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removed would appear from the fact that a Job Sayre witnessed an affidavit of John Treworgy at Pascataway (now Dover), N. H., Oct. 25, 1650.

This was probably the same Job, but whether he was at Pascataway temporarily, or whether he had settled there, we have so far been unable to learn.

In Savage's “Genealogical Dictionary” he is called son of Thomas Sayre; but this is an error. Howell, in his “ History of Southampton,” follows Savage's lead. In the first edition he states that Thomas Sayre was born in 1593, which in the second edition he changes to “about 1590."



2 FRANCIS2 SAYRE was born probably in Bedfordshire. He lived at the North End in Southampton, L. I.; married Sarah (probably Wheeler). She was doubtless the daughter of Thomas Wheeler and Alice, his wife, of New Haven, Conn. The latter, after the death of her first husband, married Josiah Stanborough, of East Hampton, L. I., and died about December, 1673, as appears from the following from Suffolk Co., N. Y., Records, Sessions Book No. 1, page 288 :

The estate of Widow Alice Stanborough was inventoried Dec. 22, 1673. After the inventory is the following:

“We John Wheeler Francis Sayre and Joshua Horton have divided the goods belonging to her estate to our satisfaction. John Wheeler is to pay all debts, and to have all outstanding dues. No will is found and yet there may be a will. But if any will is found it shall not affect the above agreement.” It is signed by John Wheeler, Francis Sayre and Joshua Horton and witnessed by Samuel Mulford and Enoch Fithian.

The court finds that the above are the persons to whom of right the estate belongs and ratifies the agreement.

John Wheeler having a double portion is to pay half the court charges. Francis Sayre is to pay the other half and to recover half of such sum from Joshua Horton.

They call themselves brothers and speak of Alice Stanborough as “our mother."

The date of above agreement was January 9, 167*.

Francis Sayre's name appears in list of inhabitants in 1657, and in Whaling Squadron, Fifth Ward, in 1657 and 1667; he signed the call for a meeting on reception of Gov. Lovelace in 1668. In tax levy for 1683, he was assessed on 2 polls and £178.

He was chosen Overseer April 1, 1681, and Trustee of Southampton April 4, 1693

Mr. William S. Pelletreau copied from an old fragment of town papers, torn and almost illegible, the following: “Monday, Jan. 13, 1667 — laid out to Francis Sayre, next to his own in ye rear division, 40 poles East and West, and 18 poles North and South, for 5 acres."

A deed from Francis Sayre to Job Sayre dated February 5, 1694, recorded Liber A of deeds, page 76 (Riverhead), conveys:

Three acres of land lying and being in ye great plains in a necke commonly called by ye name of Captain's Necke, being bounded as followeth : on y north side with ye land of Job Sayre afores and on ye south side with my own land and on ye east & west end with highways, with all ye fencing.


A deed from Francis Sayre to Job Sayre, dated March 22, 1696, recorded Liber A of deeds, page 76 (at Riverhead, N. Y.), conveys :

All ye housing, land, meadows and commonage as followeth viz: ye house and home lot No. 4, was my father's as aforesd and eight acres in Captns Necke, bounded on ye south with ye land of me, yo so Francis Sayre and north with ye land of Thomas Lupton & east & west with highway, & twelve acres more of land in ye great plains & ox pasture as it lies in several divisions & parcells & thirty acres of land fronting to long spring path bounded north with ye land of John Post & south with ye land belonging to ye children of John Moppam, deceased & west with a highway or common land & ten acres more of land adjoining to ye north side of John Post's home lot bounded north & west with highways & east with ye land of Daniel Sayre & two third of a twenty acre lot of land lying at a place commonly known by ye name of Sagabonnack bounded on ye south end with ye beach and with ye land of s" Pierson on ye west & with ye land of John Jeffery on ye east, my own third being included a highway ye north end of both party of the whole lot & a hundred of meadow & upland in Potunk & a hundred of meadow and upland in fourth necks as they fell by lot in these divisions & a hundred of meadow in ye division at Acquaboug, and hundred of meadow and upland in a twenty acres division in hogg necks & a hundred pound alotm't of commonage and all other mesuage of land & priviledges.

