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MAHONING COUNTY. 60 Henry T. Kirtland, Poland..601 Full Saxony.s1834, H. T. K.....N. Y. and 0. 610. F.

11 200 do 1851, C. F. K.... 62 Geo. P.

91 1611 do 1861, G. P. K.... 63 Chas. N.

2 100

11858, C. NK..


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PERRY COONTY. 65 Isaac C. Hull, Somerset. 41 1803-4 Saxony../1843, I. C. H..... Ewes, Penn. 66 John S. «

2 112 Full do 1847, J. S. H.... 67 Israel Moore, Fultonbam.. 4) 130 3-4 do 68 James R. Wilson, Somerset. . 2 100 Half do J.R. W 69 Leasc w. Cooper,

1 100 Full do 11. W.C.


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SENECA COUNTY. To Thog. Thompson, Republic..., 41301 Full Saxony. 11850, T. T. 11850, Jefferson Co., O. 71 G. Starns, 1

112 421

Half 1840, W. Treet... Tompkios Co., N. Y. 72 Robt. Shaw,

61 510

1831, Baker.. 73 E. Y. Stiokáey,

8 809

1836, E. G. S... Vermont 74 Wm. Anway,

6680 do 11830, W. A... N. Y. 75.J. W. Eastman,


do J. Baker.,

do do do

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Z&Jobp Randall, Hobbard 77 Jos. Bentley, 78 Morris Cole, woll 79 Robt. Hassen, 80 Andrew Kirk, 81 Jas. Bentley, Brookfield. 82 Wm. Wheeler, 83 Wm. Lafferty, 81 R. 8. Hart, Sve" br. 85 Smith Clark, 86 abram Brown, Hubbard. HA T. Mason, Nebenso

TRUMBULL COUNTY. 4 390 (Half Saxony.

do 250 do 150

do 100

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do 300


36017: do 1..

31101 Full do 1821, R. Montgom Wadsworth, N. Y.

49 Half
60 13-4

(1849, H. T. M. TWash. Co., Pa, and V


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UNION OOUNTY. 88/Solomon Coot, Raymond....261 375|Half Saxony. See note.........1

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89 J. L. Malster, Palmer...

60 Half Saxony. 1856, W. M..... 1856, Wash. Co., PA 90 J. Breckinridge,“

501 do 1855, J. B...

1855, Pa. and Vt. 91 Martin Palmer, "

2 50 do 1850, M. P... Dana flock of this Co. 92 Isaac Coler, Bartlette.

5 100 do

(1853, J.C.

1853, Jefferson Co., 0. 93J. Coulter,

25 150 do 1855, J.C. C.... 1855, Bucks from Vt 94 Daniel Shaw, Veto..

5100 do 1856, D. S..... Vt. and Wash. Co., 0. 95 Wm. R. Putnam, Marietta... 10 200 do 1830, W. P.. 1830, PA 96 Dana Steirs, Beverly...... 201 7001 do 1830, B. Dana.. 1830, Pa. 97 H. McKey, Lowell....

4 100 do 1861, H. McK... 1861, this Co. 98G. Curey, Lower Salem..[ly. 10 50 do 1860, G. O...... 1860, this Co. [Hon. 99 Miss S. M. and C. Dana, Bever. 12 800 Seven-eighths 1819, B. Dana... 1819, Wells & Dickin 100 B. Shaw & Son, Coral Run... 4 100 Three-fourth8 1841, B. Shaw... 1841, Benj. Dana. 100'W. Worsdel, Beverly.... 100 Halt do

WYANDOT COUNTY. 102|S. M. Fowler, Lit. Sanduskyl 51 200 Full Saxony./1854, 8. M. F.... 164, Harrison Co., O.

No. 7.—The sheep are generally common with a few slight crosses of Spanish.


