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President, and shall report to and perform their duties under the supervision of the Board of Direction:

Finance Committee of three members. b. Publication Committee of three members. c. Library Committee of three members.

d. Outline of work of Standing Committees of five members. Duties of Finance Committee.

9. The Finance Committee shall have immediate supervision of the accounts and financial affairs of the Association; shall approve all bills before payment, and shall make recommendations to the Board of Direction as to the investment of moneys and as to other financial matters. The Finance Committee shall not have the power to incur debts or other obligations binding the Association, nor authorize the payment of money other than the amounts necessary to meet ordinary current expenses of the Association, except by previous action and authority of the Board of Direction. Duties of Publication Committee.

10. The Publication Committee shall have general supervision of the publications of the Association. Duties of Library Committee.

11. The Library Committee shall have general supervision of the Library, the property therein, and the quarters occupied by the Secretary; shall make recommendations to the Board with reference thereto, and shall direct the expenditure for books and other articles of permanent value, from such sums as may be appropriated for these purposes. Duties of Committee on Outline of Work of Standing Committees.

12. The Committee on Outline of Work of Standing Committees shall present a list of subjects for committee work during the ensuing year at the first meeting of the Board of Direction after the Annual Convention. Standing Committees.

13. The Board of Direction may appoint such Standing Committees as it may deem best, to investigate, consider and report upon questions pertaining to railway location, construction or maintenance. Special Committees.

14. Special Committees to examine into and report upon any subject connected with the objects of this Association may be appointed from time to time by the Board of Direction.

Discussion by Non-Members.

15. The Board of Direction may invite discussions of reports from persons not members of the Association. Sanction of Acts of Board.

16. An act of the Board of Direction which shall have received the expressed or implied sanction of the membership at the next Annual Convention of the Association shall be deemed to be the act of the Association, and shall not afterwards be impeached by any Member.


MEETINGS. Annual Convention.

1. The Annual Convention shall begin upon the third Tuesday in March of each year, and shall be held at such place in the City of Chicago as the Board of Direction may select. Special Meetings.

2. Special meetings of the Association may be called by the Board of Direction, and special meetings shall be so called by the Board upon request of thirty Members, which request shall state the purpose of such meeting. The call for such meeting shall be issued not less than ten days in advance, and shall state the purpose and place thereof, and no other business shall be taken up at such meeting. Notification of Annual Convention.

3. The Secretary shall notify all members of the time and place of the Annual Convention of the Association at least thirty days in advance thereof. Association Quorum.

4. Twenty-five Members shall constitute a quorum at all meetings of the Association.

Order of Business.

5. (a) The order of business at annual conventions of the Association shall be as follows:

Reading of minutes of last meeting.
Address of the President.
Reports of the Secretary and Treasurer.
Reports of Standing Committees.
Reports of Special Committees.
Unfinished business

New business.
Election of officers.

Adjournment. (b) This order of business, however, may be changed by a majority vote of members present. Rules of Order.

6. The proceedings shall be governed by “Robert's Rules of Order," except as otherwise herein provided. Discussion.

7. Discussion shall be limited to members and to those invited by the presiding officer to speak.


AMENDMENTS. Amendments.

1. Proposed amendments to this Constitution shall be made in writing and signed by not less than ten Members, and shall be acted upon in the following manner:

The amendments shall be presented to the Secretary, who shall send a copy of same to each member of the Board of Direction as soon as received. If at the next meeting of the Board of Direction a majority of the entire Board are in favor of considering the proposed amendments, the matter shall then be submitted to the Association for letterballot, and the result announced by the Secretary at the next Annual Convention. In case two-thirds of the votes received are affirmative, the amendments shall be declared adopted and become immediately effective

(Subject to change from time to time by Board of Direction.) GENERAL RULES FOR THE PREPARATION, PUBLICATION


Standing Committees.
1. The following are Standing Committees :

1. Roadway.
II. Ballast.
III. Ties.
IV. Rail.

V. Track
VI. Buildings.
VII. Wooden Bridges and Trestles.
VIII. Masonry.
IX. Signs, Fences and Crossings.

X. Signals and Interlocking.
XI. Records and Accounts.
XII. Rules and Organization.
XIII. Water Service.
XIV. Yards and Terminals.

XV. Iron and Steel Structures.
XVI. Economics of Railway Location.
XVII. Wood Preservation.
XVIII. Electricity.
XIX. Conservation of Natural Resources. (Abolished.)

XX. Uniform General Contract Forms.
XXI. Economics of Railway Operation.
XXII. Economics of Railway Labor.

XXIII. Shops and Locomotive Terminals.
Special Committees.

2. Special Committees will be appointed from time to time, as may be deemed expedient, in the manner prescribed by Article VII, Clause 14, of the Constitution. The following are Special Committees :

Stresses in Railroad Track,
Clearance Diagram.

Pononnel of Committocs.

3. The personnel of all Committees will continue from year to year, except when changes are announced by the Board of Direction. Ten per cent of the membership of each Committee shall be changed

each year.

Members of committees who do not attend meetings of committees during the year or render service by correspondence will be relieved and the vacancies filled by the Board at the succeeding Annual Convention. Outline of Work.

4. As soon as practicable after each Annual Convention the Board of Direction will assign to each Committee the important questions which, in its judgment, should preferably be considered during the current year. Committees are privileged to present the results of any special study or investigation they may be engaged upon or that may be considered of sufficient importance to warrant presentation.


(B) PREPARATION OF COMMITTEE REPORTS. 5. The collection and compilation of data and subsequent analysis in the form of arguments and criticism is a necessary and valuable preliminary element of committee-work. Collection of Data.

6. Committees are privileged to obtain data or information in any proper way. The Secretary will issue circulars of inquiry, which should be brief and concise. The questions asked should be specific and pertinent, and not of such general or involved character as to preclude the possibility of obtaining satisfactory and prompt responses. They should specify to whom answers are to be sent, and should be in such form that copies can be retained by persons replying either by typewriter or blueprint. Plan of Reports.

7. Committee reports should be prepared as far as practicable to conform to the following general plan:

(a) It is extremely important that every Committee should examine its own subject matter in the “Manual" prior to each Annual Convention, and revise and supplement it, if deemed desirable, giving the necessary notice of any recommended changes in accordance with Clause 6 (a) of the General Rules for the Publication of the "Manual." If no changes are recommended, statement should be made accordingly.

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