Competitive problems in the drug industry: hearings before Subcommittee on Monopoly and Anticompetitive Activities of the Select Committee on Small Business, United States Senate, Ninetieth Congress, first session ...

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Page 7585 - General policy. (a) It is the policy of the Department of Defense to place a fair proportion of its total purchases and contracts for supplies, research and development, and services (Including but not limited to contracts for maintenance, repairs and construction) with small business concerns.
Page 7710 - The method to be used in selecting cases on a sample or other basis; (5) The definition of what constitutes the period or periods of extended duration; (6) The relationship of the utilization review plan to claims administration by a third party; (7) Arrangements- for committee reports and their dissemination; (8) Responsibilities of the hospital's administrative staff.
Page 7990 - ... cetera. We have developed certain inhouse biological availability requirements for abbreviated new drug applications but information and techniques thus far in this whole area have been slow in coming and must be considered preliminary. On the basis of currently available evidence, the quality of marketed drugs in regard to their purity and the uniformity of content of active ingredients is not suspect. This includes all marketed drugs, generic as well as brand name. Even though there have been...
Page 7544 - Vallee, BL; Wacker, WEC; Bartholomay, AF, and Robin, ED: Zinc metabolism in hepatic dysfunction. I. Serum zinc concentrations in Laennec's cirrhosis and their validation by sequential analysis.
Page 7945 - ... a year for every man, woman and child in the country. "The dangers of phenacetin are well known by now,
Page 7751 - Senate Office Building, Senator Gaylord Nelson (chairman of the subcommittee) presiding. Present: Senator Nelson. Also present: Benjamin Gordon, staff economist; Elaine C. Dye, clerical assistant; and Keith A.
Page 7379 - AID may prescribe, of the lowest price (excluding the cost of ocean transportation and marine insurance) at which the supplier makes the commodity available for export sale (whether or not financed by AID) . (3) Waiver provision.
Page 7996 - But they also do harm by their very existence in the drug market. I take the stand that, as a general principle, everything that adds to the difficulty in dealing with and understanding drugs also makes drugs more dangerous. Thus, the excessive number of needless drugs constitutes a present danger. We can make the useful drugs both less dangerous and more efficient by weeding out the useless, the ineffective and the duplicates, and by so doing, make it possible for the physician to learn in depth...
Page 8093 - Medicaid programs for inpatients and outpatients with the following two exceptions : a. Federal funds may be expended to purchase "Ineffective" and "possibly effective" drug products for use in the pursuit of approved clinical research projects.
Page 7372 - Invoiced, (a) the cost of components (delivered to point of production) acquired by the producer of the commodity In the form In which Imported Into the country of production from Free World countries other than countries covered by AID...

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