland......
Best Brood Mare, 2 years old and under 3, Geo. Howlett, Cleveland..
Best Filly, 1 year old and under 2, J. M. Southam, Hinckley, 0.....
Best Suckling Mare Colt, Dr. J. T. Updegraff, Mt. Pleasant, 0....

20 10 15 10 10 30 20 20 15 15 10 10

AWADING COMMITTEE-J. W. Kesey, Jas. Fullington, E. M. Bennett, Geo. W. Williams and Wm. Alstorf.







1. Joseph L. Beck, River Styx, Medina county, mare, Dolly, 8 years old, bay.

do stallion, Bill, 2 do do
3. Mark Hebblethwaite, Cleveland, O., stallion, Dan Webster, 4 years old and over, brown.

do Young Volunteer, 6 years old, bay. 5. Robert Spinks,

do Kentucky Private, 3


sorrel. 7. R. H. Lodge,

do Prince,

3 do bay. 8. Robert Burrow, Markham, C. W., do Walter,

7 do 9. T. Boynton, Willoughby, 0.,



do 10. do do do Jim,

2 11. Wm. H. Wilson, Xenia, 0.,

do Bellfounder Chief, 7 do 12. Phillip Powell, London, O.,

do Sam Hazard, 3 do
13. Moore P. Vinnage, Jone's Station, Butler county, stallion, Young Belmont, 7 years old.
14. J. T. & D. B. Updegraff, Mt. Pleasant, stallion, bay, 10 years old.
15. J. T. Updegraff,

mare, Kate, 4

do filly,

2 do 17. do

do suckling horse colt. 18. J. D. Mapes, Orange, Cuyahoga county, stallion, Green Mountain Boy, 5 years old. 19. Minoris Akin, Brooklyn, O., mare, Digitalis, 3 years old. 20. Wm. Mills, Orange, 0., mare, Fox, 5 years old. 21. do do suckling mare colt. 22. do

do mare, Fanny,'4 years old. 23. Noah Longanecker, Guilford, Medina county, stallion, Frank, 7 years old. 24. Martin Carroll, Painesville, O.,

brood mare,

6 25. do do

do 4 do 26. L. S. & S. C. Crimm, Gallion, O., stallion, Capt. Fairfield, 7 years old. 27. Luther Moses, Cleveland, O., suckling horse colt. 28. do

do mare do 29. Albert Porter, Tallmadge, O., stallion, Prince Orion, 4 years old.

years old.




31. A. G. Hatch, Grainger, Medina county, stallion, Young Stranger, 4 years old.
33. W. H. Tripp, Wellington, O., mare, Topsy, 4 years old, (harness).
34. Collin Arnold, Warrensville, O., mare, Fan, 13 years.
35. do

do suckling horse colt.
36. G. W. Roberts, Benlinville, Erie county, stallion, Indian Chief, 2 years old.
37. Chester Lamb, Welchfield, Geauga county, stallion, Searcher, 12 years old.

do Champion Searcher, 6 years old. 39. do


do Young Searcher, 3 do 40. do


do Champion Searcher, jr., 3 years old. 41. do


mare, Lady Buckingham, 3 do 42. Avery Cross, Suffield, Portage county, stallion, Francisco, 4 years old. 43. Horace Metcalf, Chardon, O., mare, 4 years old. 44. La Grange Tyler, Newburgh, O., mare, 3 years old. 45. J. H. Taylor, Seville, O., mare, Biddy, 3 years old. 46. E. A. Young, Breckville, O., stallion, Wake up Jack, 8 years old. 47. John Houser, Marshallville, Wayne county, stallion, May Duke, 7 years old. 48. T. N. Davis, Cleveland, O., Mare, Lady Davis, 7 years old. 49. Geo. L. Shipman, Norwalk, O., stallion, Kennebeck, 14 years old. 50. John Whitbeck, do

do Mambrino Chief, 2 years old. 51. E. T. & J. B. Curtis, Farmington, O., brood mare, 6 years old. 52. do do

do 6
53. Michael Oster, Cleveland, O., stallion, Albert, 6 do
54. John B. Robinson, jr., Amherst, O., mare, 9 do
55. 8. C. Canfield, Bridge Creek, Cuyaboga county, mare, Flora, 3 years old.
56. B. L. Grifin, Oberlin, O., mare, 3 years old.
57. Jacob Miller, Ebberville, O., stallion, Emperor, 4 years old.
58. Charles M. Brainerd, Brooklyn, O., mare, 2 years old.
59. W. C. Hosmer, Troy, Geauga, O., stallion, Billy, 4 years old.

