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compared with those granted, etc.-continued.


A.-Rewards. Surplus, 4881.-Provision made for officer recipients of the Victoria Cross and for gratuities to airmen holders of the D.C.M., etc., promoted to commissioned rank, was not called upon. B.-Half-Pay. Surplus, 2,8871. 12s. 3d.-The proportion of officers of high rank, and of those on the higher scale (Scale A) of half-pay, was over-estimated.

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E. Airmen's Pensions. Surplus, 4,310l. 11s. 6d.-Charges were borne by the Ministry of Pensions up to a later date than expected. There was a decline in the rate of wastage, and rank and service of men invalided were, on the average, less than the estimate.

F.-Widow's Pensions, etc. Surplus, 14,8441. 11s. 10d.—Charges were borne by the Ministry of Pensions up to a later date than expected, and the percentage of casualties was lower than the estimate.

G.-Civil Pensions. Surplus, 3421. -s. 9d.-Anticipated retirements did not mature.

H.-Civil Gratuities. Deficit, 2,572. 19s. 10d.-No provision had been made in respect of two senior officials who retired on grounds of ill-health.

J.-Injury Grants. Deficit, 445l. 17s. 9d.-Minor variation.

K.-Commutations. Surplus, 1,180l. 11s.-Fewer officers commuted their retired pay during the latter part of the year.



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compared with those granted, etc.-continued.


A.-Salaries, etc. Surplus, 110,132l. 13s. 3d.-The estimate for this vote as a whole was framed on expected developments that did not materialize. It was anticipated that both as regards services run and the carriage of passengers, goods, and mails, civil aviation would expand much more rapidly than proved, in fact, to be the case. A reduction in numbers also resulted from the abandonment of the Airship programme.

B.-Stores and Transport. Surplus, 46,6801. 1s.-See above. Provision was made for the upkeep, etc., of five aerodromes whereas only two were, in fact, required.

C.-Technical Equipment. Surplus, 15,4851. s. 10d.-Due to cessation of airship work and tardy development of civil aviation generally (54,5007.) off-set by increased expenditure on the purchase of machines for the Subsidy Scheme (39,0007.). (See Correspondence, pages 94 and 95, letters Nos. 7 and 8.)

D.-Works and Buildings. Surplus, 263,4181. 2s. 9d.-Certain works were abandoned as a result of the decision on airship policy, and the works programme generally was curtailed to effect savings For details of New Works-Part I, see paper No. 6, pages 50-53, and of Purchase of Lands, paper No. 7, page 57.

E. Miscellaneous. Surplus, 5,118l. 15s. 5d.-Expenditure of 75,6251. was incurred with Treasury sanction, on the payment of subsidies. (See Correspondence, pages 94 and 95, letters Nos. 7 and 8.)

F.-Non-Effective Services. Surplus, 7091. 10s. 3d.-A provisional estimate. For total noneffective payments, see Paper No. 11, page 66.

G.-Meteorological Services. Surplus, 32,0961. 4s. 1d.-Due to reduced numbers being employed and other administrative economies.

NOTES.-This subhead includes 1301, for the erection of a hut in the private grounds of a gentleman for use in connexion with work undertaken, in an honorary capacity, for the Meteorological Office. (Treasury, S.10041.)

Furniture and fittings to the value of 211. 5s. were transferred by the Office of Works to a meteorological station without charge.

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compared with those granted &c.-continued.


A. Salaries, &c. Surplus, 11,413l. 13s. 5d.-Savings of 8,9121. were effected as the result of the transfer of the Instrument Design Establishment to the Royal Aircraft Establishment, and the fees earned by members of the Aeronautical Research Committee were less than the provision, and the number of consultants was reduced (3,0607.). Expenditure on R.A.F. officers detached for special duties exceeded the estimate by 5581. B.-Aeronautical Inspection Dept. Surplus, 10,7171.-Reduced travelling and subsistence allowances owing to reorganization of outstation offices (7,000l.), and economies in technical stores (3,5007.).

C.-Stores and Transport. Deficit, 2,3391. 2s.-Due to an underestimate both for carriage of stores and travelling of personnel (7,9267.) partially balanced by a saving on fuel (5,3457.).

D.-Technical Equipment. Surplus, 196,7101. 3s. 7d.-Economies were effected in accordance with general policy, the programme was restricted, delays occurred in construction and were accentuated by labour troubles. Cessation of airship work saved 16,8301. The contribution of 43,4501. to the National Physical Laboratory provided for in Supplementary Estimate, and expenditure of 19,148/. on technical equipment at Experimental Stations in excess of estimate were met from savings.

E. Royal Aircraft Establishment. Deficit, 43,7051. 17s. 2d.-Owing to the factory being fully occupied with experimental work less production work was undertaken. This resulted in a saving of 37,2547. in materials and a loss of receipts for production amounting to 78,6791. An excess on works of 5,0097. was caused by the transfer of the Instrument Design Establishment to Farnborough. For details of works services Part I. see Paper No. 6 pages 52-55. The detailed comparison of estimate and expenditure is as follows:

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F.-Works and Buildings. Surplus, 74,0251. 15s. 11d.-Certain works were postponed or delayed pending considerations of policy. For details of Works Services Part I, see Paper No. 6, pages 54 and 55. Certain contemplated purchases of land were not completed. For details of expenditure see Paper No. 7 page 57. Repairs were overestimated (18,4887.)

G.-Miscellaneous. Surplus, 2,3021. 10s. 8d.-A provisional estimate.

H.-Non-Effective charges. Surplus, 1,660l. 3s. 2d.—A provisional estimate.


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