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252 CHARLES 5 SEARS, born at New Haven, Conn., February 17, 1768 ; married, at Sharon, Conn., February 18, 1793, .Elizabeth Warren. They were both of America, N. Y.


606* CHARLES,6 b. in New Haven, Conn.; m. Gertrude Vanderzee.




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253 JAMES 5 SAYRE, born either in Elizabeth, N. J., or in Orange County, N. Y., June, 1733 ; married first, Mary Mapes, and second, Mary Goldsmith, who was born in Southampton, L. I., March 30, 1749, and died March 27, 1813. He served in the French and Indian wars. He had a farm in the southern part of Goshen Township, on the main road from Chester to Florida. He died April 6, 1821.


607* MARY,6 b. Nov. I, 1759; m. Daniel Poppino.


608 JAMES,6 b. April 12, 1788; unmarried. He served in the War of 1812, and

was known as Capt. James Sayre. He died Dec. 10, 1849. 609* WILLIAM,6 b. Nov. 28, 1789; m. Jan. 24, 1811, Martha Jackson. 610 RUTH,6 m. Egbert Jessup, of Goshen, and had two children. She died, and

he married her cousin Sarah (625), daughter of Benjamin 5 Sayre (255).


254 JOHN 5 SAYRE, born in Goshen, Orange County, N. Y.; married Abigail Goldsmith, who was born in Washingtonville, Orange County, and died September 12, 1824. He served in the Revolution; was a Lieutenant in the Florida and Warwick Company, and on March 12, 1777, was commissioned a Captain in the same company, resigning March 4, 1780.

He was a farmer living on the Ridge Road near Florida in Orange County, where he died October 12, 1814. His will is recorded at Goshen, N. Y.


611* MARTHA,6 m. Timothy Roe.
612* SUSANNA,6 b. March 24, 1772; m. Richard Johnson.
613* ABIGAIL,6 b. July 24, 1774; m. John Crane, of Goshen.
614 SARAH,6 m. Andrew Bradner.




2 James J. BRADNER.7
615* MARY,5 b. Dec. 30, 1780; m. Solomon Carpenter.
616 JOSEPH,6 died aged 16 years.
617* JOHN,6 m. Ist, Anna Miller, of Amity, N. Y.; 2d, Mary McLaughlin.

255 BENJAMIN 5 SAYRE, born in Goshen, Orange County, N. Y., December 21, 1740; married Susan Jennings, a cousin of the mother of Hon. William H. Seward, who was born July 2, 1743, and died January 2, 1841, aged ninetySeven years and six months.

He was a soldier of the Revolution, in Captain Bailey's Company, Colonel Wisner's Reg.nent, from Orange County.

He was a farmer in Warwick, Orange County, where he died May 7, 1815. His will is recorded in Liber E, folio 309, at Goshen, N. Y., May 16, 1815.

His widow's will, dated October 7, 1824, was recorded February 12, 1841, Liber I, folio 159.



618 MARY,6 b. Sept. 17, 1766; m. Marvin ; d. July 23, 1833.
619* JAMES,6 b. Nov. 26, 1768; m. Abigail Duncan,
620 EUNICE, b. 1770, of Warwick, received £200 by her father's will; d. Feb. 2,

1863, aged 93 years. She made her will Aug. 10, 1858, which was probated
March 9, 1863. Recorded in Goshen, Liber XXVII, folio 565. She be-
queathed to the Presbyterian Church of Florida, Orange County, all her stock
in the bank of Orange County, and made numerous bequests to grandchildren
of her brother and sisters, and left the rest of her estate to the Board of Edu.

cation of the Presbyterian Church, Old School. 621 LOIS,6 b. April 25, 1776; m. Samuel Pitts, who died Sept. 14, 1846, aged 65 years.

She died Dec. 8, 1863.


CHARLES SEELY Pitts, m. Hannah Maria

622* BENJAMIN,6 b. Oct. 4, 1780; m. Ist, Mary Teed; 2d, Hannah Teed.
623 SUSANNAH,6 b. 1784 ; received £200 by her father's will. Died June 17, 1857.
624 AZUBA,6 m. Horace Dibble. She lived in Chili, Monroe Co., N. Y., in 1841,

and in 1863 at Balmea, Jefferson Co., Wis.

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625 SARAH,6 m. Ist, Egbert Jessup, who died Aug. I, 1823, aged 33 years; 2d,

William Rhodes, of Ohio. She received £ 200 by her father's will.

256 DANIEL 5 SAYRE, born probably in Goshen, January 13, 1743 ; married Lydia Burt, who was born at Belvale, Orange County, May 1, 1750, and died June 3, 1796. He was a farmer living midway between Belvale and Warwick, Orange County, N. Y., where, at about the time of the Revolution, he erected the stone house known as the Sayre Homestead.

In April, 1777, he was one of a company of scouts, under command of Major Henry Wisner, who captured a party of Tories in the passes of the Monroe mountains on their way to join the British in New York.

He was also one of the volunteers who guarded Ramapo Pass (“Calendar Hist. MSS.," Albany, II, p. 77).

He died November 26, 1823.

