The Protectionist, Volume 18

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Home Market Club, 1907 - Protectionism
A monthly magazine of political science and industrial progress.

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Page 240 - Products of fish and of all other creatures living in the water. Poultry. Eggs. Hides, furs, skins or tails undressed. Stone or marble in its crude or unwrought state. Slate. Butter, cheese, tallow. Lard, horns, manures. Ores of metals of all kinds. Coal. Pitch, tar, turpentine, ashes. Timber and lumber of all kinds, round, hewed, and sawed, unmanufactured in whole or in part.
Page 181 - If it consists in whole or in part of a filthy, decomposed, or putrid animal or vegetable substance, or any portion of an animal unfit for food, whether manufactured or not, or if it is the product of a diseased animal, or one that has died otherwise than by slaughter. SEC. 8. That the term "misbranded...
Page 68 - We have possessed all the elements of material wealth in rich abundance, and yet, notwithstanding all these advantages, our country in its monetary interests is at the present moment in a deplorable condition.
Page 108 - Burgesses, it was expressly stipulated by the eighth article of the said treaty, that they should have ' free trade as the people of England do enjoy to all places and with all nations, according to the laws of that Commonwealth.
Page 483 - The struggle for individual existence disappears. Then for the first time man, in a certain sense, is finally marked off from the rest of the animal kingdom, and emerges from mere animal conditions of existence into really human ones.
Page 108 - By one other act passed in the twenty-third year of the same reign, the iron which we make we are forbidden to manufacture, and heavy as that article is, and necessary in every branch of husbandry, besides commission and insurance, we are to pay freight for it to Great Britain, and freight for it back again, for the purpose of supporting not men, but machines, in the island of Great Britain.
Page 113 - If the Government is to be so fettered as to be unable to relieve the Eastern States what motive can they have to join in it, and thereby tie their own hands from measures which they could otherwise take for themselves. The Eastern States were not led to strengthen the Union by fear for their own safety.
Page 108 - Finisterre in the kingdom of Spain for the sale of commodities which Great Britain will not take from us, and for the purchase of others with which she cannot supply us; and that for no other than the arbitrary...
Page 483 - Party should have as a definite object the Socialisation of the means of production, distribution, and exchange, to be controlled by a Democratic State in the interests of the entire community ; and the complete emancipation of Labour from the domination of Capitalism and Landlordism, with the establishment of social and economic equality between the sexes.
Page 483 - ... collective) organization of national labor, on the basis of collective or common ownership of the means of production by all the members of the society. This collective method of production ' would remove the present competitive system, by placing under official administration such departments of production as can be managed collectively (socially or cooperatively), as well as the distribution among all of the common produce of all, according to the amount and social utility of the productive...

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