The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, Volume 51

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A. and C. Black, 1851 - Science

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Page 384 - Suggestions to Astronomers for the Observation of the Total Eclipse of the Sun on July 28, 1851.
Page 341 - Smaller quadrupeds are usually, also, more prolific than larger ones. The actual presence therefore of small species of animals in countries where...
Page 317 - In the remains of an extinct animal world, England is to find the means of increasing her wealth in agricultural produce, as she has already found the great support of her manufacturing industry in fossil fuel — the preserved matter of primeval forests — the remains of a vegetable world.
Page 21 - I can only compare the capricious chance which has hitherto put us in the exclusive possession of these seven jaws, with the equally strange accident recorded by Dr. Mantell, in his career of discovery in the Wealden. He computed that in the course of twenty years he had found teeth and bones of the Iguanodon which must have belonged to no less than 71 distinct individuals, varying in age and magnitude from the reptile just burst from the egg, to one of which the femur measured 24 inches in circumference....
Page 63 - Now this by the hypothesis is assumed to take place in the atmosphere. Supposing it all at mean temperature, the lines of force would have the direction determined by the arrangement of the power within the earth. Then the sun's presence in the east would make all the atmosphere in that region a worse conductor, and cause it to assume the character of D ; and as the sun came up to and passed over the meridian and away to the west, the atmosphere under his influence would bring up changes in direction...
Page 241 - Apothem has been applied by some chemists; a similar result is obtained by the evaporation of an infusion of black tea. The same action takes place by the exposure of the infusions of many vegetable substances to the...
Page 238 - ... as fully master of the subject, as those whose official duty has led them to make it their peculiar study. The first point, to which I wish to call the attention of the committee, is the amount of what may be considered as the probable future income of the country ; and I will begin by recapitulating the result of the accounts for different years, which have been already stated.
Page 1 - This historical development," continues the same author, " of the forms and functions of organic life during successive epochs, seems to mark a gradual evolution of creative power, manifested by a gradual ascent towards a higher type of being." " But the elevation of the fauna of successive periods was not made by transmutation, but by creative additions; and it is by watching these additions that we get some insight into Nature's true historical progress, and learn that there was.
Page 317 - ... of a snowy whiteness, and resembled a scene of wintry frosts and icy desolation. Not a shrub or object of any kind rose above the surface for the eye to rest upon. The hiatus in the animal and vegetable kingdoms was perfect. It was a scene which excited mingled emotions of admiration and apprehension.
Page 338 - Alton, that the Megatherium was a burrowing animal. The same structure equally shows that it was not, as Dr. Lund supposes, a scansorial quadruped ; for, in the degree in which the foot departs from the structure of that of the existing Sloths, it is unfitted for climbing ; and the outer digit is modified, after the ungulate type, for the exclusive office of supporting the body in ordinary terrestrial progression. It may be inferred from the diminished curvature and length, and from the increased...

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