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sions to refer to it, and bave never done so without pleasure and profit. Indeed, if we mistake not, it is the only complete American work upon this important branch of the law. We have various learned and valuable English books, which have been annotated by American editors; but they are not specially adapted to the needs of the American student and practising lawyer.

The first volume of this work was originally published in 1856, and the second in 1858. The present edition, which is the fourth, has been carefully revised, nearly a thousand new references to cases added, and very many changes in the text, of more or less importance, made. One is struck, in reading it, with the enthusiasm shown by the learned author in his professional studies and investigations, with his earnest desire to get to the bottom of the argument, the extent of his reading, and the clear and methodical arrangement of the text. Sometimes he shows a disposition to criticise our judges in a tone which does not quite comport with our sense of respect for the bench, and which fails, perhaps, to do them justice; as, for instance, where he says (note to Vol. I. § 65), speaking of the opinion of the United States Supreme Court, in the case Ex parte Milligan, 4 Wall. 2, “ That our whole Supreme Court should, without reflection, and without looking into the authorities, have accepted this as the true language of the law, seems in the highest degree surprising. It shows, at least, that high position and acknowledged talent, and the responsibilities of official place, are not adequate to keep from error steps which are taken without looking and without thinking.” (The italics are our own.) But we hasten to say that faults such as this, of which several illustrations are to be found elsewhere in the work before us, as well as in other publications of Mr. Bishop, are, after all, only minor blemishes, and ought not to stand in the way of a full and hearty recognition of the great services which Mr. Bishop has rendered the profession. And we think he may justly complain of some of the criticisms to which his books have been subjected, that they give to those unfamiliar with them the impression that his pages are pretty well filled with ill-natured flings at the courts, and ex cathedra criticisms upon their decisions.

Mr. Bishop complains in his preface that so little attention is paid by the profession generally, particularly in commercial cities, to the study of the Criminal Law. We have no doubt that the complaint is just; but it is easy to see the explanation. Lawyers, as a general rule, after completing their preparatory studies, are not disposed to investigate very fully a department of the law where they do not expect to practise; and they cannot readily bring themselves to make a business of criminal practice in the cities, where contact with most of the defendants and their witnesses is so disagreeable, not to say revolting. Hence it is, however, that when the rare occasions do arise in which the general practitioner goes into the criminal court, he particularly appreciates such a work as Mr. Bishop's, which is full and exact in its statement of principles, discussion of mooted questions, and reference to decided cases. The analytical index to the first volume and the general index to both volumes are most admirably and carefully prepared.

Delusion considered as a Test of Insanity. By I. RAY, M.D.

This extremely interesting essay is reprinted from the “ American Journal of Medical Science” for July, 1868. Our brethren of the medical profession have


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