The hill of caves, with other poems

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Page 95 - Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious. For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription. TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.
Page 20 - Borne wildly on the tempest's wing, The groaning pinnace rides the wave ; Now sweeps the cloud with rapid swing — Now plunges to a gulphing grave : And, though the mariners were brave, When Death thus made his visage bare, And fainting Hope saw nought to save — The boldest eye — the sternest...
Page 77 - BAIKAL, a lake situated in the goT^rnment of Irkutsk in Siberia, and, next to the Caspian Sea, the largest expanse of water within the limits of the Russian empire. No where, perhaps, could a person, who should traverse the globe, meet with an object more truly interesting than the Baikal, whether we consider the rude sublimity of its scenery, or the singular phenomena which both the lake itself and the surrounding country present to the observation of the naturalist. Those who have visited this...
Page 19 - Ere eve, the breeze which blew so fair Was hushed ; the sails flapped loose, as tossed The galley idly in the air; The shadow of a tempest crossed The troubled deep ; and, passing by, Each gust was like a spirit's sigh! XXI, Then burst the cloud which o'er them hung; — On ocean's breast a moment's brightness Flashed far; the pealing thunder rung 'Thwart Heaven; each forehead...
Page 35 - They now had gained the gentler slope Extending downwards to the deep, Supporting that faint maid with hope, They ceased to feel. From steep to steep Far-flaming torches wildly leap, As meteors fire the midnight sky ; Their splendour broke the eagle's sleep, He fled his...
Page 33 - Rich tresses shed their sunshine there, As wildly, mocking bands, they flow'd ; A lamp burned o'er her couch, and shed Its lustre on that drooping head. XLV. The Virgin turn'd, with timid eye,— Snatched quick the lamp that near her shone, Flung back her braids of orient dye, Gazed fearful as the startled fawn. Which shrinks from all it looks upon : But when the light o'er Conra's face. Her father's best-loved Bard— was thrown, A glow of wonder warm'd with grace That marble cheek, and eyes, long...
Page 21 - He felt — but feeling was not fear — Each coming billow might o'erwhelm : — When sunk the pilot in despair, He firmly grasped the abandoned helm, And looked, his keen eye heaven-ward cast, As half exulting in the blast!
Page 32 - Lismora's lovely daughter" must die, to give success to an expedition then preparing. Her story is strikingly disclosed, and the young hero determines to liberate her. XLIV. " Now to the prison-cave we fly.
Page 77 - In enumerating the wonders of these regions, we must not forget a curious lusus natures^ which is to be seen on the Shamane promontory.

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