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the same great object continues to be pursued, by faithful endeavours to cultivate the understandings of youth, and by a steady attention to discipline, it is hoped that you will have the satisfaction to observe the same effects produced, and that the scene will be realised, which our POETESS has so beautifully described

When this, this little group their Country calls
From academic shades and learned halls,
To fix her laws, her spirit to sustain,
And light up glory through her wide domain,
Their various tastes in diff'rent arts display'd,
Like temper'd harmony of light and shade,
With friendly union in one mass shall blend,
And this adorn the state, and that defend.

I am,

With sincere respect and gratitude,

Your much obliged, and

most obedient servant,


Warrington Academy.


DR. ENFIELD'S “Speaker” has long been a favourite Manual of Instruction in Reading, Elocution, and Recitation. This popularity is in a great measure owing to the good taste and discrimination evinced in the selections. But as it was felt that a few of the most beautiful pieces in our more modern literature would be a valuable accession in themselves, and strictly in unison with the original design, the publishers have availed themselves of the services of the Rev. James Pycroft in making an appropriate selection, and they trust that the care bestowed



present Edition will secure for the work a larger share of public favour than it has even hitherto enjoyed.

In addition to passages from Shakespeare, Dr. Johnson, and Cowper, the publishers have been enabled, by the kind permission of the proprietors of the respective copyrights, to add a few of those choice pieces which are too widely scattered, and in too expensive a form, to be generally available in the instruction of youth. Such are--"The Spanish Armada,” by T. B. Macaulay ; “Hohenlinden,” by Campbell; Bishop Heber's “Hymn in India ; " " The Homes of England,” by Mrs. Hemans; and the favourite “Monody on the Death of Sir John Moore.”

Sept., 1851.

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