To Facilitate the Work of the United States Department of Agriculture: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Departmental Oversight and Consumer Relations of the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives, Eighty-eighth Congress, First Session, on H.R. 7155. July 25, 1963

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Page 39 - For transfer by the Secretary of Defense, with the approval of the Bureau of the Budget, to...
Page 16 - States for the purposes of erecting thereon any armory, arsenal, fort, fortification, navy yard, customhouse, lighthouse, or other public building of any kind whatever, until the written opinion of the Attorney General shall be had in favor of the validity of the title, nor until the consent of the legislature of the State in which the land or site may be, to such purchase, has been given.
Page 2 - Any officer or employee appointed and assigned to a post abroad pursuant to this title may, in the discretion of the Secretary of Agriculture, be assigned for duty in the continental United States, without regard to the civil service laws (and without reduction in grade if an appropriate position at the employee's grade is not available in any agency of the Department of Agriculture), for a period of not more than three years: Provided, That the total number of such employees assigned for duty in...
Page 16 - No public money shall be expended upon any site or land purchased by the United States for the...
Page 2 - The Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to make grants, for periods not to exceed five years' duration, to State agricultural experiment stations, colleges, universities, and other research institutions and organizations and to Federal and private organizations and individuals for research to further the programs of the Department of Agriculture.
Page 39 - Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Department of Housing and Urban Development Department of the Interior Department of Justice Department of Labor Post Office Department Department of State Department of Transportation Treasury Department Atomic Energy Commission General Services Administration National Aeronautics and Space Administration Veterans...
Page 1 - The subcommittee met, pursuant to notice, at 10:05 am, in room 1310, Longworth House Office Building, Hon. Paul C. Jones (chairman of the subcommittee) presiding. Present : Representatives Jones, Johnson of Wisconsin, Matsunaga, Dague, Harvey of Indiana, Dole, and Beermann.
Page 41 - Thank you. (Whereupon, at 12:10 pm, the subcommittee was in recess, to reconvene subject to the call of the Chair.) (The following statements and letters were subsequently submitted to the committee : ) STATEMENT OF HON.
Page 2 - Sept. 29, 1977] be authorized by law for any subsequent fiscal year. (c) The Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to make grants, for periods not to exceed five years in duration — (1) to land-grant colleges and universities, State agricultural experiment stations, and to all colleges and universities having a demonstrable capacity in food and agricultural research, as determined by the Secretary, to carry out research to facilitate or expand promising breakthroughs...
Page 2 - ... to remove any such structure within a reasonable time after termination of the right to use the land.

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