Public Documents of Massachusetts, Volume 8

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Page 31 - To accept and hold in trust for the county, any grant or devise of land, or any gift or bequest of money or other personal property or any donation to be applied, principal or income, or both, for the benefit of said hospital, and apply the same in accordance with the terms of the gift.
Page 30 - States or its equivalent; and said scrip or certificates of indebtedness shall be sold and disposed of at public auction or in such other mode and at such times and prices and in such amounts and at such rates of interest, not exceeding the rate above specified, as shall be deemed best.
Page 30 - Loan, shall be countersigned by the governor, and shall be deemed a pledge of the faith and credit of the Commonwealth...
Page 54 - Every child between seven and fourteen years of age, and every child under sixteen years of age who cannot read at sight and write legibly simple sentences in the English language...
Page 21 - Should one or both eyes of an infant become inflamed, swollen and red, and show an unnatural discharge at any time within two weeks after its birth, it shall be the duty of the nurse, relative or other attendant having charge of such infant to report in writing within six hours thereafter, to the board of health of...
Page 33 - Such scrip or certificates of indebtedness shall be issued as registered bonds or with interest coupons attached, and shall bear interest at a rate not exceeding four per cent per annum.
Page 24 - Cheap care of children is ultimately enormously expensive, and is unworthy of a strong community. Existing congregate institutions should so classify their inmates and segregate them into groups as to secure as many 'of the benefits of the cottage system as possible, and should look forward to the adoption of the cottage type when new buildings are constructed. The sending of children of any age or class to almshouses is an unqualified evil, and should be forbidden everywhere by law with suitable...

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