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Objects of appropriations.

Annual ap

Appropria- Permanent

tions for propriations,


public appropria-
works. tions.


[blocks in formation]

Office of the Secretary of Commerce and Labor....
Bureau of Corporations..
Bureau of Manufactures..
Bureau of Labor.....
Bureau of Lighthouses.
Construction of oil houses, etc.
Bureau of the Census...
Bureau of Statistics....
office of Supervising Inspector General, Steamboat-

Inspection Service......
Steamboat-Inspection Service..
Bureau of Navigation.
Shipping Service...
Refunding penalties or charges erroneously exacted.
Refunding moneys erroneously received and

covered into Treasury......
Refund of certain tonnage taxes and light dues...
Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization.
[mmigrant stations......
Bureau of Standards.
Coast and Geodetic Survey....
Bureau of Fisheries.....
Construction of fish hatcheries, etc..
Miscellaneous expenses:

Judgments, Court of Claims..
Special appropriations....
Certified claims..

14,440.00 532,270.9

33, 380.00 77,908.5 12,718.40

12,718. 46

[blocks in formation]


14,634, 972.68 511, 158.00 616, 809.90 115,775, 940,5

Reports of the Department of commerce and labor 1904-1912

United States. Dept. of Commerce and Labor

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