He died January 20, 1698.
His will reads as follows:

In the Name of God Amen & in ye 10th year of the reign of our soverigne of England, Scotland, France & Ireland, King, Defender of ye faith &c., I, Francis Sayre of ye towne of S. hampton in ye County of Suffolke & Province of N yorke being by ye blessing of Almighty God in health of body & of sound memory & conceiding ye fraile state of all mortalls, Doe make, ordain this to be my last Will & testament in manner & form following (viz) I do hereby revoke, make void & null all former wills of mine of wt nature or kind soever. And bequeath my soul to God that gre it me & my body to be decently buried and after funeral charges and all my just debts are paid I dispose of my worldly estate as followeth, viz:

I give & bequeath unto my eldest son, John Sayre, all that my certain tract of land with his dwelling house thereon standing at flying point only according to an agreement formerly with him made to pay unto his brother Caleb Sayre thirty pound & his mother to have ye use of half sd house during her life.

Secondly. I give unto my son Thomas Sayre & his wife Patience during their naturall lives all that my certain piece of about acres be the same more or be it less as it is now fenced and lies adjoining to ye north side of my long springs close of land and a rood of ground as it now fenced be it more or less with his now dwelling house thereon standing and two acres of land in ye first necke in yo great plaines in ye first necke and if my sd son Thomas shall have any heir heirs of his body then I give the sd land unto ye sd heir or heirs forever.

Thirdly. I give and bequeath unto my seven children, namely John, Thom Francis, Jonathan, Ichabod & Caleb Sayre and my daughter Damaris Howell two third parts of all my movable estate, my cart & plow tackling only excepted to be equally amonst them my above named seven children divided only my sd daughter Damaris to have liberty to chose what she will have for equall seventh part in of sd two third parts of my movable estate aforesd.

Fourthly. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife Sarah Sayre all that my one half of ye land above named & given to John & one third part of my land

or :

& houseing hereinafter given & bequeathed to my son Ichabod for her subsistance during her natural life and one third part of all my moveable estate to be divided unto her by my executor. And she my said wife to have her choice of what roomes, she sees fit of my dwelling house soe that it makes not above one third of my said dwelling house.

Fifthly. I give & bequeath unto my son Ichabod Sayre & to his heirs & assigns forever all ye rest of my land & meadowes of what kind, nature or quality soever that I have, doe or may possess in ye Court of sd town of Southampton and not before in this my will demised & given with my dwelling house & barn only reserving to my wise what is above mentioned, viz: one third part of same during her life and then I say it is my will that he my said son Ichabod shall enjoy all my land and meadows to him & his heirs forever That I have not mentioned to be given to my son John or Thomas Sayre. I also give unto him my said son Ichabod Sayre my cart & plow with all tackling & utentialls thereunto belonging or appertaining. And I doe hereby make & ordain him my sa son Ichabod Sayre, Executor of this my last Will & Testament willing him to pay unto his youngest brother Caleb Sayre yo full sum of forty pounds currant money of this Province when he sa Caleb shall attain ye full age of twenty one years and that he doe in every part & article see & perform this my last will & testament according to the true intent & meaning hereof. That ye whole estate of my movables (funeral charges, just debts, carte & plow, tackling onely excepted) be by him my sd son Ichabod Sayre duely & truly paid to my sa wife & children in such manner and proportion as above mentioned & expressed and that he doe pay ye sd sum of forty pounds to his brother Caleb out of his owne estate. And I doe also given unto him my sd son Ichabod and his heirs forever a fifty pound alotm' of commonage and all increase of land thereon arising. And for ye full confirmation of this my last will & testament I have hereunto set my hand & seal in Shampton aforesd this 14th day of January Anno Dom. 1697.


Signed, sealed & declared to be his last Will & Testament
in presence of us


By the tenour of these presents know ye that on ye 20th day of Sept. 1698 at ye manor of St. George in ye County of Suffolk before Coll William Smith, Judge of the Prorogative Court in yo County above sd was proved & approved the last will & testament of Francis Sayre late of Shampton in ye sa County, deceased, on ye 20th day of January Anno Dom. 1698 who by his said Will & Testament did nominate & appoint his son Ichabod his Executor to whom was granted the administration of all & singular the goods chattels & credits of ye sa Deceased.


10 JOSHUA,3 Estate admd upon by his brother Jonathan, Apr. 10, 1720 (?).
11* JOHN, 3 b. Jan. 6, 1665, m. Sarah.
12 THOMAS,3 b. 1667, m. Patience Foster; lest no children. In 1712“rights in

commonage," Southampton, were disposed of, and Thomas and Ichabod each
received one fourth by Samuel Cooper. He was chosen Collector at South-
ampton, 1713. In the inventory of his estate is a looking-glass, said to bave
been the first mention of such an article in that neighborhood. Died Dec. 10,

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