History of BrulÚ's Discoveries and Explorations, 1610-1626: Being a Narrative of the Discovery, by Stephen BrulÚ of Lakes Huron, Ontario and Superior; and of His Exploration (the First Made by Civilized Man) of Pennsylvania and Western New York, Also of the Province of Ontario, Canada. With a Biographical Notice of the Discoverer and Explorer, who was Killed and Eaten by Savages ...

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Helman-Taylor Company, 1898 - Canada - 184 pages

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Page 75 - Then they began in a most passionate manner to hold up their hands to the Sunne, with a most fearefull song, then imbracing our Captaine, they began to adore him in like manner: though he rebuked them, yet they proceeded till their song was finished...
Page 75 - Creation to be their Governour and Protector, promising their aydes, victualls, or what they had to be his, if he would stay with them, to defend and revenge them of the Massawomeks.
Page 126 - His books mark the man, — all for his theme and his purpose, nothing for himself. Crude in style, full of the superficial errors of carelessness and haste, rarely diffuse, often brief to a fault, they bear on every page the palpable impress of truth.
Page 73 - Kecoughtan, to have taken them perforce;" they conducted us to their pallizadoed towne, mantelled with the barkes of trees, with scaffolds like mounts, brested about with brests very formally. Their men, women, and children...
Page 80 - He continued his course along the river as far as the sea, also to islands and to lands near them, which are inhabited by various and populous tribes of savages, who are well disposed and love the French above all other white people. But those who know the Dutch complain severely of them, since they treat them very roughly. Among other things, he observed that the winter was very temperate, that it snowed rarely, and that when it did the snow was not a foot deep and melted immediately.
Page 75 - Salvages much wondred, our Prayers being done, a while they were busied with a consultation till they had contrived their businesse. Then they began in a most passionate manner to hold...
Page 83 - ... as Gods. Those are the strangest people of all those Countries, both in language and attire; for their language it may well beseeme their proportions, sounding from them as a voyce in a vault.
Page 54 - ... village was enclosed by four good palisades, which were made of great pieces of wood, interlaced with each other, with an opening of not more than half a foot between two, and which were thirty feet high, with galleries after the manner of a parapet, which they had 3.
Page 75 - ... fearful song, then embracing our Captain they began to adore him in like manner. Though he rebuked them, yet they proceeded till their song was finished: which done with a most strange furious action, and a hellish voice, began an Oration of their loves; that ended, with a great painted bear's skin they covered him.
Page 83 - But to proceed, sixty of those Susquehannocks came to us with skins, bows, arrows, targets, beads, swords, and tobacco pipes for presents. Such great and well proportioned men are seldom seen ; for they seemed like giants to the English...

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