American Biographical History of Eminent and Self-made Men: ... Michigan Volume, Part 1

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Western Biographical Publishing Company, 1878 - Michigan - 798 pages

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Page 30 - January, 1845, he was elected, by the Legislature of Michigan, to the Senate of the United States, which place he resigned on his nomination, in May, 1848, as a candidate for the Presidency by the political party to which he belonged.
Page 6 - Congress in 1848, during which* time he strongly opposed the extension of slavery in the territory of the United States and was committed to and voted for the Wilmot Proviso. In 1854, at the first organization of the Republican party, in consequence of his record in Congress as a Free Soil Democrat, Mr.
Page 95 - He adopted a course with the Indians which relieved them from the impositions and annoyances of the traders, and produced harmony and civilization among them. During his administration there was neither complaint from the tribes nor corruption among agents, and he left the department in perfect ordei and system: In 1867, Michigan again called a con vention to revise the State constitution Mr. McClel= land was a member and here again his long experi = enee made him conspicuous as a prudent adviser,...
Page 154 - black swamps" from the Miami River to Detroit, thus opening a means of land transit between Ohio and Michigan. He was influential in securing the passage of bills for the construction of Government roads from Detroit to Chicago, and Detroit to Fort Gratiot, and for the improvement of La Plaisance Bay.
Page 105 - Kan, of Heidelberg, made during his long service of fifty years as professor of Political Economy in Heidelberg University, and embracing all the most valuable literature contained in the European languages on political science and kindred topics. The number of volumes in this collection is 4,034, and of pamphlets more than 6,000.
Page 162 - Early was in progress the main body of the Federal infantry moved down from the wood through the corn and wheat fields, and fell with great vigor upon our extreme left, and by the force of superior numbers, bearing down all opposition, turned it and poured a destructive fire into its rear. Campbell's brigade fell back in disorder. The enemy pushing forward, and the left flank of Taliaferro's brigade being by these movements exposed to a flank fire, fell back, as did also the left of Early's line,...
Page 28 - In all the public positions he held, Governor Crapo showed himself a capable, discreet, vigilant, and industrious officer. He evinced wonderful vigor in mastering details, and always wrote and spoke intelligently on any subject to which he gave his attention. Michigan never before had a Governor who devoted as much personal attention and painstaking labor to her public duties as he did. His industry was literally amazing. He was not a man of brilliant or showy qualities, but he possessed sharp and...
Page 68 - At the time of his death he was Chairman of the Board of Deacons, and of the Board of Trustees of the First Baptist Church of Mobile.
Page 16 - ... are as binding and should be held as sacred as their legal obligations; the honor of the people of Michigan, and especially of the counties, townships, and cities, by which these bonds have been issued, is directly concerned in the payment of those already sold and now in the hands of honest holders. The credit of no State stands higher than that of Michigan, and the people cannot afford, and I trust will not consent, to have her good name tarnished by the repudiation of either legal or moral...
Page 138 - MARTIN, who was admitted to practice as an attorney and counselor at law in the...

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