Kansas City, Missouri: Biographical

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S. J. Clarke publishing Company, 1908 - Kansas City (Mo.)

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Page 276 - the touch of the vanished hand, and the sound of the voice that is still " ? Jesus wept at the grave of His friend.
Page 404 - He exercises his right of franchise in support of the men and measures of the Republican party, but has never sought or desired office, preferring to give his time and attention to his business affairs, in which he is meeting with creditable and well-deserved success.
Page 348 - American citizen should do, keeps well informed on the questions and issues of the day but the honors and emoluments of office have had no attraction for him.
Page 166 - Statesman, yet friend to truth ! of soul sincere. In action faithful, and in honor clear ; Who broke no promise, served no private end, Who gain'd no title, and who lost no friend ; Ennobled by himself, by all approv'd.
Page 198 - His standing in the profession is indicated by the fact that he was honored with the presidency of the...
Page 140 - His handling of his case is always full, comprehensive and accurate; his analysis of the facts is clear and exhaustive. He sees without effort the relation and dependence of the facts, and so groups them as to enable him to throw their combined force upon the point they tend to prove.
Page 583 - He has never had occasion to regret his determination to come to the new world, for...
Page 185 - ... ready to meet any obligation of life with the confidence and courage that come of conscious, personal ability, right conception of things and an habitual regard for what is best in the exercise of human activities.
Page 458 - His success in all his undertakings has been so marked that his methods are of interest to the commercial world. He has based his business principles and actions upon strict adherence to the rules which govern industry, economy and unswerving integrity.
Page 140 - He has argued many cases and lost but few. No one better knows the necessity for thorough preparation and no one more industriously prepares his cases than he. His course in the courtroom is characterized by a calmness and dignity that indicate reserve strength. He is always courteous and deferential toward the court, kind and just toward his adversaries.

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