Biographies and Portraits of the Progressive Men of Iowa: Leaders in Business, Politics and the Professions; Together with an Original and Authentic History of the State, by Ex-Lieutenant-Governor B. F. Gue, Volume 1

Front Cover
Benjamin F. Gue, Benjamin Franklin Shambaugh
Conaway & Shaw, 1899 - Iowa

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Page 84 - Eighteen hundred and fifty nine, and on divers other days before and after that time, in the County of Jefferson and Commonwealth of Virginia aforesaid, and within the Jurisdiction of this Court, not having the fear of God before his eyes, but being moved and seduced by the instigations of the Devil, did maliciously, wilfully and feloniously, conspire with certain John Brown, Edwin Coppoc, John E.
Page 29 - We, a Committee having been chosen to draft certain rules and regulations (laws) by which we as miners will be governed, and having duly considered the subject, do unanimously agree that we will be governed by the regulations on the east side of the Mississippi River,* with the following exceptions, to wit : ARTICLE I. That each and every man shall hold 200 yards square of ground by working said ground one day in six.
Page 84 - Queen there inhabiting and being, and to the evil example of all others in like case offending, and against the form of the statutes in such case made and provided, and against the peace of our Lady the Queen, her Crown and dignity.
Page 80 - Eleven of our little band are now sleeping in their bloody garments with the cold earth above them. Braver men never lived; truer men to their plighted word never banded together As our comrades fell we could not minister to their wants as they deserved, for we were surrounded by troops firing volley after volley, and we had to keep up a brisk fire in return to keep them from charging upon us. Watson Brown was wounded on Monday, at the same time Stevens was, while carrying a flag of truce; but he...
Page 16 - ... the river bottom, there is a corresponding change in the character of the vegetation. Thus, on the prairies we sometimes meet with ridges of coarse material, apparently deposits of drift, on which, from some local cause, there has never been an accumulation of fine sediment; in such localities we invariably find a growth of timber. This is the origin of the groves scattered over the prairies, for whose isolated position and peculiar circumstances of growth we are unable to account in any other...
Page 29 - We further agree that there shall be chosen, by the majority of the miners present, a person who shall hold this article, and who shall grant letters of arbitration on application having been made, and that said letters of arbitration shall be obligatory on the parties so applying.
Page 134 - Provided, said railroad company accepting the provisions of this act, shall at all times be subject to such rules, regulations and rates of tariff for the transportation of freight and passengers, as may from time to time be enacted...
Page 82 - I don't care adn who knows it now, since you have refused to honor the requisition.' "The pompous man then proceeded to argue the case with the Governor, and we soon learned that he was an agent from Virginia bearing a requisition from Governor Letcher for the surrender of Barclay Coppoc. "In reply to a remark by the agent that Coppoc might escape before he could get the defect in the requisition cured, the Governor, looking significantly at us, replied : 'There is a law under which you can arrest...
Page 83 - WHEREAS, A requisition was made on the Governor of Iowa by the Governor of Virginia for Barclay Coppoc, an alleged participant in the difficulties at Harper's Ferry, Virginia, as a fugitive from Justice, and "WHEREAS, The Governor of Iowa has refused to deliver up said Coppoc under said requisition, alleging technical defects therein, therefore be it "Resolved, That the Governor of Iowa be requested to lay before the House a copy of the requisition directed to him by the Governor of Virginia, and...
Page 157 - They have come and gone like the ephemeras of a soft night in June! But in the libraries I have named the reader in distant future years, will find multiplied and most precious gifts from the free and ever-generous hand of Theodore S. Parvin. They will also preserve the names and records of other men, and not at all unlikely, of many who looked upon his own work with coldness and distrust, doing their best to thwart or embarrass him in his earnest and patriotic efforts. No other Iowa man has built...

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