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Boot and Shoe Industry, The Springfield Union
Britain, Trusts in London Letter
British India as a Market. Walter J. Ballard
British Industrial Conditions. American Manufacturer
British Labor Under Free Trade. London Letter
British Preferential Trading. London Letter
British Woolen Industry. Consular Report
British Workmen and Tariff
Bryan in 1908. Boston Transcript
Bryanism, Past and Future. George Baber
Buying and Selling. San Francisco Chronicle
Buying Clothes Abroad. Textile Manufacturers' Journal
Buying in Order to Sell. San Francisco Chronicle

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Campaign of 1892, The. Winnebago (Minn.) Enterprise
Canada, Our Trade with. New York Tribune
Canada's Proposed Tariff .
Canadian Reciprocity Apparently Dead. San Francisco Chronicle
Canadian Reciprocity Retrospect. New York Commercial
Canadian Steel Bounties
Canadian Tariff Sentiment. George W. Russell
Canadian Tariff, The
Canadian Tariff, The New. Press Comments, etc.
Chemicals, What we are Doing in. W. J. Ballard
Child Labor. From Census Report
China, Low Wages in
Chinese Trade Problem. New York Commercial
Class Legislation, The Demand for. N. Y. Journal of Commerce
Coal Situation, The New York Journal of Commerce
Coal Trade Regulation in England. T. S. Laughlin
Commerce and the Tariff. Editorial
Condition of the Country. Views of Speaker Cannon
Congress and the Courts. Senator Heyburn
Congress Not Impressed. Editorial
Congress, The Next
Congress, The Record of
Congress, The Work of
Conservatism vs. Radicalism. Boston Herald
Constitution, Stand by the. From the Washington Post
Contract Labor, Important Ruling on :
Copper Tariff-Miss Tarbell and Johnson's Veto. H. C. Baird
Corporations, The Attacks on. R. B. Armstrong
Cost of Living, The. Letter of Francis Curtis to E. N. Foss
Cotton Manufacturing Interests. Extracts from Addresses
Cotton Spinning Industry, Seventy-one Years in. S. A. Knight
Cuba, Contest Over. New York Journal of Commerce
Cuban Reciprocity. American Economist


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Davis, Robert T. Sketch of
Democratic Programme, The New York Tribune
Democratic Tariff Policy. Editorial
Democratic Tariff Scheme

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Democrats and the Courts. Boston Advertiser
Democrats for Protection. Washington Post
Dingley Law Satisfies, The. Francis Curtis
Dingley Tariff Too Low. W. J. Ballard
Disposed to Be Liberal
Domestic Consumption. San Francisco Chronicle
Draper's Vote. Boston Transcript
Dual Tariff, Speaker Cannon on
Dual Tariff, The New York Commercial
Dumping Process, The. San Francisco Chronicle

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Earthquake Theories. New York Tribune

