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3 HARRIET J.,7 b. 1835.
4 MARIA ADELAIDE,7 b. 1838.
5 Louisa J.,? b. 1841.
6 EUGENE 0.,7 b. 1843.

7 WILLIAM WALLACE,7 b. 1848.
886a PHEBE,6 m. March, 1808, William Cooper.
887 HERVEY,6 b. Nov. 23, 1796; d. March 23, 1880.
888 ELIZA,6 b. 1798; d. Dec. 27, 1817-


321 HEZEKIAH HOWELL,5 born September 13, 1741; married Juliana Woodhull, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah Smith Woodhull. He was a prominent man of his time. He was Sheriff of Orange County during the Revolutionary War, and was the first supervisor of Cornwall.



889* HEZEKIAH HOWELL,6 b. Aug. 21, 1768; m. Dec. 6, 1796, Frances Tuthill. 890* NATHANIEL W. HOWELL, b. Jan. 1, 1770; m. Ist, March 17, 1798, Sally

Chapin ; 2d, March 10, 1809, Fanny Coleman.
891 SUSAN HOWELL,6 m. Benjamin Strong, of Goshen, N. Y.
892 SARAH HOWELL,6 m. Abraham Schultz, of New Windsor, N. Y.
893 FRANCES HOWELL,6 m. Judge Nathan H. White.
894 JANE HOWELL,6 m. Jan. 4, 1801, Judge Augustus Porter, of Niagara, who

was a member of Congress in 1812.
895 ELIZABETH HOWELL,6 m. Rev. Andrew Thompson, of Nyack, N. Y.

322 CHARLES HOWELL was born at Blagg's Clove, November 20, 1752,

,5 and married, first, in 1785, a daughter of Major Strong (who was murdered by Claudius Smith), and second, in 1802, Elizabeth Board, daughter of Joseph Board.

He was a farmer at Washingtonville, Orange County, N. Y., and in 1785 settled on 150 acres of land in Blooming Grove.

He assisted in burning Fort Putnam at West Point, as a member of the inde. pendent corps under General George Clinton, and was also stationed with his corps on guard after the burning of Kingston.

He died January, 1843.


896 SELAH STRONG HOWELL,6 b. March 6, 1788.
897 CLARISSA HOWELL,6 b. July 7 (28 ?), 1791 ; m. William Strong, of Blooming



898 CHARLES BOARD HOWELL,6 b. Sept. 7, 1803; was a successful practising

physician of Chester, and died April 3, 1865.


899 EDMUND SAYRE HOWELL,6 b. Sept. 5, 1804; m. Feb. 16, 1836, Nancy

C. Bell, daughter of James Bell, of Warwick, N. Y. He is an Elder in the Second Presbyterian Church of Washingtonville, Orange Co., N. Y.; is one of the managers of the Orange County Bible Society; is still living (93 years of age, 1897), retaining his faculties to a remarkable degree.




Mary E. Howell,7 m. Edward Fitzgerald, of Bridgehampton, N. Y.

CLARISSA A. Howell,7 m. Rev. Arthur Harlow, of Orange Co.
3 PHEBE E. HOWELL,7 m. Benjamin C. Sears.
4 CHARLES H. HOWELL,7 a farmer on the old homestead.
6 CAROLINE A. HOWELL,7 m. Dr. George H. Sears.
8 Joseph E. HOWELL.7

EFFIE HOWELL.,7 deceased.
900 JOSEPH HENRY HOWELL,6 b. Dec. 3, 1805; d. Dec. 13, 1878.



323 THEODOSIA JOHNES 5 married Colonel Jacob Ford, Jr., who was born February 10, 1738.

He built the residence at Morristown, N. J., which remained in his family for five generations, and is now the property of the State of New Jersey, and known as Washington's Headquarters. He died January 11, 1777.

She died at Morristown, August 21, 1824, aged eighty-three years.


901 TIMOTHY FORD,6 bp. Feb. 13, 1763 ; moved to South Carolina.
902 GABRIEL H. FORD, b. Feb. 10, 1765; m. Frances Gualdo. He died in

1849, and his widow in 1853.




