Department of Defense Authorization for Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2001 and the Future Years Defense Program: Febuary 24, March 2, 9, 2000

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Page 238 - Some equality in marriage is a good thing, but by and large the husband ought to have the main say-so in family matters.
Page 30 - United Nations, Report on the World Social Situation (New York, 1957), p.
Page 181 - Eduard C. Lindeman and Social Work Philosophy. By Gisela Konopka. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1958.
Page 75 - But there cannot be question of any perfect cure, except this opposition be done away with, and well-ordered members of the social body come into being anew, vocational groups namely, binding men together not according to the position they occupy in the labor market, but according to the diverse functions which they exercise in society.
Page 305 - Giese concentrated on the lay apostolate there and found "a rather wide-spread social awareness" and "a ground-swell of lay responsibility." There is no substitute for suggesting the vitality but to catalogue with him the names of some of these movements: "The Christian Family Movement, the Young Christian Workers, the Young Christian Students, the Catholic Labor Alliance, the Catholic Interracial Council, the Catholic Guild for the Blind, Friendship House, Blessed Martin de Porres Center, Peter...
Page 111 - The child is born into a situation in which there are ready-made definitions for all the ordinary affairs of every life. These definitions are in the folkways and mores of all groups that have a history and a tradition, and they are inculcated in the thinking and behavior habits of the group members. New circumstances and changed conditions call for new definitions. Social control signifies the social definition of the wishes of the individual and their incorporation in the common attitudes and objectives...
Page 99 - Yet while it can hardly be defined so exactly as "social processes," it is possible to state the idea in general terms. A social problem, as the term is herein understood, means any social situation which attracts the attention of a considerable number of competent observers within a society, and appeals to them as calling for readjustment or remedy by social, ie, collective, action of some kind or other.
Page 114 - By myths we mean the value-impregnated beliefs and notions that men hold, that they live by or live for.
Page 118 - Zetterberg, ed., Sociology in the United States of America (Paris: UNESCO, 1956) pp.
Page 115 - Maclver, The Web of Government (New York: The Macmillan Co., 1947), pp.

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