mare, Dolly, 9

do 61. do

suckling stallion, 3 months old. 62. do


mare, Jenny, 3 years old. 63. W.C. Hosmer, Troy, Geauga county, 0., mare, Coxy, 2 years old. 64. James Keckland, Gate's Mills, stallion, Arabian Postboy, 5 years old. 65, E. S. Perkins, Waymouth, 0., do Union,

6 do 66. L. A. Savage, Chagrin Falls, do Black Hawk Morgan, 7 years old. 67. Hiram Sykes, Hinkley, 0.,

Eastman Morgan, 14 do






Best Stallion, 4 years old and over, Chester Lamb, Welchfield, 0.....
20 best, L S. & S. C. Crimm, Galion....
3d best, J. T. & D. B. Updegraff",
Best Stallion, 3 years old and under 4, Chester Lamb, Welchfield, 0.
20 best, D. T. Boynton, Wilioughby......
Best Stallion, 2 years old and under 3, G. W. Roberts, Berlinville, 0...
2d best, J. L. Beck, River Styx, Medina county, 0....
Best Suckling Stallion Colt, Dr. J. T. Updegraff, Mt. Pleasant, 0..
20 best, C. Arnold, Warrensville, 0........
Best Brood Mare, over 4 years old, Dr. J. T. Updegraff, Mt. Pleasant.
20 best, Wm. Mills, Orange.......
Best Brood Mare, 3 years old and under 4, B. L. Grifin, Oberlin..


5 30 20 20

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2d best, C. Lamb, Welchfield.....

$15 Best Brood Mare, 2 years old and under 3, Dr. J. T. Updegraff, Mt. Pleasant..

15 2d best, W. C. Hosmer, Troy, Geauga.....

10 2d best suckling Mare Colt, Wm. Mills, Orange....

5. AWARDING COMMITTEE-Abel Krum, James Buckingham, Jas. Fullington, John Sears and James M. Brown.


OLD SEARCHER, owned by Chester Lamb, Troy, Geanga county, Ohio. Searcher was got by the celebrated horse Barney Henry, owned by Mr. Barney, of Whitehall ; he by Signal, and he by imported Margrave. The dam of Searcher was a Morgan mare, owned by Samuel Moore, in the town of Shoreham, Vermont. She could trot a mile in less than three minutes,



weighed 1,000 pounds, and was in every respect a most perfect animal. Searcher is of a dark bay color-not a wbite hair upon him—a beavy flowing black mane and tail, and legs black nearly to his body, is 163 hands high, and weighs 1,200 pounds. When four years old he took the first premium at the Addison County Fair, held at Middlebury, Vermont. He also appeared at the Vermont State Fair, held at the same place, on the 10th and 11th of September, 1851, and, in the presence of thousands, and on a beavy sand track, trotted one mile in harness in two minutes and fifty seconds. The track was one-third of a mile around, over which he passed the third time in fifty seconds. This feat he performed, although he had never been trained nor his best speed tested.

CAPTAIN FAIRFIELD is a dark bay horse 164 hands high, weighs 1,350 pounds, and is of mach sabstance, great stamina and fine style. He was bred in Fairfield county, Ohio; was foaled May 20th, 1857 ; Was sired by Young Sir Thomas ; dam by Marylander. Young Sir Thomas sired by the Woodyear Sir Thomas; he by Young Diomede; he by imported Diomede, Captain Fairfield is a half brother to the trotting horse known as Captain Fisher, nov owned in San Francisco, California, and formerly of Lancaster, Ohio ; and also half brother to the roan mare known as Moll Brooks, owned in Cincinnati, and formerly of

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Lancaster, Ohio. He has trotted his mile in two minutes and fifty seconds, and can show as many good strong boned, and well built and large sized, and as fine styled colts as any borse of his age. One filly, two years and eleven months old, sold for $250. She could trot her mile in three minutes and thirty seconds. Some of his yearling colts have sold for $150 each. At three years old, past, he trotted on the Bucyrus Trotting Park for a parse, against one of Flying Cloud's colts of the same age. Captain Fairfield won the purse in three minutes and four seconds.

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