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Historian of the New England Historic Genealogical Society; Libra-
rian of Woburn Public Library; Author of "The Cutter Family,"
"History of Arlington,” “Bibliography of Woburn,” etc., etc.






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Genealogical and Personal Memoirs.

Hingham, Massachusetts, is later first lieutenant of the same company LINCOLN distinguished as the home of under Captain Heman Lincoln. In 1778 he

all the first settlers of the served under Captain Peter Cushing, Colonel name of Lincoln, and from these Hingham David Cushing's regiment. pioneers all the families of Lincoln with a (V) Christopher Lincoln, son of Joshua colonial history are descended. Abraham Lincoln (4), born in Ilingham, November 8, Lincoln traced his ancestry to one of the 1779, died at Walpole, New Hampshire, OcHingham pioneers, and likewise Governor tober 18, 1830; married, at Boston, February Lincoln, of Massachusetts, and the Lincolns 9, 1805, Elizabeth, daughter of Josiah Willisof Worchester and Boston. The name Lin ton. He resided in Boston, whence he went coln, with its variants-Linkhorn, Linkoln, about 1820 to Walpole, New Hampshire, and Lincon, was common in Hingham, England, established himself in the tailoring business. for more than a century before the emigrants He met his death by accident, returning from from that town founded Hingham, Massa service on a jury in a capital case, being chusetts. There were eight of the name of thrown from the carriage on the hill east of Lincoln among the early settlers of Hing- the William Arnold place, October 11, 1830, ham, Massachusetts.

and dying from his injuries. (1) Daniel Lincoln, known as “the ser (VI, Charles Sprague Lincoln, son of geant" from his military rank, and as "the Christopher Lincoln (5), was born in Walboatman" and "seaman from his vocation, pole, New Hampshire, April 20, 1826. He was baptized in St. Andrews, Hingham, Eng was educated in the district schools, at Walland, March 28, 1619. He was in Hingham, pole Academy, and had a private tutor (Rev. Massachusetts, 1644, and was proprietor of Ezekiel H. Barstow), to complete his preparthe town. He was often honored with posi- ation for Harvard College, where he was tions of trust. His residence was on Fort graduated 1850. He attended Harvard Law Hill street.

School, also studied in the law offices of (II) Daniel Lincoln, son of Daniel Lincoln Hutchins & Wheeler, Boston, and was ad(I), was in Hingham, Massachusetts, 1661-2; mitted to the Suffolk bar, in Boston, 1855. married first, April 16, 1687, Sarah, daugh He was a school teacher before he went to ter of Thomas and Sarah (Whiston) Nich- college, and taught after graduating while ols, of Scituate. He was prominent in town studying law. He practiced law in Boston. affairs, holding the office of selectman in 1708. He went to Somerville in 1852 as master of He lived on the homestead received from his the Prospect Hill school. He never lost his father, situated on Fort Hill.

interest in community affairs; was on the (III) Joshua Lincoln, son of Daniel Lin

Somerville school board 1858-67 and again coln (2), born in Hingham, January 1, 1877-83; was on the board of selectmen 18681701-2; married December 20, 1733, Rachel,

71; on the board of health, and the board of daughter of Simon and Bethia (Lane) Stod overseers of the poor.

Much of the success der. He was a farmer and innholder; con of the public library in his early days and its stable of Hingham, 1742; proprietor and later development were due to his efforts. He landlord of the Pine Tree Tavern on South

was trustee from 1879 until the end of his street, near Hobart's Bridge, many years. life. He represented the district in the gen

(IV) Joshua Lincoln, son of Joshua Lin eral court, 1879 and 1883. He was for coln (3), born in Hingham, November 14, twelve years president of the Somerville Co1737; married December 23, 1762, Tamar, operative Bank, and was one of the incordaughter of Isaac and Leah (Stodder) porators of the Somerville Savings Bank. In Sprague. He died September 3, 1810.

1866 the Lincoln school on Elm Street, now He

located on Clarendon Hill, was named in his was the last keeper of the famous old' Pine

honor. During a residence of more than forTree Tavern on South street. He after

ty years he contributed greatly to the prosward resided on Fort Hill street.

