The American Monthly Review of Reviews, Volume 33

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Albert Shaw
Review of Reviews, 1906 - American literature

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Page 295 - ... might have been detected by means of a competent medical examination at such time, such person or transportation company, or the master, agent, owner, or consignee of any such vessel shall pay to the collector of customs of the customs district in which the port of arrival is located the sum of...
Page 338 - Modern Germany: Her Political and Economic Problems, her Policy, her Ambitions, and the Causes of her Success. By J. ELLIS BARKER.
Page 295 - All idiots, insane persons, paupers, or persons likely to become a public charge, persons suffering from a loathsome or a dangerous contagious disease, persons who have been convicted of a felony or other infamous crime or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude...
Page 35 - The stated objectives of many of the studies of the new machines or sources of power which have been carried on by the state experiment stations and the United States Department of Agriculture have been: To obtain and make available information that will enable farmers in the area to decide whether the new machine will be economical. (See statement of objectives for Project 20C.) This is a somewhat more restricted objective than those stated above and has usually led to a somewhat narrower...
Page 485 - You well know that in dealing, as an individual, with other individuals, trouble is seldom made by the fact that you are actually the superior of another man in any respect. The trouble comes when you tell the other man, too stridently, that you are his superior. Be my superior, quietly, simply showing your superiority in your deeds, and very likely I shall love you for the very fact of your superiority.
Page 296 - The most serious obstacle we have to encounter in the effort to secure a proper regulation of the immigration to these shores arises from the determined opposition of the foreign steamship lines who have no interest whatever in the matter save to increase the returns on their capital by carrying masses of immigrants hither in the steerage quarters of their ships.
Page 75 - We were dominated by a vague feeling as if a great outbreak of elemental forces had begun, as if an earthquake was impending of which we had felt the first shock, and we instinctively crowded together. Thus we wandered about in numerous bands — to the
Page 85 - Reconstruction. 1820-1876. These volumes present the principal features in the political history of the United States from the opening of the American Revolution to the close of the era of the Reconstruction. They give in more convenient form the series of articles on "American Political History " contributed to Lalor's "Cyclopedia of Political Science, Political Economy, and Political History," by the late Professor Alexander Johnston.
Page 85 - The stoutest heart might well be appalled by the volume and range of these 13.000 documents, comprising a correspondence carried on in nine languages with all the world, and dealing with every theory of philosophy and every scheme of politics familiar and unfamiliar in the eighteenth century.
Page 295 - And provided further, That skilled labor may be imported if labor of like kind unemployed cannot be found in this country...

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