No. 13.—I have 500 sheep; the original stock was Saxony. I crossed with the Southdown and then with the Spanish. I now have the best shearers I have ever kept. My flock averaged 44 pounds last spring-all stock sheep. I am not able to give the original stock, as they were brought to this State some twenty years ince, by Mr. Pearce, from Pennsylvania.


No. 16.–Our section of country is well adapted to the raising of sheep. Sheep in general have done well this winter, they generally being grain fed, which is very essential to the growth of a good crop of wool. Five years ago I bought a Vermont buck, paid $20.00; 2 years ago I bought a Vermont buck and paid $30.00. The latter sheared this season about 17 pounds. It was about half washed,


No. 18.-I have owned my flock eleven years, and have not crossed them with any other than the same bred in-and-in. They were imported from Baron Sprecks' flocks of Saxony in 1849, by Chas. B. Smith, of Wolcotville, Connecticut. I think my present flock are better than the original sheep when imported.. I should like to cross my sheep, but I have not found any in this country, but would spoil the style of my wool. Yours,


No. 26. --The common varieties are found here on nearly every farm, in small flocks, varying from ten to fifty. Wool growing is in its infancy here.


No. 37.-As regards quality, my wool will grade with the first flocks of Saxony in Harrison county. My flock is a cross of the full blood Saxony ewes, with the full blood Spanish bucks. In the year 1851 I moved from Harrison county to this county. I then owned a flock of 400 head of Saxony Merinos, from which I assorted 100 choice ewes and brought them with me. I afterwards bought some thirty head of ewes, raised by Samuel Patterson, of Washington county, Pennsylvania, nearly of the same grade of my own. This was the commencement of my present flock. Up to the fall of 1856 I bred chiefly from bucks that I brought with me from Harrison county. Being convinced from my experience, observation and reading, that the Spanish sheep are the best sheep in the world, I came to the conclusion that I would henceforth breed from Spanish bucks, and I have done so. The first Spanish buck I obtained was from Mr. Hammond's flock, of Vermont-a choice animal; his fleece weighed 14 pounds, clean, unwashed wool, one year's growth; would compare with Saxony wool in quality. My second purchase of Spanish sheep consisted of 10 ewes and two bucks—my choice from 100 head bred in Vermont. My third purchase of Spanish sheep was made last October, consisting of five ewes and one buck, thoroughbred; the buck and two of the ewes bred by H. F. Dean, one ewe by Robison, one by Wilson, one by Hammond-all thorough breeders of Vermont; four of those ewes are with lamb to Mr. Campbell's famed young buck, of Vermont, exhibited at Cleveland fair, and also Detroit, Michigan, last fall. I have some twenty head of full blood and thoroughbred Spanish ewes. I believe the secret of success in obtaining an extra flock of sheep is in always breeding from select choice bucks, and never from exceptionable ewes. I might say more, but I presume you wish brevity. I may say that my flock pleases myself as regards quality of wool, (and I have had an experience in the wool growing of some thirty years,) but lacks in quantity, averaging 4} pounds of well washed wool to the clip. However, having last year sold my lightest shearers, by judicious management I confidently expect an increase of quantity, and in that way expect to be repaid for my outlay of thorough breeds. Yours truly,

SAMUEL P. JOHNSTON. No. 42.—I have given you a brief history of a few flocks in the neighborhood. In this county it is supposed there are about 30,000 sheep, and, as a general thing, the sheep are not pure bred; many of them have been picked up within the last five or six years, of flocks in Harriqon, Guernsey and Belmont counties. But at present there is in this county quite a disposition to invest capital in sheep, and also to improve the blood and weight of fleece.

DR. A. B. COVERT. No. 64.-We have been in the sheep business for eighteen years, and from my experience I would say to all to get Spanish sheep, if they want to make anything in the sheep business. Yours truly,

E. BURT. No. 60.-In 1834, two bucks and twelve ewes, from Duchess county, N. Y., brought to Obio by Cope & Marsh, who resided in Colombiana county, O.

