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Committee on Tuberculosis.

Doctor H. L. E. JOHNSON, United States.
Doctor J. AZURDIA, Guatemala.
Doctor L. Lazo ARRIAGA, Honduras.

Committee on Malaria.

Doctor G. Payán, Colombia.
Doctor R. B. GONZALEZ, Salvador.
Doctor J. H. ESTEVES, Ecuador.

International Sanitary Bureau of the American Republics,

Washington, D. C.

Surgeon-General WALTER WYMAN, United States.


Doctor JUAN J. ULLOA, Costa Rica.


Doctor EDUARDO MOORE, Chile.
Doctor A. H. Doty, United States.
Doctor Juan GUITERAS, Cuba.
Doctor Rhett GOODE, United States.



In accordance with the resolution adopted at the Second International Sanitary Convention held in the City of Washington, October 9-14, 1905, the date of December 2-7, 1907, has been fixed for the assembling of the Third International Sanitary Convention in the City of Mexico.

The Convention is held under authority of resolutions of the Second International Conference of the American States held in the City of Mexico in 1901-2, and of the Third International Conference of American States held in the City of Rio de Janeiro in 1906.

The following official correspondence in regard to the call is herewith promulgated :


WASHINGTON, U. S. A., June 18, 1907. "MR. JOHN BARRETT, "Director, Bureau American Republics,

Washington, D. C. "Sir: In accordance with a resolution adopted at the Second International Sanitary Convention of American Republics, October, 1905; I enclose. herewith a call for the Third International Sanitary Convention of the American Republics to meet in the City of Mexico, December 2-7, 1907.

“In accordance with paragraph 7 of the resolutions relating to international sanitary police, adopted at the Second International Conference of American States in Mexico, January 29, 1902, I have to request that you will take such measures as you deem advisable to make announcement of this call.

“It is also requested that the Bureau of American Republics request the Department of State to invite the attention of envoys at this Capital, whose countries have not as yet ratified the Sanitary Convention ad referendum of Washington, to the desirability of doing so, and urge them to secure representation at the coming Convention in Mexico City.



"Chairman, International Sanitary Bureau." "THIRD INTERNATIONAL SANITARY CONVENTION OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLICS, “To be held in the City of Mexico, December 2-7, 1907.



“WASHINGTON, D. C., June 17, 1907. "In accordance with a resolution adopted by the Second International Sanitary Convention of the American Republics, it is hereby announced that the Third International Sanitary Convention will be held in the City of Mexico, December 2-7, 1907.

"It is respectfully urged that every Republic of the Western Hemisphere be represented at this Convention both those that have been heretofore represented and those which have not taken part in the previous conventions.

“It will be remembered that the First Convention, held in Washington from the 2d to the 5th of December, 1902, was called in compliance with the 5th of the resolutions relative to Sanitary Police adopted by the Second International Conference of American States in Mexico, January 29. 1902. These resolutions were accepted as the basis for the work of the First Convention, which was of a character chiefly scientific, and resulted in the adoption of certain sanitary and hygienic principles and the establishment of an International Sanitary Bureau at Washington.

“The Second International Sanitary Convention which was held in Washington from the gth to the 14th of October, 1905, assumed a more formal character than the previous one, and resulted in the subscription to a "Sanitary Convention ad referendum," concluded on October 14, 1905, which codified all the measures destined to guard the public health against the invasion and propagation of yellow fever, plague and cholera. This Sanitary Convention ad referendum has been ratified by at least nine republics, and attention is respectfully invited to the following paragraph contained therein:

“The governments which may not have signed the present Convention are to be admitted to adherence thereto upon demand; notice of this adherence to be given through diplomatic channels to the Government of the United States of America, and by the latter to the other signatory governments.'

“As will be seen below, the Conference at Rio de Janeiro in August, 1906, recommended the adoption of the same Convention by all the countries therein represented.

"Resolutions adopted at Rio de Janeiro, August, 1906. "Following are the resolutions of the Third International Conference of American States at Rio de Janeiro in August, 1906, indicating, among other measures, matters for consideration by the Sanitary Convention to be held in Mexico City.

The Third American International Conference recognizes the desirability of the Principles of International Sanitary Police which inspired the last conference held in Rio de Janeiro, as applicable to a specific region, and the convention which was signed in Washington on the 14th of October, 1905, which is applicable to all sections of America, and therefore makes the following recommendations to the countries here represented :

"1. That as a general rule, they should adopt said International Convention of Washington, adhering to the same and putting its precepts into practice.

"2. The adoption of measures intended to obtain the sanitation of the cities and especially of the ports, as well as to obtain, as far as possible, a better knowledge and a better observance of hygienic and sanitary principles.

"3. The desirability of having all American countries represented in the coming International Sanitary Conference which is to be held in the City of Mexico in December, 1907, and that the respective delegates to that Conference should be instructed to study and resolve the following points:

“(a) Practical means for giving effect to the Second of the present recommendations.

(b) The establishment and regulation in each of the American countries of a commission composed of three public medical or sanitary officers, in order that, under the direction of the International Sanitary Office, established in Washington, they may constitute an International Bureau of Sanitary Information throughout the American Republics, with power to collect and communicate all data relating to public health and such others as the Conference may consider desirable.

"(c) The establishment and organization in the place in South America which the Conference may designate, of a Bureau of Sanitary Information which will furnish to the International Sanitary Bureau, already existing, the necessary data to comply with recommendations V. VI and VII, relative to sanitary police, which were adopted by the Second American International Conference.

"(d) The establishment of relations between the International Sanitary Bureau, now existing in Washington, and the ‘Bureau Sanitaire International, of Paris, in order to obtain the best information on sanitary subjects and to reach agreements that will facilitate the objects with which both offices are established.

“4. In accordance with the provisions of paragraph c, article 3, the City of Montevideo is designated as the residence of the Bureau of Sanitary Information.”

Provisional Program for the International Sanitary Convention in Mexico City,

December 2-7, 1907.

“The following program has been arranged to embody the sanitary principles considered by the previous conventions and in conformity with the resolutions adopted by the Conference at Rio de Janeiro:

"ist. Each delegate will bring a paper relating to the nation he represents. This paper will cover the following points :

(a) A report on the existence of transmissible diseases which may prevail in its territory, especially with reference to bubonic plague, yellow fever, cholera.

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14. Engineer José Elguero, Mexico 21. Dr. R. D. González, Salvador 2. Dr. Juan Guiteras, Cuba 8. Dr. Ricardo Gutierrez Lee, Colombia 15. Dr. Hugo Roberts, Cuba.

22. Dr. Francisco J. Yánes, International
3. Dr. Ernesto Soza, Chile
9. Dr. G. Mendizábál, Nicaragua
16. Dr. P. J. Straub, United States

Bureau of American Republics
4. Dr. Walter Wyman, United States 10. Dr. E. Fernandez Espiro, Uruguay 17. Dr. Pedro Lautaro Ferrer, Chile 23. Dr. J. A. Estevez, Ecuador
5. Dr. Eduardo Liceaga, Mexico 11. Dr. O. Gonçalves Cruz, Brazil

18. Dr. J. Gatewood, United States 24. Dr. Genaro Payán, Colombia
President of the Convention 12. Dr. R. H. von Ezdorf, United States 19. Dr. Salvador Ortega, Guatemala 25. Dr. L. Lazo Arriaga, Honduras
6. Dr. Juan ). Ulloa, Costa Rica
13. Dr. Rhett Goode, United States

20. Dr. José Azurdia, Guatemala Permanent Secretary

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