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ADAMS, Cyrus C. Making the Northwest Passage, 81. Cambridge University, England, Budget of, 746.
Adams, Cyrus C. Three unarmed men cross the Saha- Canada : Affairs in, 266.

American relations with, 518.
Afghanistan and Persia, Troubles of, 366.

Church unity in, 266.
Africa, Progress in, 279.

Progress in, A year of, 47.
Air of our great cities, Improving the, 618.

Prosperous condition of, 653.
Alaska : see under Congressional affairs.

Railway commission of, 225.
Alcohol and railroad accidents in Germany, 494.

What the people read in, 720.
Alcohol as a remedy for disease, 361.

Caribbean regions, Volcanoes and earthquakes in, 440.
Alfonso, King of Spain, betrothal of, 275, 403 ; wedding Carmania, largest turbine steamship, 220.
of, 515.

Cartoons of the Month, 26, 157, 284, 412, 668.
Allen, William H. The demand for better school re- Chang, T. Y. A Chinaman on the Chinese situation, 423.
ports, 575.

Charcoal, an antidote for internal poisoning, 360.
America's international rôle, 515.

Chicago election, 527.
Anderson, Captain E., Pay of our soldiers as affecting Chicago, Municipal ownership of traction lines in, 264,
desertion and reënlistment, 330.

Animal life, Relation of, to human diseases, 246.

Children, Training of, 748.
Animals and plants, similarity of their beginnings, 747. Children's Court in American city life, 305.
Animals, Sight and speech of, 368.

China, Affairs in, 278, 406–07, 423.
Anthony, Susan B., 416.

China, American relations with, 264.
Aoki, Viscount, Japanese ambassador to the United China becoming a great power, 744.
States, 166.

China, Customs affairs in, 663.
Arbitration, International, growth of, since Hague China, Japan's treaty with, 22.
conference, 228.

China, sphinx of the twentieth century, 239.
Architecture, college, in America, Recent, 100.

Chinese Imperial Special Commission, 144, 299.
Arctic, Shipwrecked in the, 222.

Christian Endeavor movement, 342.
Army: Pay of our soldiers as affecting desertion and Christian IX., of Denmark, Death of, 273; character
reënlistment, 330.

sketch, 289.
Athletics, What England can teach us in, 302.

Christianity, divine element in, Sir Oliver Lodge on, 617.
Australasia, What the people read in, 469.

Church federation and unity, 265.
Australasian character, Phases of, 497.

Cities, Improving the air of, 618.
Austria and Hungary, Political peace between, 537. Clémenceau, Georges, the Warwick of French politics,
Austria: see also under Hungary.

Austria, Universal suffrage in, 18.

Coal, anthracite, miners, Demands of, 477.
Austria-Hungary : Francis Joseph's dream and its ful- Coal-carrying railroads, Investigation of, 950.
fillment, 92.

Coal miners and operators, Differences and negotiations
Austria-Hungary, Tariff revision in, 530.

of, 142, 262, 392, 526.
Austrian goods, Boycotting of, 276.

Coal, United States Government mining its own, 218.
Austro-Hungarian parliamentary deadlock, 403.

Coffee, Beneficial effects of, 245.
Automobile industry in America, 621.

Colombia, New era in, 567.

Colorado River delta and its problems, 428.
BAER, GEORGE F. : Master-spirit of the anthracite in- Columbia University,-Why it has' abolished foot-
dustry, 545.

ball, 71.
“Balkans, United States of,” 276.

Congo, American attitude toward the, 537.
Baumfeld, Maurice. Turkey versus Europe in the Bal- Congressional affairs :
kans, 77.

Alaska, Delegate for, 260.
Baxter, Sylvester, Redevelopment of an old State Consular reform bill, 136.
(Maine), 55.

Niagara Falls, Bill for preserving, 522.
Beggars, Dutch society for moral rescue of, 356.

Organization of new Congress, 5.
Biologists, French, Recent experiments by, 104.

Panama Canal appropriation, 7.
Björkman, Edwin. The late King of Denmark (Chris- Panama Canal, Obstructing the, 134.
tian IX.), 289.

Philippine tariff bill, 132, 393. See also under Philip-
Björkman, Frances Maule. The Children's Court in pines.
American city life, 305.

President, Opposition to, 131.
Björkman, Frances Maule. The visiting nurse as a so- President's annual message, 6.
cial force, 446.

Proceedings in Congress, 23, 153, 280, 408, 538, 665.
Blanchard, C. J. Delta of the Colorado River and its Pure-food bill, 389.
problems, 428.

Railroad-rate bill, 132, 259, 387, 520, 648.
Blind, industrial training for, 730.

Santo Domingo policy, 135 ; treaty, 260.
Books, The new, 113, 253, 380, 507, 637, 755.

Shipping subsidies question), 8, 260.
Boston: Fitzgerald, John F., elected mayor, 11.

Statehood question, 4, 133, 389, 526.
Brooks, R. O. Food science and pure-food question, Work of Congress, 525.

Consular service, Reform for, 9, 136, 475, 524, 555.
Buddhist idea of moral worth, 364.

Consumption, Crusade against, 103. See also under
Bulgaria, Tariff matters in, 531.

Burnand, Sir Francis, editor of Punch, 495.

Conventions and other gatherings of 1906, 602.
Burns, John, workman-minister, 373.

Coöperative stores at universities, 624.
Butler, Nicholas Murray. Why Columbia University Corporations, Industrial, Value of public agitatior,
has abolished football, 71.

Corporations,-Making them serve the people more

Cotton growing and cotton gambling, 345.
CALIFORNIA : Building up a State by organized effort, Cuba : Reëlection of President Palma, 12

Curie, Pierre, Loss to science by death of

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