Proposed Extension of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation: Hearings Before the Committee on Banking and Currency, United States Senate, Eightieth Congress, First Session, on $80,000,000 Loan to the B. & O. Railroad

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Page 1334 - President of a corporation, and that the seal affixed to the foregoing instrument is the corporate seal of said corporation and that said instrument was signed and sealed in behalf of said corporation by authority of its Board of Directors, and said acknowledged said instrument to be the free act and deed of said corporation.
Page 971 - Federal agency" means the United States, the District of Columbia, and all executive departments, independent establishments, administrative agencies, and instrumentalities of the United States and of the District of Columbia, including corporations, all or substantially all of the stock of which is beneficially owned by the United States, by the District of Columbia, or any of the foregoing departments, establishments, agencies, and instrumentalities.
Page 1184 - Dated (Signature of petitioner) ss: , being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is the petitioner in the above-entitled proceeding; that he has read the foregoing petition and knows the contents thereof; that the same is true of his own knowledge, except as to matters therein stated to be alleged upon information and belief, and that as to those matters he believes it to be true.
Page 1336 - Company/ with perpetual succession, and by that name shall be capable in law of purchasing, holding, selling, leasing, and conveying estate, either real, personal, or mixed, so far as the same may be necessary for the purposes hereinafter mentioned, and no further...
Page 1263 - ... the identity, qualifications, and affiliations of the persons who are to be directors or officers, or voting trustees, if -any, upon the consummation of the plan, have been fully disclosed, and that the appointment of such persons to such offices, or their continuance therein, is equitable, compatible with the interests of the creditors and stockholders and consistent with public policy.
Page 1184 - I hereby certify that I have this day served the foregoing document upon all parties of record In this proceeding by mailing, postage prepaid (or by delivering In person) a copy to each such party.
Page 1358 - Commission shall, in connection with its approval thereof, also certify that such railroad, on the basis of present and prospective earnings, may reasonably be expected to meet its fixed charges, without a reduction thereof through judicial reorganization...
Page 1162 - ... the identity of, and the power and manner of selection of the persons who are to be directors, officers, or voting trustees, if any, upon the consummation of the plan and their respective successors, the plan makes full disclosure, is adequate, equitable, in the best interests of creditors and stockholders of each class, and consistent with public policy.
Page 1336 - Company, hereby incorporated ; and they, or a majority of them, may cause books to be opened at such times and places as they may direct for the purpose of receiving subscriptions to the capital stock of said company...
Page 1336 - ... said stock, their successors and assigns, shall be and they are hereby declared to be incorporated into a company by the name of "the Ohio and Indianapolis Railroad Company...