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UNION COUNTY. 38 A. A. Woodworth, M. Centre. 40014 Fr. Merino (A. A. W. It. and Frande 39 J. R. Galloway, Irvin Station 8 2001. do.... J. R. G....... Vermont. 40 R. D. Reece, Milford Centre. 7 R. D.R.

Vt. and France. 41 J. & E. Borobam,

-904 to full . : !11861, J. & E B..." 42 Wm. Harvard, Irvin Station. 10 200 Half. 43|Jas. Miller,

: 104001. do


Vermont. 44İNathan Howard, X. Centre. il 8 1354 to-full.. 11850, N. H.... 11849, Bingham,

VINTON COUNTY. 45 Francis Strong, Wilkesville... 2 276|| Fr. Merino (1860, F. S....... Backs, Pa 46 J. Cobb, Salem Centre....


1858, J. C... Bucks, Vt 47 Jas. Titus, Rutland, Meigs 00.5| 11859, H. Titus 48 Seth Paire, 11863, S. P. West Van

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49, Moses H. London, Montpelierf10 1407 Fr. Merido. (1858, M. H. L.... Mass. and Vermont
60 Joba Bortod, West Unity
1858, J. B.

Vermont, 61/T.C. Chander,

2 96 $ do.... 62 Ansalan Jones,

21 135 do.... 63 8. Snider,

41001, do 64 H. Opdyke, Montpelier

40 Fun Jewett & Morse . . 1858, Vermont, 56 Jacob M. Hester, Pulaski ... 4 76 Half..

Lorain co., O. 56/Wm. Ayres, West Unity.... 21 East part State

llabusados WARREN COUNTY. 57, Andrew Spence, Butlerville . 1 . Fr. Merino 11861.. 68 Peter Boyd, Lebanon.... 142501 do... 1854, C. Holloway Maine. 69 Joseph Mosher, Waynesville . 33 bolFall....

11850, J. M.

.... Vermont.



61 Wm. Betwer, Belle Vernon ..190 90 falf.. ....J1850, W. B...


WASHINGTON COUNTY. 02 Juu. Lawton, Barlow........18 76|1 Fr. Merino.l....



No. 5.-My operations in sheep for the past fifteen years have been quita large. And having experimented on the different kinds, I now am pre pared to say that a cross between the old French sheep and the native American do produce the most profit to sheep growers. In this cross I

from have no foot rot; a medium grade of wool, with heavy fleece, say four to seven pounds; and they are decidedly the best for fattening. Yours truly,


No. 15.

In the fall of 1845 I bought a few ewes, of what is called the Black Top Merino, very fine, indeed; and about six years ago I bought a French buck, his wool being long and fine. The sheep raised since I bought the French buck are said to be the best wool sheep in the country. My flock numben 350 sheep, about 100 of which are coarse. Yours in haste,


No. 17.--I commenced with a small lot of the Wells & Dickison ewes, of Steubenville, purchased them of David Buchanan, of Washington county, Pennsylvania. I commenced my flock 35 years since, and have never made a change, only by change of bucks, and selling off the old

I purchased a Black Top buck the same time I purchased my ewes. Afterwards I purchased a buck from a sheep man, or his agent, of Washington county, Pennsylvania, of the same stock of sheep-Black Top Merino; I think the owners name was McGiffin. After many years I crossed with a French buck, sent into our neighborhood by a man in the northwestern part of Virginia; his name was Beekey. I have not purchased a sheep for the last 25 years, having raised all that I have kept, or have now. I have raised from 75 to 120 lambs every year, and our flock has ranged in number from 250 to 450; have now 220, the finest I have had for the last 15 years.


No. 36.-In addition to the list given in table I have about 50 sheep the progeny a full blooded French buck and the common native ewes. These sheep are not quite as fine wool as the French and Spanish; are somewhat larger, and shear as much wool as the others; for domestic uso are better than the others, are all very hardy and stand the winter better than the native sheep. Yours truly,


No. 37.-A portion of the parents of my flock were derived from Jowet & Hayes, who derived their flock from John A. Taintore importation from

France, and a portion were derived from Jewet & Morris' importation from
Respectfully submitted,


No. 38.—There has been a good deal of interest taken in the breeding of sheep in this vicinity for the last fifteen years. The old stock of sheep were brought from Pennsylvania in the early settlement of this county. The improvements that have been made in the old stock were importations from France, in the year 1848, and by the Spanish Merino, from Vermont. The object had in view by crossing is to increase the bulk of carcass, also the weight of fleece, and keep up the fineness of the staple. We think the Spanish Merino is the most hardy sheep of the various kinds we have tried, and of more real profit to wool growers than any other kind. Our sheep do very well without shelter, but much better with, from the cold winds and storms. The writer would recommend light sheds, partly open on one side, for good ventilation, and built on runners, to be moved from place to place, where there is a poor spot that needs enriching. Your obedient servant,