ANNA ELIZABETH FORD,7 b. July 21, 1791 ; m. Sept. 10, 1818, John

Revenel, of Charleston, S. C.
HENRY A. Ford,7 b. 1793; d. April 22, 1812.
3 EDWARD E. FORD, a minister; m. Theodosia A. B-
4 LEWIS D. FORD,7 a physician; m. Frances Emily
5 FRANCES G. Ford, m. May 10, 1841, Rev. Hemlett R. Peters.

7 ALFRED E. FORD,7 m. Cornelia R-
903 ELIZABETH FORD.6 bp. Oct. 25, 1767; m. May 26, 1785, Henry William De

Saussure. See Appletons “ American Biography,” II. 150, for a sketch of
his life.

904 JACOB FORD,6 b. March 15, 1772; d. in Charleston, S. C., in 1834.
905 PHEBE FORD, b. May 3, 1775; d. June 21, 1777.


326 DAVID 5 SAYRE, born at Bridgehampton, L. I., April 20 (or May 1), 1747; married Jane Gelston, daughter of Deacon Maltby and Mary Gelston, who was born August 9, 1748. He died September 11, 1830. His will was dated January 1, 1830, and probated October 27, 1830, in Suffolk County.

CHILDREN. 906* STEPHEN,5 b. March 9, 1772; m. Sophia Rysam. 907 GELSTON,6 b. Oct. 28, 1773; d. Jan. 27, 1786. 908 ELIZABETH, b. June 10, 1775 ; m. Post; d. Oct. 31, 1831. 909 MARY,6 b. January 8, 1778. 910 PHEBE, b. Sept. 24, 1779; d. Dec. 4, 1783. 911. JANE,9 b. Dec. 6, 1781; m. Fowler. 912* FRANCIS,6 b. Jan. 5, 1784; m. Susan Taylor. 913 MALTBY GELSTON,6 b. May 5, 1786; was a sea captain of Bridgehampton;

d. Dec. 10, 1825, without children. Will probated June 18, 1826. 914 PHEBE,6 b. Aug. 2, 1787; m. George Howell, who died 1825.

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Josiah HOWELL.7

915 DAVID,6 b. Aug. 5, 1789; d. Sept. 29, 1792.
916 HUGH,8 b. April 15, 1791 ; d. Oct. 11, 1793.

327 BENJAMIN 5 SAYRE, born at Bridgehampton, L. I., June 1, 1750; married Rebecca Howell. He was a farmer of Southampton, N. Y., and died

about 1830.


917 SUSANNA, m. Joshua Topping.
918 SARAH,6 m. David Hildreth.
919 MARY,6 m. Benjamin Halsey.
920 CHARLES,6 of Sandgate, Vt.; m. Eunice Howell.






921* URIAH,6 b. March 17, 1792;'m. Nancy G. Topping.
922 NANCY.6
923 DANIEL,6 d. unmarried.
924 JOHN,6 d. unmarried.

329 JAMES 5 SAYRE, born in Southampton August 20, 1753; married, March 16, 1777, Prudence Cooper, daughter of Ananias Cooper, of Bridgehampton, who was born May 15, 1754.

He was a blacksmith, and lived on his father's homestead after the latter's death, and died there December 27, 1840.

He was a soldier of the Revolution, as appears from the following copy of application for pension on file in the Pension Bureau at Washington:

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On this 6th day of February, 1838, personally appeared before me Hugh Halsey of Southampton in said County, First Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in and for said County, JAMES SAYRE, of said Town of Southampton, County and State aforesaid, who being by me first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832.

That he was born at Southampton, aforesaid, on the 20th day of August, 1753, and was eighty-four years of age on the 20th day of August last, as he has always been informed and believes; that he has seen a record of his age in his father's family Bible, but is unable to state where that record now is.