44 Editorial Notes ...

18, 80, 135, 181, 233, 282, 346, 397, 445, 491, 544 England, Food Scarce in

258 England's Fiscal Policy. Irish World

41 England, Peculiar Conditions in. Wm. Collison

615 English Trades Dispute Bill. N. Y. Journal of Commerce

513 English Workingman, Transplanted

196 Europe, Low Wages in Textile World Record

193 Exporting Fruits to Europe. W. J. Ballard

563 Export Trade, Our. San Francisco Chronicle

301 Extra Session. Louisville Courier Journal


Fairbanks on Trusts

614 Farm Values and Protection. W. J. Ballard

419 Farmers Home Market. Canadian Manufacturer

602 Farmer, The, and The Tariff. W. J. Ballard .

597 Financial Effects of the Earthquake. N. Y. Journal of Commerce

34 Foreign Commerce Convention, Proceedings of ..

472 Foreign Commerce, Our, in 1905-6. W. J. Ballard

280 Foreign Goods in Our Market . George W. Russell

575 Foreign Trade and Tariff. George W. Russell

486 Foreign Trade at Home. New York Commercial

79 Foreign Trade in 1906 (Five Countries)

587 Foreign Trade, Our. Review and Comments

229 Foreign Trade, Our Immense

192 Foreign Trade Promoters. Henry Carey Baird

489 Foreign Trusts. San Francisco Chronicle

427 Foreign Wages and Industrial Competition. N. Y. Journal of Commerce 16 Foss Again. Editorial

598 Foss Again. Worcester Telegram

409 Foss. Editorial

194 Foss on the Stump

319 Foss, The Free Trade

287 France, Why Prosperous

95 Free Steel Proposition, The. Congressman Needham

108 Free Trade and Wage-earners. Buffalo News

47 Free Trade Dogma. F. P. Stearns ..

428 Free Traders Discouraged. Washington Cor.

253 Free Trade, Object Lessons in. London Letter Free Trade Propaganda, The American Economist

592 Free Trade Stops the Way. By our London Correspondent



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German Tariff Scare, The American Economist
German Tariff, The. Iron and Steel Bulletin
German Textile Conditions
Germany, Discrimination by. Consular Report
Germany, Life and Work in Protectionist. London Letter
Germany, Our Account With. Textile World Record
Germany, Our Trade With. W. J. Ballard
Germany's Coal Supply. American Manufacturer
Gold Depreciation Effects. Boston Transcript
Gold Production. New York Commercial
Good Old Times, The. James Logan
Guild (Governor) Turned Down. Editorial, Press Opinions, etc.

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Hard Coal Supply, The New York World
Hard Times, Must There Be. San Francisco Chronicle
Hides, The Demand for Free, Hurting Massachusetts. J. T. Carr
Hides, The Tariff On. Northwestern Agriculturist
Home and Foreign Markets. Editorial
Home and Foreign Markets. From speech of Congressman Cushman
Home Market Club Action. Officers' Meeting
Home Market Club, Annual Meeting of
Home Market Club Dinner. Speeches, etc.
Home Market Club Resolutions on Tariff Revision
Home Prices and Export Prices. Editorial

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4 292

Immigrants, Canada Pays for
Immigrants, Good and Bad. American Wool and Cotton Reporter
Immigrants' Remittances to Europe. New York Tribune
Immigration and Home Market. Van Norden's Magazine
Immigration, Last Year's
Immigration Law, The New
Immigration Problem, The New York Tribune
Imported Goods. Consular Report
Imports and Exports, Classified. Editorial
Impracticable Politics. Haverhill Record
India as a Market
Indiana Republicans Stand Pat
Industrial Interdependence. William Whitman
Industry, Economic Effect of War on. London Letter
Inheritance Tax, The Proposed. The Manufacturer
In Memoriam. (Russell and Houghton)
Invention and Its Relation to Human Welfare. C. M. Wheaton
"Iowa Idea" Abandoned by Cummins. Editorial
Iowa Republican Tariff Plank
Iowa, The Political Situation in. Des Moines Capitol
Ireland under Free Trade. London Letter
Iron Ore Supply, The. San Francisco Chronicle
Iron Production of the World
Italy's Emigration Experience. New York Tribune

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Japanese Question, The. San Francisco Chronicle
Japanese Tariff, The New
Japan, Our Trade with
Japan's Industrial Policy. London Letter
Japan's Industrial Policy. Henry Carey Baird

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Labor and Politics. San Francisco Chronicle
Labor in Southern Mills. Textile World Record
Labor Interests and the Tariff. Editorial
Labor, The Scarcity of. Textile World Record
Labor Unions in Politics. Nashville Union
Lacey's Defeat. Des Moines Capitol
La Follette and Railroad Rates. New York Commercial
Lawrence, Mr., The Case of. Elmira Advertiser ..
Lead Industry, The, and the Tariff. Albert Clarke
Leather, Our Commerce in. W.J. Ballard
Limited Revision Impossible. Baltimore American
Lodge's Reply to Foss
Los Angeles, Prosperous. W. J. Ballard
Lumber, The Prices of. Statistics and Comments
Lumber, The Tariff on. Iowa City Republican
Luxuries and Necessities. Dun's Review