No. 41.--My flock of sheep consists of 4 bucks, 90 ewes and 86 last spring lambs. I generally winter from 160 to 240; sell my yearlings, or a portion of them, and some of the ewes, after shearing; so that my flock always consists of a few bucks, breeding ewes and lambs. They cut from 41 to 44 pounds to the head. I started my present flock in 1851. Hon. A. P. Howard and Erastus Martin, of Wooster, Champaign county, imported, that year, French sheep, and I purchased a portion of them, and about the same time a few Spanish Merinos, from Vermont; my present flock is made up of these and their descendants, say 15 full blood French, 25 full blood Spanish, and the balance a cross from French buck on Spanish ewes. I find purchasers prefer French wool, because there is less shrinkage. Yours truly,


No. 42.-I bought 30 ewes and 1 buck of Mr. William Thatcher, six years ago. He brought them from Lorain county. The name of the gentleman he (Thatcher) bought them of I do not now remember. I have now 160 head on band. Yours truly,


SAXONYS AND THEIR GRADES. For the history of Saxonys see pages 468 and 500, Ohio Agricultural Re

port for 1862.

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AUGLAIZE COUNTY. 7 Hugh Elliott, St. John's..... | 6| 200|Half Saxony(1840, present own-|Penn, and Vermont : 8 Martmah Horn, Rinehart.

and half Sp. 1 er.

BELMONT COUNTY. 91Chas. Bundy, Barnesville.... 1101 35' ? Saxony.. 10 James Gordon, Demos.. 21 76) 11 E. Scatterday.....


CLINTON COUNTY. 12 Matt. Rombach, Wilmington..[30] 80 Full Saxony. Linton &J....... Pugsley, 20 years ago

CLARK COUNTY, 13 D. V. Pringle, 8. Charleston. 5) 150 Half Saxony. 14 D. Sprague,...

12 700\Three-fourths

CRAWFORD COUNTY. 15 Jonathan Dixon, De Kalb.... 3|25|Full Saxonys./Wm. Dixon...... Wash'ton, Pa., Wells' 16 Geo. Dickson, Liberty Corners 4| 50 Half do

& Dickinson's flock

COLUMBIANA COUNTY. 171N. H. Armstrong, E. Fairfield] 61 60|Full Saxony./1838, N. H. A. (Duchess Co., N. Y. 18 Jobo Hisey, Columbiana.... 101 C. B. Smith, Ct. 11849, Saxony. 19 T. G. Rogers, E. Fairfield.. 2 1504 to full do. . 1836, Jos. Rogers. 1836, N. Y. 20 J. & K. Raley,

6 60 i to tull do.. '33 or '34, T. Raley N. Y. and Wash. co. Pa, 21 Jobn Greiner.

120 Full do H. Kirtland.... Poland, O. 22J. D. Raley,

100 4 to full do.. 1845, J. D. R..... This neighborhood. 25 James G. Orr, New Lisbon.. 2

1858, J. G. O.... John Stapleton, this

Co., and Addison, Vt.



75 Full do....

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GALLIA COUNTY. 26(David Gates, Patriot....... 121 32 Half Saxony. 1860, D. G...... Gallipolis, O.

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JEFFERSON COUNTY. 36]Francis Seott, New Alexander|103003-4 Saxony../F.S............. Wash. Co., Pa.

LOGAN COUNTY. 37 S. P. Johnston, Belle Centre. 61 260|Half Saxony.l...

. Harrison Co., O.

LAKE COUNTY 28|Renben Ford, Madison...... 3 180[Hall Saxoay................../Vermont

MONROE COUNTY. 39 Jno. Johnson, Malaga... 1155 Hall Saxony. 1861, J. J. ......Starbuck, Belmont Co. 40 Hugo Mann, 1 50 do J. Starbuck

do 41 Wm. Brown, Jerusalem 2 62 Full do

Harrison Co. 42 Dr. A. B. Covert, Antioch... 2 150 3-4 do 11861, J. Morton.

Guernsey Co... J. Singer, New Athens 43 J. D. VcRight,

1 6013-4 do Martin, Harrison

Co........ 44 Morris Covert,

11 50 Half do 1861, E. Martin, 1861, Vermont.

Guernsey Co.. 45 A. C. Hutcheson, Beallsville.l10l 2001 do

Harrison Co.

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