The Building of an Army: A Detailed Account of Legislation, Administration and Opinion in the United States, 1915-1920

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Century Company, 1922 - Legislation - 396 pages

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Page 222 - Army and its state of preparation for military operations; to render professional aid and assistance to the Secretary of War and to general officers and other superior commanders, and to act as their agents in informing and coordinating the action of all the different officers who are subject under the terms of this act to the supervision of the Chief of Staff; and to perform such other military duties not otherwise assigned by law as may be from time to time prescribed by the President.
Page 83 - Army and to complete and maintain the organizations embodying the members of the National Guard drafted into the service of the United States...
Page 143 - The whole nation must be a team in which each man shall play the part for which he is best fitted.
Page 172 - Is authorized to make such regulations governing the prohibition of alcoholic liquors in or near military camps and to the officers and enlisted men of the Army as he may from time to time deem necessary or advisable...
Page 145 - If, for the purpose of argument, we assume that the Fifth Amendment applies to him and that to deny entrance to a citizen is to deprive him of liberty, we nevertheless are of opinion that with regard to him due process of law does not require a judicial trial.
Page 172 - War is hereby authorized, empowered, and directed during the present war to do everything by him deemed necessary to suppress and prevent the keeping or setting up of houses of ill fame, brothels, or bawdy houses within such distance. as he may deem needful of any military camp, station, fort, post, cantonment, training, or mobilization place...
Page 37 - It will involve the immediate addition to the armed forces of the United States already provided for by law in case of war at least five hundred thousand men, who should, in my opinion, be chosen upon the principle of universal liability to service...
Page 222 - Quartermaster's, Subsistence, Medical, Pay, and Ordnance departments, the Corps of Engineers, and the Signal Corps, and shall perform such other military duties not otherwise assigned by law as may be assigned to him by the President.
Page 30 - The provisions of this Act shall not apply to any person hereafter appointed an officer of the National Guard unless he first shall have successfully passed such tests as to his physical, moral, and professional fitness as the President shall prescribe.
Page 221 - The duties of the general staff corps shall be to prepare plans for the national defense and for the mobilization of the military forces in time of. war...

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