Reclamation Manual, Volume 1

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Page 9 - January 1, 1945, on account of damage to or loss of property or on account of personal injury or death, where the total amount of the. claim does not exceed $1,000, caused by the negligent or wrongful act or omission of any employee of the Government while acting within the scope of his office or employment, under circumstances where the United States, if a private person, would be liable to the claimant for such damage, loss, injury, or death, in accordance with the law of the place where the act...
Page 2 - ... patent; together with the number of the patent; or when, from the character of the article, this cannot be done, by fixing to it, or to the package wherein one or more of them is...
Page 14 - ... (d) Changes of Lock Combinations: Combinations on locks of safekeeping equipment shall be changed, only by persons having appropriate security clearance, whenever such equipment is placed in use after procurement from the manufacturer or other sources, whenever a person knowing the combination is transferred from the office to which the equipment is assigned, or whenever the combination has been subjected to compromise, and at least once every year. Knowledge of combinations shall be limited...
Page 1 - Department, for the eventual benefit of the public, a license may be granted with respect to such an invention only if (a) a patent application has been filed thereon; (b) the invention has been assigned to the United States, as represented by the Secretary of the Interior, and the assignment has been recorded in the Patent Office; and (c) the Solicitor of the Department is of the opinion that the issuance of a license will not prejudice the interests of the Government in the invention.
Page 101 - Interior is hereby authorized to delegate, from time to time, and to the extent and under such regulations as he deems proper, his powers and duties under said laws to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, insofar as...
Page 101 - Interior, is authorized to construct, operate, and maintain, under the provisions of the Federal reclamation laws (Act of June 17,. 1902, 32 Stat. 388, and Acts amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto), such additional works in connection therewith as he may deem necessary for irrigation purposes.

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