In 1841, buck, of Nathan Armstrong; 1841, bucks and ews, of Dr. Ştough; 1842, bucks and ewes, of A. Marsh, each of Columbiana county, Ohio.

1845, bucks and ewes, of Cyrus C. Taylor, Granger, Medina, county, of H. D. Grove, flock, Ohio.

1845, buck, of Mr. Wallace, Brandywine Mills, Ohio.

1845-6, buck and ewes, from the flock of Samuel Patterson, Washington county, Pa.

1845–6, bucks and ewes, from the flock of Samuel Cole, Washington

county, Pa.

1845–6, bucks and ewes, from the flock of Mark R. Cockrill, near Nashville, Tennessee.

1846, buck, from flock of Perkins & Brown, Akron, Ohio.

1846, ten ewes, from the flock of Charles B. Smith, Wolcottville, Con. necticut.

1849, bucks and ewes, from the flock of Charles B. Smith, Wolcottville, Connecticut.

1853, H. T. Kirtland & John Hisey purchased a buck, No. "70," im. ported by Catlin & Smith, from the flock of Maximilian Baron De Speck, near Leipsic, Saxony. C. F. Kirtland, the same year, bought of C. B. Smith, 1 buck and 16 ewes.

1859, C. F. Kirtland purchased a buck of Anthony Hoffman, of Duchess county, N. Y., imported from Silesia.

Nine-tenths of the flock now are from the ewes obtained of Charles B. Smith and buck No. 70, and his descendants. Respectfully yours, &c.,

C. F. KIRTLAND. No. 64. —I am now crossing my ewes with Silesian buçks, obtained from Wm. H. Ladd, of Richmond, Jefferson county, Ohio, with a view of increasing weight of the fleece; which I intend to do without essentially increasing the size of fibre. I have bred my Saxons in such a manner as to secure a good constitution ; short legs, round compact body, full breast, and they are now a hardy, strong constitutional sheep. Have sheared, of alean wasbed wool, on the average, three pounds, the flock through; for which the average price obtained for a term of years has been (delivered at my barn) from 60 to 63 cents per pound. Respectfully and truly yours,

ALVAH UDALL. No. 100.—The Dana flock is the oldest and largest flock in the county. I believe the flock when started by Benjamin Dana, were called the Black Top Merino. This was in 1819. From that time until 1859, they were crossed on Saxon bucks, from the best flocks of Pennsylvania and Virginia. Since 1859 the cross has been with the Silesian. Respectfully yours,


SILESIANS. For the history of Silesians see page 472 of Ohio Agricultural Report for



Name and post office address

of the owner of the flock.



Quality of Who commenced When and where par

sheep the fluck. ents were obtained.

18. M. Fowler, Little Sandusky 15 200 Full Silesian. 1856. S. M. F... 1856, Harrison co. 2 do do do

200 dalf do 1858. S. M. F. 1858, do 3 F.F. Fowler, Up. Sandusky.. 17 500 Three fourths E. F. F.. Harrison co. 4 Jos. Parker, do

2 50


Ladd. 5 Wm. Walton, Tymochtee.... 1001 do L. G. Ranger.... Ladd. GJ. M. Ellis, Belle Vernon... 2 50

Wm. Gregg.

Ladd. 7 Henry Parker, Tymochtee... 3 30 do

L. G. Ranger

Ladd. 8 D. Smith, Up. Sandusky. 6 17 Fall Silesian.

Up. Sandusky. 9|0. Parker, Belle Vernon.. 2) 100 Half do


No. 1.—The flocks of sheep I have named above, were mostly from im ported bucks, and crossed with the common sheep of the neighborhood. They are a very healthy quality of sheep, and are considered among the best. The modes of wintering are various, as hardly two farmers winter their stock alike some feed hay, some corn-fodder, and others corn and fodder; but there are very few stall fed sheep in this part of the country.

Very respectfully yours, &c., THOS. J. HAUGHEY.

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