Hearings, Reports and Prints of the Senate Committee on Armed Services

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Page 5 - Defense, and the Secretary of Defense shall be the head thereof. "(b) There shall be within the Department of Defense (1) the Department of the Army...
Page 5 - States, except that activities peculiar to or primarily associated with the development of weapons systems, military operations, or the defense of the United States...
Page 1 - We unanimously believe that the nation's Interest will be better served by an all-volunteer force, supported by an effective stand-by draft, than by a mixed force of volunteers and conscripts.
Page 39 - Committee or a subcommittee if the absent member has been informed of the matter on which he is being recorded and has affirmatively requested that he be so recorded.
Page 5 - Respect for the individual means respect for every individual. Every man and woman must have equal rights before the law, and an equal opportunity to vote and hold office, to be educated, to get a job and to be promoted when qualified, to buy a home, to participate fully in community affairs.
Page 18 - ... safety and reliability of our deterrent are themselves critical to peace. The United States is proud of its record of nuclear safety and intends to maintain it. Nevertheless, we are, as I said, ready now to take two important steps toward limiting nuclear testing.
Page 5 - Maintenance and operation of the Panama Canal, including administration, sanitation, and government of the Canal Zone. 5. Military research and development. 6. National security aspects of nuclear energy.
Page 39 - ... application by such person for a specific Government financial or other benefit, and is required to be kept secret in order to prevent undue injury to the competitive position of such person; or (f) may divulge matters required to be kept confidential under other provisions of law or Government regulations. 5. Presiding Officer. The chairman shall preside at all meetings and hearings of the committee except that in his absence the ranking majority member present at the meeting or hearing shall...
Page 10 - No funds may be appropriated for any fiscal year to or for the use of any armed force or obligated or expended for — (1) procurement of aircraft, missiles, or naval vessels; (2) any research, development, test, or evaluation, or procurement or production related thereto; (3) procurement of tracked combat vehicles; (4) procurement of other weapons...
Page 5 - ... techniques must continue to be developed. The increase in population and the growing complexity of the world add urgency. Greater resources — private, corporate, municipal, state and federal — must be mobilized. A higher proportion of the gross national product must be devoted to educational purposes. This is at once an investment in the individual, in the democratic process, in the growth of the economy and in the stature of the United States.

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