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Page 152 - Claims for damage to, or loss or destruction of, property or personal injury or death...
Page 322 - Employees whose basic rate of compensation is fixed on an annual or monthly basis and adjusted from time to time in accordance with prevailing rates by wage boards or similar administrative authority serving the same purpose...
Page 555 - Chairman of the Committee on Medical Research of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, and such others as the President may from time to time determine.
Page 299 - I stated at the very beginning there was a great deal of confusion in the minds of the...
Page 793 - Act shall be applicable only to the actual physical loss of Government funds, vouchers, records, or papers, and shall not include deficiencies in the accounts of disbursing officers of the Army resulting from illegal or erroneous payments.
Page 690 - States would interfere in no way with the traditional mission of the national guard of the states and territories to provide sufficient organizations in each state. territory, and the District of Columbia, so trained and equipped as to enable them to function efficiently at existing strength in the protection of life and property and the preservation of peace, order, and public safety, under competent orders of the state authorities.
Page 52 - At the same time, first steps should be taken toward the reconstruction of an Italian economy — an economy laid low under the years of the misrule of Mussolini and ravished by the German policy of vengeful destruction. "These steps should be taken primarily as military aims to put the full resources of Italy and the Italian people into the struggle to defeat Germany and Japan.
Page 793 - The accounting officers of the Treasury shall relieve any disbursing officer of the Navy charged with responsibility on account of loss or deficiency while in the line of his duty, of Government funds, vouchers, records, or papers, in his charge, where such loss or deficiency occurred without fault or negligence on the part of said officer...
Page 411 - Army ration is the allowance of food for the subsistence of one man for one day.
Page 793 - States to be lawfully due, within the limits of, and chargeable against the balances of the respective appropriations heretofore made which, after remaining unexpended, have been carried to the surplus fund pursuant to section 5 of the act of June 20, 1874 (31 USC 713) : Provided, That hereafter any collection which otherwise would be for depositing to the credit of an appropriation where such appropriation has lapsed and the balance reverted to the surplus fund shall be deposited for covering into...

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