Miscellaneous Documents: 30th Congress, 1st Session - 49th Congress, 1st Session, Volume 16

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Page 5 - When the Senate and House of Representatives shall judge it proper to make a joint address to the President, it shall be presented to him in his audience chamber by the President of the Senate, in the presence of the Speaker and both houses.
Page 3 - No amendment which proposes general legislation shall be received to any general appropriation bill, nor shall any amendment not germane or relevant to the subject matter contained in the bill be received; nor shall any amendment to any item or clause of such bill be received which does not directly relate thereto...
Page 3 - All motions or propositions involving a tax or charge upon the people ; all proceedings touching appropriations of money, or bills making appropriations of money or property, or requiring such appropriation to be made, or authorizing payments out of appropriations already made, or releasing any liability to the United States for money or property, or referring any claim to the Court of Claims, shall be first considered in a Committee of the Whole...
Page 3 - 1. All general appropriation bills shall be referred to the Committee on Appropriations, and no amendments shall be received to any general appropriation bill the effect of which will be to increase an appropriation already contained in the bill, or to add a new item of appropriation...
Page 5 - The presentation of reports of committees of conference shall always be in order, except when the Journal is being read or a question of order or a motion to adjourn is pending, or while the Senate is dividing; and when received the question of proceeding to the consideration of the report, if raised, shall be immediately put, and shall be determined without debate.
Page 465 - JK, clerks of said election, were respectively sworn (or affirmed), as the law directs, previous to their entering on the duties of their respective offices. Number and name of electors voting.
Page 5 - No spirituous or malt liquors, or wines, shall be offered for sale, exhibited, or kept within the Capitol, or in any room or building connected therewith, or on the public grounds adjacent thereto. And it shall be the duty of the Sergeants-at-arms of the two houses, under the supervision of the presiding officers thereof, respectively, to enforce the foregoing provisions. And any officer or employe...
Page 405 - Every elector shall deliver, in full view of one of the judges oF election, a single ballot or piece of paper, on which shall be written or printed the names of the persons voted for, with a pertinent designation of the office which he or they may be intended to fill.
Page 555 - Q. That is all you know about it? A. That is all I know about it.
Page 444 - But the defendant may have the place of trial changed to the county where the libel is printed, on executing a bond to the complainant in the penal sum of not less than two hundred and fifty dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, conditioned, in case the defendant is convicted, for the payment of the complainant's reasonable and necessary traveling expenses in going to and from his place of residence and the place of trial, and his necessary expenses in attendance thereon, which bond must be...

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