Report of the Chief of Ordnance to the Secretary of War

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1878

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Page 435 - The board met pursuant to adjournment. Present: All the members and the recorder. The foregoing proceedings were then read and approved. The board then adjourned.
Page 49 - From these tests the following practical conclusions were drawn when the projectiles are fired direct: An unbacked wrought-iron plate will be perforated with equal facility by solid steel shot of similar form of head, and having the same diameter, provided they have the same vis viva on impact ; and it is immaterial whether this...
Page iii - Jane 30, 1881, with such remarks and recommendations as the interests of this branch of the military service seem to require. The fiscal resources and expenditures of the department during the year were as follows, viz : Amount in the Treasury to the credit of appropriations on June 30, 1*60.
Page 271 - ... 3. Thirdly, to render the flight of the rope perfectly distinguishable to those who project it, and to the crew on board the vessel, so that they cannot fail of seeing on what part of the rigging it lodges, and consequently may have no difficulty in securing it.
Page 425 - The breech mechanism and receiver to be cleansed of grease, and the chamber of the barrel greased and plugged, the butt of the gun to be inserted to the height of the chamber in a solution of sal-ammoniac for 10 minutes, exposed for two days to the open air standing in a rack, and then fired 20 rounds.
Page 271 - ... of the greatest utility when formed of proper materials : and they have to add, that on the following day Captain Manby repeated the same experiment with perfect success, projecting the ladder to the distance of 194 yards with the beforementioned charge and elevation. " 6th — In order to show ' a method of affording certain relief to vessels stranded in the darkest night, with an improved mode of rendering the life-rope more distinguishable.
Page 335 - This metal is subjected, while in a liquid state, to a heavy pressure for the purpose of expelling air-bubbles, and is afterward reheated and hammered to secure uniformity and regularity of structure. A record of extended tests of this material will be found in the "Report of the Chief of Ordnance USA
Page 333 - The breech mechanism works in a slot cut in the prolongation of the steel jacket to the rear of the casing and tube, and is, in all its essential features, the same as that used in the Krupp breech-loading guns of heavy calibre. The results of the experiments led to the conclusion that the system described of breech insertion is superior in strength to muzzle insertion ; also that the facilities it introduces for the employment of shoulders, to prevent...
Page 271 - Had such boats been provided with a piece of this description, and the same firmly secured oo a stout piece of plank by the holes left at each corner of the iron bed, they might have projected a small rope coiled in a crate or basket made to the form of the bow of the boat, and the persons in the boat so provided, would not have remained the distressed spectators of the untimely...
Page 293 - ... of the steadying force in the two cases. Xovv the stick of the life-saving rocket is not only placed on one side, but is also a little curtailed in its length ; it may therefore be readily seen that this rocket is constructed on the supposition of its carrying a line, when the pull of the line from the starting point will act to draw the stick and rocket into the production of the line of flight it has taken up to the moment considered ; this steadying power (in spite of the wind carrying the...

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