Steel and Iron, Volume 70

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National Iron and Steel Publishing Company, 1902 - Industrial arts

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Page 97 - In the system in common use among scientific men the unit of length is the centimeter, the unit of mass is the gram and the unit of time is the second. This is usually called the c.
Page 346 - ... dust and fine coal can be burned without any clinker adhering. On this subject he read a Paper in 1892 before the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers. In conjunction with Mr. J.
Page 8 - There are two reasons that account for this, independent of any agreement, expressed or implied, on the part of trades-unionists to limit the output. The first reason is that, as a rule, the British workman is not as adaptable as the American workman — he does not so readily get command of new appliances as the American workman ; and the second is that it is not the custom of the country for an Englishman, whether mechanic, clerk, or laborer, to work as hard as an American.
Page 634 - is the title of the latest publication issued by the Experiment Farm of the North Carolina State Horticultural Society at Southern Pines, N. C. This book, neatly bound and illustrated in plain and concise manner, discusses the value and uses of this important crop, the Cow Pea.
Page 58 - ... their former provisions, so that the present Institute may be said practically to exist as it Ťas at the end of the last century. The subject was treated with wonderful eloquence and expression. M. Dumas derived the origin of modern scientific societies from the Academia di Lincei ; he showed that the Academy of Sciences of Paris and the Royal Society of London came into existence about the same period, their meetings having been foreshadowed or instigated by the conversazioni held by the friends...
Page 70 - ... the office of weights and measures, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, will in the future regard the international prototype meter and kilogram as fundamental standards, and the customary units, the yard and the pound, will be derived therefrom in accordance with the act of July 28, 1866.
Page 8 - States as delegates to labor conventions, or in a representative capacity to make observations, as a rule report that American mechanics and factory hands work too hard. An American manager of a match factory established over here with American machinery once told me that 400 people in a factory in America turned out more matches than 700 people over here, with identically the same machinery — and incidentally it may be remarked that practically all the machinery used in the English match factories...
Page 58 - ... in examining the means which might be employed to render the weights and measures uniform throughout the Kingdom, but I doubt yet whether the unity which would result would be proportionate to the difficulties of all kinds which this operation would entail on account of the changing of values which would necessarily be made in a multitude of contracts, of yearly payments, of feudal rights and other acts of all kinds. I have not yet renounced the project, and I have seen with satisfaction that...
Page 211 - That stringent laws be enacted by the Congress and the several State legislatures, making both penal and criminal the vicious practice of discriminating between customers, and cutting rates or prices in one locality below those which prevail generally, for the purpose of destroying local competition...
Page 211 - ... prescribed penalties, and make it the duty of prosecuting officers to proceed against the offenders. 4. That to prevent overcapitalization, the several State legislatures enact laws similar to the anti-stock-watering laws of Massachusetts; also to provide for State supervision of all public-service corporations, with power to recommend or regulate rates for service and to pass upon the public need, desirability, or exigency of any proposed new service. 5. That Plan...

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