Annual Report of the United States Coast Guard

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1920 - Marine service

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Page 42 - ... the Coast Guard, which shall constitute a part of the military forces of the United States and which shall operate under the Treasury Department in time of peace and operate as a part of the Navy, subject to the orders of the Secretary of the Navy, in time of war or when the President shall so direct.
Page 11 - January, 1914. 2. All other treaties, conventions and arrangements relating to safety of life at sea, or matters appertaining thereto, at present in force between governments parties to the present convention, shall continue to have full and complete effect during the terms thereof as regards...
Page 57 - Jack" is the union or blue field of the flag. The Revenue Marine Service flag, authorized by Act of Congress, March 2, 1799, was originally prescribed to "consist of sixteen perpendicular stripes, alternate red and white, the union of the ensign bearing the arms of the United States in dark blue on a white field.
Page 43 - June 20, 1874, and to submit to the Secretary of the Treasury, for transmission to Congress, an annual report of the expenditures of the moneys appropriated for the maintenance of the Life-Saving Service, and of the operations of said service during the year.
Page 189 - Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States, embracing— 1. All casualties outside of, but in proximity to, the coast line; 2. All casualties occurring in the bays and harbors adjacent to the coasts named; 3. All casualties occurring in or near the mouths of rivers emptying into the ocean or Gulf. II. Disasters occurring upon the Pacific coast of the United States, including those occurring in adjacent waters, as in the first division. III. Disasters occurring on the Great Lakes, embracing —...
Page 58 - From then until 1910 it was displayed indiscriminately on customhouses, customs boats, and revenue cutters. In order, therefore, that this distinctive ensign, the sign of authority of a cutter, should be used for no other purpose, as originally contemplated, President Taft issued the following Executive order on June 7, 1910 : By virtue of the authority vested in me under the provisions of section 2764 of the Revised Statutes, I hereby prescribe that the distinguishing flag now used by vessels of...
Page 11 - to cause any suitable number of public vessels, adapted to the purpose, to cruise upon the coast, in the severe portion of the season, when the public service will allow of it, and to afford such aid to distressed navigators as their circumstances and necessities may require ; and such public vessels shall go to sea prepared fully to render such assistance.
Page 44 - While the foregoing represent the principal duties, it is difficult to enumerate all the tasks that fall to the service, for it is essentially an emergency service, and it seems to be generally recognized that all the great departments of the Government should call upon the Coast Guard for any special work of a maritime nature for which no other vessels are especially maintained.
Page 42 - Treasury, with annual salary of $3,000 each, together with such clerical and technical positions anil the incumbents therein as it may be necessary to transfer from the two existing organizations to the Coast Guard. There may be such other clerical and technical assistance as may from time to time be authorized by Congress. Except as herein modified all existing laws relating either to the present LifeSaving Service or the present Revenue-Cutter Service shall remain of force as far as applicable...
Page 42 - Service, which are transferred to the Coast Guard, and all the present incumbents, officers and enlisted men, are also transferred to corresponding positions in the Coast Guard ; a general superintendent, assistant general superintendent, district superintendents, keepers, and surfmen, which offices and positions shall be transferred from the corresponding positions in the existing Life-Saving Service and be made like positions in the Coast Guard, and all the incumbent officers and surfmen shall...

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