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1. The name of this. Association is the AMERICAN Railway EngiNEERING ASSOCIATION,


2. Its object is the advancement of knowledge pertaining to the scientific and economic location, construction, operation and maintenance of railways.

Means to Be Used.

3. The means to be used for this purpose shall be as follows:

(a) Meetings for the reading and discussion of reports and papers and for social intercourse.

(b) Investigation of matters pertaining to the objects of the Association through Standing and Special Committees.

(c) The publication of papers, reports and discussions.

(d) The maintenance of a library. Responsibility.

4. Its action shall be recommendatory, and not binding upon its members. Location of Office.

5. Its permanent office shall be located in Chicago, Ill., and the annual convention shall be held in that city.


MEMBERSHIP. Membership Classes,

1. The membership of this Association shall be divided into three classes, viz.: Members, Honorary Members and Associates. Membership Qualifications.

(2) A Member shall be:

(a) Either a Civil Engineer, a Mechanical Engineer, an Electrical Engineer, or an official of a railway corporation, who has had not less than five (5) years' experience in the location, construction, maintenance or operation of railways, and who, at the time of application for membership, is engaged in railway service in a responsible position in charge of work connected with the Location, Construction, Operation or Maintenance of a Railway; provided, that all persons who were Active Members prior to March 20, 1907, shall remain Members except as modified by Article II, Clause 9.

(b) A Professor of Engineering in a college of recognized standing Honorary Membership Qualifications.

3. An Honorary Member shall be a person of acknowledged eminence in railway engineering or management. The number of Honorary Members shall be limited to ten. Associate Membership Qualifications.

4. An Associate shall be a person not eligible as a Member, but whose pursuits, scientific acquirements or practical experience qualify him to co-operate with Members in the advancement of professional knowledge, such as Consulting, Inspecting, Contracting, Government or other Engineers, Instructors of Engineering in Colleges of recognized standing, and Engineers of Industrial Corporations when their duties are purely technical. Membership Rights.

5. (a) Members shall have all the rights and privileges of the Association.

(b) Honorary Members shall have all the rights of Members, except that of holding office, and shall be exempt from the payment of dues.

(c) Associates shall have all the rights of Members, except those of voting and holding office. Age Requirement.

6. An applicant to be eligible for membership in any class shall not be less than twenty-five (25) years of age. "Rallway" Defined.

7. The word "railway" in this Constitution means one operated by steam or electricity as a common carrier, dependent upon transportation for its revenue. Engineers of street railway systems and of railways which are used primarily to transport the material or product of an industry or industries to and from a point on a railway which is a common carrier, or those which are merely adjuncts to such industries, are eligible only as Associates.

Changes in Classes,

8. A Member, elected after March 20, 1907, who shall leave the railway service, shall cease to be a Member, but may retain membership in the Association as an Associate, subject to the provisions of Article II, Clause 9; provided, however, if he re-enters the railway service, he shall be restored to the class of Members. Supply Men.

9. Persons whose principal duties require them to be engaged in the sale or promotion of railway patents, appliances or supplies, shall not be eligible for, nor retain membership in any class in this Association, except that those who were Active Members prior to March 20, 1907, may retain membership as Associates; provided, however, that anyone having held membership in the Association and subsequently having become subject to the operation of this clause, shall, if he again becomes eligible, be permitted to re-enter the Association, without the payment of a second entrance fee. Transfer.

10. The Board of Direction shall transfer members from one class to another, or remove a member from the membership list, under the provisions of this article.



1. The Charter Membership consists of all persons who were elected before March 15, 1900. Application for Membership.

2. The Charter Membership having been completed, any person desirous of becoming a member shall make application upon the form prescribed by the Board of Direction, setting forth in a concise statement his name, age, residence, technical education and practical experience. He shall refer to at least three members to whom he is personally known. each of whom shall be requested by the Secretary to certify to a personal knowledge of the candidate and his fitness for membership. Election to Membership.

3. Upon receipt of an application properly endorsed, the Board of Direction, through its Secretary, or a Membership Committee selected from its own members, shall make such investigation of the candidate's

fitness as may be deemed necessary. The Secretary will furnish copies of the information obtained and of the application to each member of the Board of Direction. At any time, not less than thirty days after the filing of the application, the admission of the applicants shall be canvassed by letter-ballot among the members of the Board, and affirmative votes by two-thirds of its members shall elect the candidate; provided, however, that should an applicant for membership be personally unknown to three members of the Association, due to residence in a foreign country, or in such a portion of the United States as precludes him from a sufficient acquaintance with its members, he may refer to well-known men engaged in railway or allied professional work, upon the form above described, and such application shall be considered by the Board of Direction in the manner above set forth, and the applicant may be elected to membership by a unanimous vote of the Board. Subscription to Constitution.

4. All persons, after due notice from the Secretary of their elec tion, shall subscribe to the Constitution on the form prescribed by the Board of Direction. If this provision be not complied with within six months of said notice, the election shall be considered null and void. Reinstatement,

5. Any person having been a member of this Association, and having, while in good standing, resigned such membership, may be reinstated without the payment of a second entrance fee; provided his application for reinstatement is signed by five members certifying to his fitness for same, and such application is passed by a two-thirds majority of the Board of Direction. Honorary Membership.

6. Proposals for Honorary Membership shall be submitted by ten or more Members. Each member of the Board of Direction shall be furnislied with a copy of the proposal, and if, after thirty days, the nominee shall receive the unanimous vote of said Board, he shall be declared an Honorary Member. Expúlsions.

7. Whien charges are preferred against a Member in writing by ten or more Members, the Member complained of shall be served with a copy of such charges, and he shall be called upon to show cause to the Board of Direction why he should not be expelled from the Association. Not less than thirty days thereafter a vote shall be taken on his expulsion. and he shall be expelled upon a two-thirds vote of the Board of Direction. Resignations.

8. The Board of Direction shall accept the resignation, tendered in writing, of any Member whose dues are fully paid up.

ARTICLE IV. Entrance Fee.

DUES. 1. An entrance fee of $10.00 shall be payable to the Association through its Secretary with each application for membership; and this sum shall be returned to the applicant if not elected. Annual Dues.

2. *The annual dues are $10.00, payable during the first three months of the calendar year. Arrears.

3. Any person whose dues are not paid before April 1st of the current year shall be notified of same by the Secretary. Should the dues not be paid prior to July 1st, the delinquent Member shall lose his right to vote. Should the dues remain unpaid October 1st, he shall be notified on the form prescribed by the Board of Direction, and he shall no longer receive the publications of the Association. If the dues are not paid by December 31st, he shall forfeit his membership without further action or notice, except as provided for in Clause 4 of this Article. Remission of Dues.

4. The Board of Direction may extend the time of payment of dues, and may remit the dues of any Member who, from ill-health, advanced age or other good reasons, is unable to pay them.

ARTICLE V. Officers.

BOARD OF DIRECTION. 1. The officers of the Association shall be Members and shall consist of:

A President,
A First Vice-President,
A Second Vice-President,
A Secretary,
A Treasurer,
Nine Directors,

•The annual payment of $10.00 made by each member is to be subdivided and credited on the books of the Association, as follows: To member's subscription to the Bulletin, $5.00; annual dues, $5.00.

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