Niagara Falls Power Development: Hearings, Eighty-third Congress, Second Session, on H.R. 4351, S. 689, S. 1971, S. 2599, S. 2966, Bills to Preserve the Scenic Beauty of the Niagara Falls and River, to Authorize the Construction of Certain Works of Improvement for Power and Other Purposes. July 23, 1953, March 10-11, 16, 29, 31, April 14, 29, May 3, 1954

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Page 267 - The Secretary of the Interior Is authorized, from funds to be appropriated by the Congress, to construct or acquire, by purchase or other agreement, only such transmission lines and related facilities as may be necessary in order to make the power and energy generated at said projects available in wholesale quantities for sale on fair and reasonable terms and conditions to facilities owned by the Federal Government, public bodies, cooperatives, and privately owned companies.
Page 425 - ... this purpose they are the public property of the nation, and subject to all the requisite legislation by congress. This necessarily Includes the power to keep them open and free from any obstruction to their navigation, Interposed by the states or otherwise; to remove such obstructions when they exist; and to provide, by such sanctions as they may deem proper, against the occurrence of the evil and for the punishment of offenders. For these purposes congress possesses all the powers which existed...
Page 124 - ... sale to and use by industry shall be a secondary purpose, to be utilized principally to secure a sufficiently high load factor and revenue returns which will permit domestic and rural use at the lowest possible rates and in such manner as to encourage increased domestic and rural use of electricity.
Page 14 - Thecomptroller and his legally authorized representatives are hereby authorized and empowered from time to time to examine the accounts and books of the authority, including its receipts, disbursements, contracts, leases, sinking funds, investments and any other matters relating to its financial standing. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, the authority shall have power, subject to the approval of the comptroller, to contract with the holders of any...
Page 45 - ... arising in States lying wholly or party west of the ninety-eighth meridian shall be only such use as does not conflict with any beneficial consumptive use, present or future, in States lying wholly or partly west of the ninety-eighth meridian, of such waters for domestic, municipal, stock water, irrigation, mining, or industrial purposes.
Page 424 - The power to regulate commerce comprehends the control for that purpose, and to the extent necessary, of all the navigable waters of the United States which are accessible from a State other than those in which they lie. For this purpose they are the public property of the Nation, and subject to all the requisite legislation by Congress.
Page 175 - This policy is further declared to be that the projects herein provided for shall be considered primarily as for the benefit of the people of the section as a whole and particularly the domestic and rural consumers to whom the power can economically be made available...
Page 171 - Interior, who shall transmit and dispose of such power and energy in such manner as to encourage the most widespread use thereof at the lowest possible rates to consumers consistent with sound business principles, the rate schedules to become effective upon confirmation and approval by the Federal Power Commission.
Page 469 - State, or municipality, but shall cause to be made such examinations, surveys, reports, plans, and estimates of the cost of the...
Page 143 - ... now or hereafter authorized by law to engage in the distribution of electrical current may secure a reasonable share of the power generated at the project...

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