That he enlisted in the service of the United States on the 28th day of June, 1775, in the town of Southampton and County of Suffolk, State of New York, in the company commanded by Capt. John Hulbert, John Davis ist Lt., and Wm. Haven 2d Lt., belonging to the third regiment of New York forces under the command of Col. James Clinton; that he enlisted as a Corporal into said company; that he enlisted for the term of six months to commence on the ist day of July and end on the 31st day of December then next. A few days after his enlistment the company was mustered at the residence of Capt. Hulbert in said town of Southampton, and he with said company marched to Montauk, being the extreme East part of Long Island, and were stationed there as a guard to protect and defend the cattle feeding upon the extreme plains, or common, from the depredations of the British then lying in Gardner's Bay; that two other companies were there part of the time, one from Southold in Suffolk Co., commanded by Capt. Griffin, the other from Huntington in said County, commanded by Capt. Grinnell; that he continued at Montauk in the service until the latter part of August of that year, at which time Gen. Wooster came to Montauk with orders for the three companies then stationed there to march to Ticonderoga in the northern part of the State of New York; that he with said company left Montauk and embarked on the first of September on board a sloop at Sag Harbor and arrived at New York in a few days; that he with said company staid in New York a few days and then again embarked on board the same sloop for Albany where they arrived in a few days; staid there a few days and then marched through Half Moon and Saratoga on the west side of the Hudson river to Lake George where they embarked on board of boats and went to the head of the lake where they landed and marched to Ticonderoga a distance of about three miles; that he arrived there sometime in the month of September and continued in the Fort at Ticonderoga until the first of November. In the month of November Fort Chambly on Lake Champlain was taken by General Montgomery, Gen. Arnold, and Ethan Allen, and one hundred and seventyfive prisoners, as it was said, were taken, being men, women and children. The prisoners were sent down to Ticonderoga the last of October and put under the care of Capt. Hulbert's Co. They left Ticonderoga with the prisoners the first day of November and crossed Lake George and thence marched down to Albany; that on arriving at Albany Capt. Hulbert with a part of the company started for Trenton with the officers and musicians and that he with a part of the company under Lieut. Havens, guarded the

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other prisoners to Old Canaan, in the State of Connecticut, delivered the prisoners, staid there a few days, and then marched to Fort Constitution on the Hudson river where Capt. Hulbert and the rest of the company joined them; that he staid at Fort Constitution with said company in the service until about the 27th of December; that on that day, or two or three days before, his term of service expired he was sent to New York with despatches to one Capt. Johnson; that Benjamin Sanford and George Ludlow were sent with him; that he arrived in New York on the first day of January, 1776, and delivered the despatches to Capt. Johnson. When he left Ft. Constitution Capt. Hulbert told him not to return, but to go on home from New York, as his term of service would expire on the 31st of December; that he staid in New York one day and embarked on board of a sloop for Setauket, on Long Island, where he landed and went through Riverhead to his home in the Town of Southampton, where he arrived about the fourth or fifth of January, 1776, having served his full term of enlistment of six months.

He knows of no person whose testimony he can procure who can testify to his service except Abraham Sherril of the town of East Hampton in said county of Suffolk, who was with him as a private in said company. He now lives in the said town of Southampton and has lived there ever since the Revolutionary War. He is acquainted with Rev. Amri Francis and Gurden Cowithe, residing in his neighborhood, who can testify as to his character for veracity and their belief of his services as a soldier of the Revolution. He had a written discharge from Capt. John Hulbert but has since lost it and is now unable to say where it is.

He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the Agency of any State.

(Signed) JAMES SAYRE. Sworn and subscribed before me this fifth

day of February, 1838. Hugh Halsey, First Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, of Suffolk County, of the State of New York.

The following paper refers to the foregoing James Sayre:

To the Surrogate of the County of Suffolk.

The Petition of Oliver Sayre of the town of Southampton in the said County, Respectfully showeth that your petitioner is the son of James Sayre late of said town and county, dec'd.

That the said James Sayre died in the town of Southampton aforesaid on or about the 27 December 1840, that at the time of his death he was an inhabitant of the said County of Suffolk, and was possessed of Goods, Chattels and Credits. That the said deceased has left no last will and testament as far as your petitioner has been able to discover, or has heard. That in the opinion of your petitioner it is necessary that administration of the estate of the said deceased be granted to some discreet person. That his only next of kin are your Petitioner Dolly Sayre and Betsey Hand, wife of Silvanus Hand of said town, and Harriet Lester wife of Charles Lester of the City of New York. Your petitioner therefore prays that he (there being no widow) may be appointed Administrator of the Goods, Chattels and Credits of the said deceased, and will ever pray, &c.

OLIVER SAYRE. Dated 21 day of June, 1844.

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