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Manufacturing Capital, Growth of. Wall Street Journal
Manufacturers, A Canvass of
Manufactures in Maryland. Walter J. Ballard
Massachusetts Democratic Platform
Massachusetts, How She Stands. Editorial
Massachusetts Republicans against Protection. Communication
Massachusetts Republican Leaders. Editorial
Massachusetts Republican State Convention
Massachusetts Republicans. Editorial
Massachusetts, The Misleading of. Editorial
Maximum and Minimum. Editorial
McCleary's Defeat. Cor. American Economist
McKinley and Reciprocity. Washington Post
Metric System, The
Mugwump Tariff Policy. Lewiston Journal
Municipal Ownership. J. S. Hodson

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85 335 168 611 469 407 407 129 526 516

National Association of Manufacturers, Tariff Resolutions
Nation's Prosperity, The. Congressman Humphrey
New England Savings Banks. Statistics and Comments

62 355 584

Obituary. (Coes and Wilder)
Obituary. (Dimock and Milliken)
Oklahoma, Our Forty-sixth Star. W. J. Ballard
Olney (Mr.) on Trusts and the Tariffs. Editorial
Once a Director
Organized Wealth Never a Menace. James Logan

201 220 203 613 297 436

Partial Revision, Could There Be


Panics and Protection. Des Moines Capitol

96 Per Capita Trade. Canadian Manufacturer

570 Petered Out ...

322 Phipps, Benjamin

99 Political Contributions. San Francisco Chronicle

562 Poverty in Britain

409 President's Message, Features of

440 Press Extracts, The

161, 163, 164 Price Cutting for Export Trade. New York Sun

85 Prices and Consumption. San Francisco Chronicle

139 Prices of Food—A Foss Juggle. Boston Transcript

324 Printing and Publishing. Walter J. Ballard ...

171 Producers and Consumers. From Secretary's Shaw's Speech

98 Producers and Consumers. Speech of Congressman Sherman

121 Progress under Protection. London Letter

227 Proposed Inheritance Tax. The Manufacturer

580 Prosperity and Depression. San Francisco Chronicle

481 Prosperity and Tariff Revision. San Francisco Chronicle

330 Prosperity, Causes of. Editorial

499 Prosperity Great in the Northwest. Editorial

179 Prosperity, Proofs of. From Census Report

200 Prosperity, Statistics of. Abstracts and Comments

441 Prosperous Michigan

350 Protection and Reform. American Economist

454 Protection a Necessity. Pacific Monthly

300 Protection a Triple Benefit. W. J. Ballard

416 Protection for Raw Materials. “An American"

328 Protectionist Facts and Free Trade Theories. London Letter

484 Protectionists, Two Great. Robert Ellis Thompson

246 Protection, Our Satisfactory Commerce Under. W. J. Ballard

178 Protection. The Benefits of. Boston Advertiser

63 Protection, The Principles of. Robert Ellis Thompson

451 Public Utilities. R. S. Minot in Boston Transcript

206 Purchasing Power, Increase in

254 Questions for Bryan. New York World

306 Radicalism in England. San Francisco Chronicle

459 Railroad Aid to Foreign Trade Editorial

140 Railroads and Internal Commerce. New York Commercial

514 Railroads and State Legislation. New York Tribune

626 Railways, Facts about

195 Railway Facilities and Charges. Senator Elkins

582 Reciprocity, Bogus. San Francisco Chronicle

236 Reciprocity Conference, The Recent. T. S. Laughlin

585 Reciprocity, Fake

250 Reciprocity, Small Chance of. Boston Transcript

576 Regulating Trade, The Necessity of. W. W. Bates

205 Republican Campaign Text Book, The

323 Republican Club Dinner, The ...

357 Republican League, Platform of

158 Roosevelt, President, on National Issues


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