Diplomatic and Consular Appropriation Bill

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Page 41 - Who, having communicated to each other their full powers, which were found to be in due and proper form, have agreed upon the following Articles: ARTICLE I.
Page 203 - India, to prevent disputes regarding the use of boundary waters and to settle all questions which are now pending between the United States and the Dominion of Canada involving the rights, obligations, or interests of either in relation to the other, or to inhabitants of the other along their common frontier, and to make provision for the adjustment and settlement of all such questions as may hereafter arise...
Page 237 - It is further agreed that the waters herein defined as boundary waters and waters flowing across the boundary shall not be polluted on either side to the injury of health or property on the other.
Page 42 - The present convention shall be in force for the term of ten years from the date hereof; and further, until the end of twelve months after either of the high ' contracting parties shall have given notice to the other of its intention to terminate the same...
Page 40 - Bureaux shall be governed by identical regulations, formed with the concurrence of the Governments of the Republic of Cuba and of the United States of Brazil and approved by all the other signatory states. Their budgets, after being sanctioned by the said Governments, shall...
Page 38 - ... of America. United States of America: Henry White, Enoch H. Crowder, Lewis Nixon, John Bassett Moore, Bernard Moses, Lamar C. Quintero, Paul Samuel Reinsch, David Kinley. Argentine Republic: Antonio Bermejo, Eduardo L. Bidau, Manuel A. Montes de Oca, Epifanio Portela, Carlos Rodriguez Larreta, Carlos Salas, Jos6 A. Terry, Estanislao S. Zeballos. United States of Brazil: Joaquim Murtinho, Domicio da Gama, Jose
Page 39 - That the mark, the registration whereof he solicits, has been employed or used within the country prior to the employment or use of the mark registered by the person registering it, or by the persons from whom he has derived title...
Page 41 - Aires on the eleventh day of August in the year one thousand nine hundred and ten, in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French, and deposited in the ministry of foreign affairs of the Argentine Republic, in order that certified copies be made for transmission to each one of the signatory nations through the appropriate diplomatic channels. Signed for the United States of America: Henry White, Enoch H. Crowder, Lewis Nixon, John Bassett Moore, Bernard Moses, Lamar C.
Page 42 - ... contracting parties reserving to itself the right of giving such notice to the other, at the end of the said term of ten years...
Page 39 - Commercial names shall be protected in all the states of the Union, without deposit or registration, whether the same form part of a trade-mark or not.

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