The Dispatches of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington, K. G. During His Various Campaigns in India, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, the Low Countries, and France: India, 1794-1805

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Page 72 - I had early intelligence of his situation ; but the night was so bad, and my horses so much fatigued, that I could not move. After a most anxious night, I marched in the morning, and met the King of the World with his army, about five thousand horse, at a village called Conagull, about six miles from hence.
Page 73 - ... regiments of cavalry, and drove them before me till they dispersed, and were scattered over the face of the country. I then returned and attacked the royal camp, and got possession of elephants, camels, baggage, &c.
Page 73 - Marhatta and Mogul cavalry and me. He drew up, however, in a very strong position, as soon as he perceived me ; and the victorious army stood for some time with apparent firmness.
Page 33 - If, where all behaved nobly, it is proper to mention individual merit, I know no man so justly entitled to praise as Colonel Sherbrooke, to whose exertions I feel myself much indebted for the success of the attack.
Page 397 - ... the picquets, and the great loss we sustained was in these two bodies. Another evil which resulted from this mistake was the necessity of introducing the cavalry into the cannonade and the action, long before it was time, by which that corps lost many men, and its unity and efficiency, which I intended to bring forward in a close pursuit at the heel of the day.
Page 566 - Company and their allies, all the territories which belonged to him previous to the breaking out of the war, which are situated to the southward of the hills, called the Adjuntee hills, including the fort and district of...
Page 550 - In order to secure and improve the relations of amity and peace hereby established between the two states, it is agreed that accredited ministers from each shall reside at the Court of the other.
Page xviii - As soon as the news of his victory arrived, he was raised to the peerage by the titles of Baron Douro of Wellesley, and Viscount Wellington of Talavera, and of Wellington in the county of Somerset.
Page 129 - I shall want is three hundred, of which Soondah can give only twenty ; Mysore, I suppose, about one hundred ; and I must depend upon you for the remainder. The pay which I have given the boatmen is one gold fanam for every day they do not work, and two gold fanams for every day they do; this money paid daily if they choose it. Let me know how many people of this description you can send me for this pay. You will see, by the date of this letter, that I have lost no time, and I am still in high style....
Page 19 - I immediately attacked with the 19th and 25th dragoons, and 1st and 2nd regiments of cavalry. ' The enemy was strongly posted, with his rear and left flank covered by the village and rock of Conahgull, and stood for some time with apparent firmness...

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