Public Education: Royal Commission of Enquiry: Report on the State of Public Education in Victoria, and Suggestions as to the Best Means of Improving it

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Page 165 - Senate by the majority of the members present ; and the chairman at any such meeting shall have a vote, and, in case of an equality of votes, a second or casting vote.
Page 126 - We content ourselves with the statement that neither in our state policy, in our constitution, or in our laws, do we find the primary school districts restricted in the branches of knowledge which their officers may cause to be taught, or the grade of instruction that may be given, if their voters consent in regular form to bear the expense and raise the taxes for the purpose.
Page 166 - No religious test shall be administered to any person in order to entitle him or her to be admitted as a student of the said University, or to hold office therein, or to graduate thereat, or to* hold any advantage or privilege thereof.
Page 120 - ... without the requisite scientific knowledge undertakes to build a difficult bridge ; he builds three which tumble down, and so learns how to build a fourth which stands ; but somebody pays for the three failures. In France or Switzerland he would not have been suffered to build his first bridge until he had satisfied competent persons that he knew how to build it, because abroad they cannot afford our extravagance.
Page 1 - Knight Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, Governor of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope...
Page 168 - Governor may direct, and a copy of every such report, and of all the statutes and regulations of the University, allowed as aforesaid by the Governor, shall be laid in each year before the Parliament.
Page 81 - To use every endeavour to induce parents to send their children regularly to school, to compare the attendance of children at school with the roll for the school district, and to report the names of parents who fail or refuse to educate their children, or to send them to school...
Page xi - Commission ; to call for information in writing and also to call for, have access to and examine all such books, documents, registers and records as may afford you the fullest information on the subject, and to inquire of and concerning the premises by all other lawful ways and means whatsoever...
Page 29 - I said, in the course of a speech, that our business was to provide a ladder, reaching from the gutter to the university, along which every child in the three kingdoms should have the chance of climbing as far as he was fit to go.
Page 49 - When the weather will not permit of exercise in the dry, put on a soft bit with players, for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon...

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