Hearings, Reports and Prints of the House Select Committee on Small Business

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Page 241 - LIABILITY FOB THE FACILITIES Liability for the facilities (1964 Sep) (a) The Contractor shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to the Facilities, or for expenses incidental to such loss or damage, except that the Contractor shall be responsible for any such loss or damage (including expenses incidental thereto) which results from: (i)
Page 234 - amendment On the 8th of April 1949, Senator Morse of Oregon introduced his amendment on small business. He proposed the following: "(J) To the maximum extent consistent with the accomplishment of the purposes of this title, the Administrator shall provide that the procurement of machinery and other commodities in the United States, will be made on
Page 4 - of this Act. the President shall assist American small business to participate equitably in the furnishing of commodities, defense articles, and services (including defense services) financed with funds made available under this Act— (1) by causing to be made available to suppliers in the United States, and particularly to small independent enterprises, information, as far in advance as possible, with respect to purchases
Page 390 - been either built outside the United States, rebuilt outside the United States, or documented under any foreign registry until such vessel shall have been documented under the laws of the United States for a period of 3 years. Subpart C—Procurement Procedures—Responsibilities of Importers. 201.20
Page 49 - In this connection AID is under a specific mandate from the Congress to assist US small business to participate equitably in the furnishing of commodities and services financed by AID funds. AID is also
Page 26 - been one million tons larger. Now. this report goes on to say how wonderful foreign aid has been to big business. As it has helped big business, how is AID helping small business? And this will take some time for the record and I would appreciate it if you would supply it for the record. Dr.
Page 388 - (1) It contains any component from countries other than free world countries as listed In AID geographic code 899: or (U) It contains components which were Imported Into the country of production from such free world countries other than authorized source countries; and (a) Such components were acquired by the producer
Page 209 - however, that the Secretary concerned may, in writing, waive the Contractor's liability for such unauthorized use if he determines that circumstances amounting to gross inequity justify the waiver. The acceptance of any rental by the Government hereunder shall not be construed as a waiver or rellnquishment of any rights it may have against the Contractor growing out of
Page 409 - B. On the basis of Information from such sources as are available to the supplier and to the best of his Information and belief, the purchase price Is not higher than the maximum price permitted under each of the requirements of subpart O of AID Regulation 1. relating to maximum prices other than
Page 405 - shipments, to the extent that despatch exceeds demurrage Incurred on the same voyage. (11) Refunds of despatch, supported by the vessel's signed lay time statement(s), must be transmitted to the Controller, AID, Washington, DC 20523. within 90 days after date of discharge of the cargo on which the despatch was earned. (b) Air freight rates.

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