The Institution Quarterly, Volume 6

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State Board of Administration, State Charities Commission, State Psychopathic Institute, 1915 - Illinois

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Page 11 - ... and may allow said child to remain in its own home subject to the visitation of the probation officer; such child to report to the probation officer as often as may be required, and subject to be returned...
Page 9 - An Act to revise the law in relation to the commitment and detention of lunatics, and to provide for the appointment and removal of conservators, and to repeal certain Acts therein named," approved June 21, 1893, in force July 1, 1893.
Page 63 - AN ACT To increase the efficiency and change the name of the United States Marine Hospital Service [32 Stats., 7121 Be it enacted Tyy the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the United States Marine-Hospital Service...
Page 180 - Home life is the highest and finest product of civilization. It is the great molding force of mind and character. Children should not be deprived of it except for urgent and compelling reasons.
Page 9 - feebleminded" in this act shall be construed to mean any person afflicted with mental defectiveness from birth or from an early age, so pronounced that he is incapable of managing himself and his affairs, or being taught to do so, and requires supervision, control and care for his own welfare, or for the welfare of others, or for the welfare of the community, who is not classifiable as an insane person within the meaning and intent of the laws of the State of Louisiana.
Page 16 - The invalidity of any part of this act shall not be construed to affect the validity of any other part capable of having practical operation and effect without the invalid part.
Page 13 - No female person committed shall be taken to the institution by any male person not her husband, father, brother, or son, without the attendance of some woman of good character and mature age, chosen for the purpose by the court, which woman shall, if the court sees fit, be paid therefor such reasonable remuneration as the court allows.
Page 174 - ... buildings. In working prisoners we give from fifteen to twenty men to an officer. His part is to direct this number in a humane and intelligent manner and to have them understand it is our purpose to be helpful. With such methods we have very little trouble so far as discipline is concerned. Work on this 1,150 acres of land consists of building roads, constructing buildings, farming, making brick, crushing stone, building and repairing wagons, painting and white-washing the buildings, poultry...
Page 10 - ... all whom it may concern." The petition shall be verified by affidavit, which affidavit shall be sufficient upon information and belief. Process shall be issued against all persons made parties by the designation of "all whom it may concern" by such description, and notice given by publication as is required in this act shall be sufficient to authorize the court to hear and determine the suit as though the parties had been sued by their proper names.
Page 129 - The board is composed of five members appointed by the Governor and is bipartisan in character.

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