CHILDREN. 626 JAMES BURT,b. Mar. 16, 1773. He was a man of great physical powers,

but overexerted himself and brought on consumption. Went to South Caro

lina for his health, and died there March 20, 1800, unmarried.
627 ANNA, b. Aug. 8, 1775, d. April 2, 1842, in Warwick, N. Y., unmarried.
628* MARY,6 b. Dec. 1, 1777; m. John Whitney.
629* ABNER, b. Dec. II, 1779; m. Hannah Scott.
630* HANNAH, b. July 20, 1782 ; m. Abner Ketchum.
631* JOSEPH,4 b. Nov, 12, 1784; m. Hannah Ketchum.
632 MARTHA,6 b. July 28, 1787; d. May 23, 1823.
633 BENJAMIN, born in Warwick and died in infancy.
634* BENJAMIN,4 b. April 29, 1791 ; married Rebecca Forshee.

257 STEPHEN 5 SAYRE, born in Orange County, N. Y., March 9, 1745; married Anna Smith, who was born about April 17, 1751, and died April 17, 1810.

He was a farmer in Orange County, in the town of Wallkill, where he died April 9, 1820.

His will was probated April 29, 1820, and is recorded at Goshen, in Liber F, folio

330. He bequeathed his homestead farm to his son Stephen. He had given his other sons their portions during his lifetime.


635* JOSHUA,6 b. Sept. 14, 1771 ; m. Ist, Prudence Slauson; 2d, Rebecca Greer. 636* JONATHAN,6 b. Nov. 30, 1773; m. Ist, Hannah Smith ; 2d, Mrs. Esther

King. 637 HANNAH,6 b. Oct. 30, 1775; m. Sept. 1, 1796, Charles Smith. 638 MARTHA,6 probably died in childhood, as she is not mentioned in her father's

will. 639 ANNA,6 b. Sept. 15, 1785; m. in 1810, Eliphalet Warner, who was born Sept.

29, 1773, and died Dec. 29, 1834. She died March 4, 1839.



BETSY ANN WARNER,7 b. March 14, 1813; m. 1833, Nathan Slauson, and

had seven children. She died about 1892. PRUDENCE WARNER,? b. Jan. 9, 1816; m. Feb. 2, 1839, William H.

Horton. She died March 24, 1895.


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1 Sophronia Horton,8 m. Benjamin Vail. They live at 53 W. Main

street, Middletown, N. Y.
2 J. Decker Horton, m. Julia Nolan.

3 HANNAH WARNER,7 b. Sept. 15, 1819; m. 1841, Andrew Albertson. She

died in 1876. They had two children. 4 LUCINDA WARNER,7 b. May 18, 1823; m. 1841, Daniel S. Wheat. They

had one child.

640* STEPHEN,6 m. Ruth Seely.
641* ELIZABETH,6 m. David H. Slauson.
642 PRUDENCE,6 died unmarried.
643* WILLIAM ALLISON,b. March 16, 1793; m. Sarah Murray.

259 JONATHAN 5 SAYRE was born in Goshen, March 30, 1752 ; married, May 3, 1774, Mary Monell, who was born September 14, 1756. She was a sister of John J. Monell's grandfather. During the Revolution he was in Captain Woodhull's Company of Light Horse Cavalry of Orange County. (See p. 551 of Vol. III of “State Historian's Report of New York.”) He inherited his father's farm at Hamptonburgh, N. Y.

CHILDREN. 644 MARY,6 b. March 11, 1775; m. McColen; d. Oct. 10, 1806. 645 JOSEPH1,6 b. Nov. 3, 1776, was a sea captain. Lost at sea, unmarried, Feb.

16, 1801. 646* JEMIMA,6 b. April 27, 1779; m. Joshua Wells. 647 MARTHA,6 b. July 11, 1781 ; m. Archibald & Sayre (691). 648* ELSIE, b. July 21, 1783; m. John Stiles. 649* ELIZABETH, b. Oct. II, 1785; m. Hezekiah Watkins. 650* WILLIAM,6 b. May 18, 1788; m. Ist, Mary Van Duzer; 2d, Elvira Monell. 651 JANE SOPHIA,6 b. Dec. 19, 1792; d. Aug. 23, 1798.


260 THOMAS 5 SAYRE, born probably in Orange County, N. Y., in 1739; married Abigail Lupton, of East Hampton, N. Y. He was a farmer and merchant. He moved to Newton, Sussex County, N. J., thence to Windham, Greene County, N. Y., and subsequently to Milford, Otsego County, N. Y., where he died January 17, 1819.


652* REBECCA,6 b. March 4, 1766; m. John Broderick.
653 JESSE.6
654* WILLIAM,6 m. Elizabeth Staples.
655* DAVID LUPTON,6 b. 1773 ; m. Huldah Turney.
656 KETURAH,6 m. William Longstreet, of Newton, N. J.
657 ABIJAH 6 (?) went to France and was never heard of.
658 PAMELA,5 m. in Sussex County, N. J., Robert Broderick, son of Anthony and

Mary Finn Broderick, younger brother of the above mentioned John who
married Rebecca 6 Sayre (652). They had one son.



659 JOEL,6 b. Oct., 1783; d. May 10, 1816, at Marietta, Pa., unmarried.

261 SAMUEL 5 SAYRE, born in Goshen, N. Y., May 5, 1741; married first, January 9, 1766, Mary Cooper, who was born in Blackriver, July 29, 1749, and died October 18, 1777. He married second, on June 9, 1779, Margaret Stone, who was born in Woodbridge, N. J., May 9, 1758, and died February 6, 1814.

He was commissioned First Major, Western Battalion, Morris County (New Jersey) Militia, May 15, 1777; also served as Major in the New Jersey State troops during the Revolutionary war.

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