He was a

perity of the city, and won the respect and sergeant in Captain Thomas Hersey's com

gratitude of his townsmen, by the honesty, pany, Colonel Lovell’s regiment, 1776, and ability and fidelity displayed in the manage



ment of the trusts committed to his care. (IV) Lemuel Varden, son of David MarFor

many years he was town and city solici den (3), born at Bradford, Massachusetts, tor, a position of peculiar difficulty, testing August 30, 1745, came to New Boston, New the loyalty as well as the ability of a lawyer. Hampshire, about 1786. He was a soldier in

the Revolution from Bradford, a private in

Captain Nathaniel Gage's company; Colonel James Marden, immigrant an James Frye's regiment, May 17, 1775, after MARDEN cestor, born about 1630, in the Lexington alarm; also a private in Captain

England, settled at Rye or John Cogswell's company, Lieutenant Colonel Newcastle, now New Hampshire. Two of simi Baldwin's regiment, late Colonel Gerrish's, lar name came to this vicinity. John Martin the thirty-eighth, September 27, 1775. He purof Dover, New Hampshire, a brother, was chased the farm of Daniel Hardy and settled there as early as 1648; was on the grand jury on what is now known as the Jonathan Marin 1654; married Esther, daughter of Thomas den place. Daniel Hardy was a relative of Roberts; admitted freeman in 1666 and was Bradford. Mr. Marden married, February 4, in Jersey in 1673. George Martin settled in 1770, at Bradford, Hannah Greenough, born Salisbury, Massachusetts, a few miles from May 21, 1750, youngest of six daughters. She Rye, and Richard Martyn, of Portsmouth, died October 20, 1843, aged seventy-three was one of the founders of the First Church; years. He died at New Boston, January 9, representative to legislature 1672-79; speaker 1819, aged seventy-four. Children: 1. Hanof house of representatives; councillor of nah. 2. Greenough, born October 17, 1772, province 1680; died April 2, 1694.

married Sybil Hardy, daughter of Benjamin Very little is known of James Marden; his Hardy, of Hancock, New Hampshire. 3. Sol

were prominent citizens. Children: 1. omon, born about 1780, had sons James, SoloWilliam, born about 1675, mentioned below. mon and Samuel. 4. Nathan, mentioned be2. James, Jr., born about 1670, probably the low. 5. Francis, born 1779, married, 1806, eldest, married, October 23, 1695, Abigail Phebe Smith, of Pelham; resided at New BosWebster; resided in Rye and Newcastle; has ton. 6. Samuel. 7. Mehitable. 8. Jonathan, many descendants.

(See History of Rye, born July 5, 1788, married, December 21, 1815, New Hampshire). 3. Nathan. 4. Sarah. Sally Foster, of Ashby, Massachusetts. 9.

(II) William Marden, son of James. Mar Sarah, resided at New Boston. den (1), was born in the vicinity of Rye (V) Nathan Marden, son of Lemuel MarBeach-then Sandy Beach, Maine. He and den (4), born in New Boston, New Hamphis brother James signed petitions in 1721 and shire, about 1775; married Susanna Stevens, 1724 for a new parish at Sandy Beach. Chil of Hillsborough, New Hampshire. They lived dren: 1. William, Jr., born about 1700, mar at Mont Vernon. Children: 1. Benjamin ried Dorcas -, and had Benjamin, born Franklin, mentioned below. 2. Nathan RichJune 28, 1727. 2. Jonathan, married Hepsi- mond, born October 17, 1812; removed to bah Hardy, of Bradford, Massachusetts, June Francestown, New Hampshire, from Mont 1, 1729, and had Nathan, March 11, 1730, and Vernon in 1841; was captain of a New Hampothers. 3. David, mentioned below. 4. Sam shire militia company, Fifth Regiment; maruel. 5. Mary. 6. Dorcas, married, March 10, ried, October 11, 1836, Abigail D. Fiske, of 1738, William Harvey, of Bradford. 7. Sarah. Wilton, she was born at Weld, Maine, Janu8. John, married, March 20, 1746, Sarah Lock. ary 3. 1814.

(III) David Marden, son of William Mar (VT) Benjamin Franklin Varden, son of den (2), born at Rye, New Hampshire, about Nathan Varden (5), born at Mont Vernon, 1710-15; died at Bradford, Massachusetts. New Hampshire, about 1810, died in the year He seems to have served in the Revolution as 1891; married, March 20, 1834, Betsy Buss, W 11 as his sons. He was in Captain Elisha born August 3, 1810, died 1891, daughter of Woodbury's company, Colonel John Stark's Stephen Buss, of Wilton. He was born Janregiment. He married at Bradford, July 21, uary 19, 1777, and died September 29, 1848: 1740, Mehitable Hardy. Children: 1. David, married. December 8, 1803, Sarah Abbot, Jr., soldier in the Revolution; married, Janu- daughter of Jeremiah and Chloe (Abbot) Abary, 1786, Molly Marden. 2. Lemuel, mem bot. Ilis wife was born December 8, 1781, tioned below. 3. John, soldier in the Revolu and died October 26, 1851, a descendant ticn; married, Varch, 1785, Hannah Coose. of George Abbot. of Andover, Massa-, 4. William, soldier in the Revolution, married chusetts. the pioneer. Stephen Buss was March 27. 1777. Rachel Greenough.

the son of Stephen Buss, who died at Wilton,

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