Transactions of the National Association of Cotton Manufacturers, Issue 60

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Page 209 - ... it shall be the duty of legislatures and magistrates, in all .future periods of this Commonwealth, to cherish the interests of literature and the sciences, and all seminaries of them ; especially the university at Cambridge, public schools, and grammar schools in the towns...
Page 3 - Laboratory, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a laboratory or station for scientific study and investigation, and a school for instruction in biology and natural history, and have complied with the provisions of the statutes of this Commonwealth...
Page 3 - Massachusetts, do hereby certify that said [the names of the subscribers to the agreement of association], their associates and successors, are legally organized and established as, and are hereby made, an existing corporation under the name of [name of the corporation], with the powers, rights and privileges, and subject to the limitations, duties and restrictions, which by law appertain thereto.
Page 6 - The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Government, and keep accurate records of their doings.
Page 3 - ... and have complied with the provisions of the statutes of this commonwealth in such case made and provided...
Page 209 - Cambridge ; public schools and grammar schools in the towns ; to encourage private societies and public institutions ; rewards and immunities for the promotion of agriculture, arts, sciences, commerce, trades, manufactures, and a natural history of the country...
Page 207 - All moneys raised by taxation in the towns and cities for the support of public schools, and all moneys which may be appropriated by the Commonwealth for the support of common schools shall be applied to, and expended in, no other schools than those which are conducted according to law, under the order and superintendence of the authorities of the town or city in which the money is expended...
Page 5 - It shall be the duty of all members of the Association to make returns to the Secretary of such statistics as may be called for by him, under the direction of any committee duly appointed for the collection of statistics, when not incompatible with private interests. OFFICERS. ARTICLE 6.
Page 210 - After the first day of September in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-five every city of twenty thousand or more inhabitants shall maintain as part of its high school system the teaching of manual training. The course to be pursued in said instruction shall be subject to the approval of the State Board of Education.
Page 237 - Before and during the Revolution the families of planters and their slaves were clothed in cotton homespuns made in the State. A factory, weaving these goods for the supply of the adjacent country, was established some years previous to 1790 by the Scotch-Irish settlers at Murray's Ferry, Williamsburg County, and Mr. Benjamin Waring established, in the latter part of the last century, a cotton factory near Stateburg. for spinning and weaving Manchester cotton stuffs.

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