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Adoniram Judson Sayre
Alexander Sayre
Alexander C. Sayre
Alfred Sayre
Alonzo Canada Sayre
Calvin M. Sayre
Charles Sayre
Charles A. Sayre
Chauncey M. Sears' son
Clayton Sayre
Daniel Sayre
Daniel Sayre
Daniel Brewster Sayre
Daniel W. Sayre
David Sayre, Jr.
David Warren Sayre
Edward Sayre.
Edward Gordon Sayre's son
Edward P. Sayre
Eli Pickett Sayre
Ellis Brooks Sayre .
Enos Sayre.
Ezra Vinton Sayre
Francis Sayre
Francis Augustus Sayre
Fred. E. Sayre ·
George H. Sayre
Gordon Abel Sayre
Hal Sayr
Harrison Sayre
Henry Anthon Sayre
Henry C. Sayers
Henry Seward Sayre
Hosea Thomas Sayre
Ira Sayre
Isaac Sayre
Isaac Van Doren Sayre .
Isaac Wilson Sayre
James Sayre
James Canfield Sayre, Jr.
James E. Sayers.
James Scott Sayre
John Sayre

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John J. Sayre
John M. Sayre
John Tyler Sayre
Ludema Arminda Sayre
Lyman D. Sayre
Martin V. Sayre
Matthew Henry Sayre
Milton Cary Sayre
Nicanor Sayre.
Peter Wingfield Sayre
Randel D. Sayre
Robert Adams Sayers
Roswell Mead Sayer
Salmon Bonnell Sayre
Samuel Sayre
Samuel Aldsworth Sayre
Samuel Cruthers Sayre
Samuel K. Sayre
Sheppard Reed Sayre
Sidney A. Sayre
Stephen Reeve Sayre
Thomas Corwin Sayre
Thomas Knapp Sayre
Thomas Morrow Sayre .
Thomas Pinkard Sayre ·
Thomas Wood Sayers
William Sayre
William Sayre
William Sayre
William Augustus Sayre
William Henry Sayre
William Henry Sears
William Henry Harrison Sayre
William Holmes Sayre
William J. Sayre

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James Hervey Agens
Henry Moore Baldwin .
Fernando Bennett
Charles Edward Blake
Joel Sayre Broderick
Virgil Broderick

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George Castner
Francis T. Clark
Lewis Clark
Joseph W. Crane
James Albert Day
George William Decker
Jeremiah Crane Decker
David Cory Dickinson
Alfred Stoll Dingman
William Henry Dodd
Seely S. Drake
Charles Egbert
William Sayre Gramesly
Charles Harrison
George W. Hedges
John Hedges
Gabriel Sayer Holbert
George Wells Holbert
Francis T. Houck
George C. Houck
John Henry Howell
John Jameson's three sons
John Francis Kanouse
Edward White Larry
Milton D. Mattoon
Orlando M. Mattoon
William F. McIntosh
Greig Howell Mulligan
James Strong Mulligan .
Henry Sayre Osborne
David C. Price
George Shaw and seven sons
Charles Simpson
Edward Simpson
Martin Simpson
Albert William Smith
Morris J. Stilwell
David Ludlow Thompson
George Augustus Titus
Francis Makeinie Todd .
Francis Wixson
Jonathan Taylor Wixson
Marvin A. Wixson

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Charles Jonathan Young
George Young
Stephen Young

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Lewis Wetzel Sayre
Hal Sayre, Jr. Was in Roosevelt's Rough Riders, and is now (1901) an

officer in the Philippines Harold Mornton Ely

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Following is a statement on file at the Pension Bureau, Washington, showing the Revolutionary War services of Pierson Sayre, which should have appeared on page 117


JULY TERM, 1832.



On this 4th day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two personally appeared before the Honorable the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County of Butler of the State of Ohio, PIERSON SAYRE, aged about seventy years, a resident of the town of Hamilton in the County of Butler aforesaid, who, being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832.

That in October, 1777, he was called out to serve in the militia of New Jersey for one month. He was engaged in guarding the line at Elizabethtown under the command of Lt. Squires. Deponent states that the militia companies of New Jersey were divided into classes who served alternately on monthly tours. From the time deponent was first called out he served monthly tours every other month for two years, after which until the close of the war he served on different tours, sometimes two months, never less than one month on a tour. Deponent states that he served in all during the whole war between two and three years.

About the first of June, 1778, (as deponent believes) he was called out to serve in Capt. Lane's company in the Regt. commanded by Col. Jaquish. On this tour he was called out six weeks during which time he was in two engagements with the British, one at Connecticut Farms, then in two weeks afterwards at Springfield, New Jersey. In the latter engagement Gen. Knyphausen, a British officer, was killed. Deponent mounted guard at different times at Elizabethtown which was the headquarters of the militia. He also mounted guard at Trimbley's Point, Old Point, New Point, Newark and Hackensack. At some of these places he mounted guard two months and at none less than one month. At the time the British lay on Staten Island deponent went in a command with some regulars under General Sterling to the Island and drove the British from their fort. The Americans soon left it.

Deponent knew Generals Wines and Hurd, to whose Brigade he belonged; he knew Cols. Jaquish, Ludlow, Crane, and Smith, Captains Lane, Wood, Winans, Craig, and Major Crane, under all of whom deponent served. He was frequently engaged in skirmishes with the British and Tories. He cannot state the dates of the different tours he served, having never kept any regular or written account.

Deponent was born in Essex County, N. J., Sept. 12, 1761; he has a written record of his age. He knows of no living witnesses by whom, from their own knowledge, he can prove his services. He is well known to John Sutherland, James Boal, James McBride, and others, by whom he can prove that he sustains a good character for truth and veracity; that he is reputed and believed in the town and county where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution.

He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State. He has lived in Butler County, Ohio, twenty-three years.



Sworn and subscribed the day and year aforesaid,



This volume contains the names of descendants of Thomas Sayre, of Southampton, to the number of nearly twelve thousand. Of course, there have been many thousand others of whom no account has reached the compiler. As a matter of curiosity, the following table has been prepared, showing the number recorded in each generation of the descendants of the four sons of the original founder.

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